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My Pregnancy and Birthing Experience

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Brianna is a brand new mommy and a rat mom of about a year. She lives in one of the most beautiful areas in the United States and loves it.

Before I Knew I Was Pregnant

I never believed in those shows on television about women who didn't know they were pregnant. I changed my mind when I found out that I was pregnant at FOUR MONTHS! I had no idea—I hadn't gained any/much weight and I felt ok-ish. Part of me didn't think that I could even get pregnant. It was a major shock.

During these first four months, I had quite a bit of morning sickness. I thought it was because of my allergies, which can cause a lot of nausea if I don't take my meds. I also experienced a lot of fatigue and frequent urination. These symptoms didn't feel off to me either, seeing as I'm a young adult and have a tiny bladder. In retrospect, I should have listened to my body and gone to the doctor.

I'm sure you're wondering about my period. Yea, I was too. My periods are pretty helter skelter, and I usually only have one about every three months. Once that fourth month hit, I knew It was time to go get checked out. I didn't even really go by my choice, my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend actually took me. (We have a strangely close relationship.)

Baby Morgan in utero at 4 months

Baby Morgan in utero at 4 months

Finding Out

So, I was dragged to to doctor by my boyfriend's amazing ex-girlfriend. I was super nervous, she even had to make the appointment for me. I'm 22, but I act like I'm six. Anyway, that morning, I met up with her and her cousin, who also had to go. We all rode together and when we parked, I almost didn't get out of the car. I knew I had to, so I did.

The wait wasn't very long. They called me back to take some urine samples and my blood pressure and then let me grab my friend. They told me to take off my pants and underwear and gave me a sheet to cover myself with. When the doctor first came in, he did a wand ultrasound (it goes inside) to see if I was even pregnant. Before the thing was all the way in, he stopped because he saw her little head already formed more than just a few cells. They then moved me into another room and did a regular ultrasound. They could already tell me the gender and my due date.

My initial reaction was shock and fear, but after I saw her little body and heard her heartbeat, I was immediately in love. My world was changed and I could feel that my life was shifting. I was so excited and felt so light on my feet. My only fear was telling my parents. I told my boyfriend immediately, and he was happy.

Telling My Parents

I didn't even go home, instead, I went directly to my parent's place. I wanted to get it over with and hopefully things would go well, but I was skeptical.

I pulled up in the driveway, forced myself out of the car, and then forced myself up the stairs and inside. My mom was surprised to see me, since I hadn't planned on coming over. She immediately thought something was wrong, mostly because I was crying.

I mumbled out something like, "I have something to tell you.. I'm pregnant."

She thought I was joking at first. I showed her my ultrasounds and she still thought I was joking. When it finally sunk in, she didn't really react at all. She just kept looking at the ultrasound pictures.(It is important to note that her doctor just put her on some medication for her anger issues and I wasn't sure how that would affect anything.) Eventually she ended up being happy.

My dad came home after he got off work a few hours later. When I told him he had a similar reaction, just with a little more anger. He didn't want to talk to me for a couple of days, but he got over it and eventually was happy. I mean, he doesn't show his emotions very well at all, but he wasn't mad.

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End of Second Trimester

The couple months after I found out that I was pregnant were full of morning sickness, nights of frequent urination and terrible swelling. On a more positive note, I did get to feel my baby moving around in me and that feeling was amazing. I was tired all the time and so tired of reminding my boyfriend about my doctor appointments. Nothing much happened here to talk about.

6th month

6th month

Final Trimester

The last few months both flew and dragged by. Everything was swelling, I had to pee a lot, and it felt like my baby was trying to break my ribs. I was miserable and super happy at the same time. I started feeling like I was going to be pregnant forever.

At one of my last doctor appointments, I found out that my baby was in a breached position, and that scared me to death. I was so afraid that I was going to have to have a c-section, which I was very determined that I didn't want. The next appointment, everything was where it needed to be, and that was the best feeling ever.

My very last doctor appointment, I wasn't dilated, I hadn't had any contractions, and it was assumed that I would still have a couple of weeks before I would give birth. We were wrong.

Labor and Delivery

As I just mentioned, I wasn't supposed to be close to giving birth. The morning of the doctor appointment, we went in, he checked me and told me that I should still have more time. That night we went to our work christmas party, one of my co-workers had said I would go into labor there, but I did not.

It wasn't until about 3:30 the next morning that I would start getting contractions. I thought that they were just gas pains until my water broke at 5. I was outside getting things ready for the hospital, because I could tell toward the end that it wasn't gas pains. I woke my boyfriend up and we went to the hospital.

I was only in labor for about 12 hours, which is super short for someone having their first child. I got an epidural pretty much as soon as they took me to a room. Her head started to come out while I was taking a nap, and I pushed for about 30 minutes. Everything was super easy and not scary at all. I only tore a little bit.


That Moment

The moment she came out, and they placed her on my stomach everything around me just melted away and the only thing that mattered was that moment. She was so cute and so cold, I didn't want to give her to the doctor, but they had to take her to get her warmed up.

I immediately knew that I was supposed to be a mommy, even though I never honestly wanted to be one. My boyfriend cut the cord and was so happy to see her. I knew he would make a great daddy, again. Just thinking about the moments of me holding her for the first time and him holding her and loving her just makes me so happy.

Would I Do It Again?

I don't know. I was so miserable throughout my whole pregnancy, but if I could skip that part I'd think about it. On a serious note though, I don't see myself having a second child. I already have a step-son and now a daughter. I'm content. That could change later on, though.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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