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5 Exercise Routines That You Can Do at Home

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Poppy usually hates exercise but believes if she can get fit and lose weight, anybody can.

We've all felt at times that it's time to drop a couple of pounds. Whether you are trying to shed winter weight, need to jump back in the game after a period of no exercise at all, or just want to improve your overall fitness, you may be feeling lately that you need to find some sort of routine to help you develop a lifestyle that will help you slim down and get healthier.

Everybody should be doing at least a little exercise for overall health and well-being. But for some, the thought of heading to the gym or jogging in public areas is their idea of a nightmare. Anxiety, fear of looking silly, or reluctance to step out of our comfort zone can stop us from going out and doing any exercise at all, even if we do actually want to.


However, thanks to the internet, we don't have to join an exercise class or even step outside to get our bodies moving and help shed unwanted weight. YouTube is an excellent source of free-to-watch routines that you can copy from the comfort of your own home, any time you like. But which ones should you choose?

I have been using YouTube for several months to find the right workout routines for weight loss and fitness improvement. After continuing with some and discarding others, I found several that are ideal for beginners and can be done in just several minutes from the living room. They really work, too! Don't take my word for it, though; here are some photographs (from left to right: February, June, and August 2018) of the weight I lost by using these videos.


Although the above weight loss was also due to cutting down on sweets and junk food, it couldn't have been done without exercise. Here are five videos on YouTube that offer quick and easy exercise routines that really do help you lose weight. None of these videos require you to buy any additional equipment.

1. "3-Minute Arm Toning For Women" by Lucy Wyndham-Read

Duration: three minutes
Focus: arm toning

This easy workout requires no equipment and tones your arms to get rid of "bingo wings" (the extra skin and flab that hangs from your upper arms). It only takes three minutes and Lucy's calm voice is easy to listen to as she explains the benefits of each move.

Do this exercise at least once a day, or even twice. It is an ideal one to start with and after a couple of weeks, you can really see a difference in your arms.

2. "Zumba Dance Workout For Weight Loss" by uDance

Duration: about three and a half minutes
Focus: calorie burning

Some people may find Zumba dance routines to have annoying music or to go on for too long. However, this workout is just right in terms of length and dance moves. They aren't too challenging but you'll feel happy and a little out of breath afterward, with a light burn in all the right places.

I suggest using this workout as your warm-up to get your whole body into the groove. The song is quite catchy (though they had to change it because of copyright issues, the original song is here.) You'll find yourself mirroring the instructor's friendly grin.

3. "7 Minute Workout to Lose Belly Fat" by Lucy Wyndham-Read

Duration: seven minutes (plus ten-second breaks in between)
Focus: belly

Also by the lovely Lucy is a seven-move routine focusing on losing weight off your belly. It also helps with fat deposits around your hips.

Though more challenging than the aforementioned exercises, this exercise has some pretty great results. Lucy claims that by following the routine for seven days straight and improving your nutrition, you can lose 1-2 inches off your waist.

Whether you're trying the challenge or simply adding this routine to your playlist, it is excellent for targeting that challenging belly area. The exercises push you but are still appropriate for beginners. She even offers alternatives if you are uncomfortable.

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4. "Wider Hips Workout" by Koboko Fitness

Duration: seven minutes
Focus: hips

This workout helps you lose "hip dips" (your body shape going inwards slightly at your hips) and also improves your leg strength. This one is quite challenging but you will see more strength in your legs and better-looking hips within a couple of weeks.

The instructor, Kola, is also a cheerful and friendly instructor who will give you a boost of confidence as you go!

5. "3-Minute Workout Before Sleep" by BRIGHT SIDE

Duration: three minutes
Focus: thighs

This is the most effective and convenient exercise on this list. The exercise can be done while lying down and only takes a couple of minutes of your time. Best of all, you will see a ton of improvement!

My legs slimmed down a lot by doing this simple exercise every night. If you are a complete beginner at exercise in general, definitely start with this one to tone your thighs.

You can do all of these exercises from the comfort of your bedroom or living room, away from the eyes of everyone else. With no one to watch, just go for it! Even just a couple of minutes a day following the routines on these videos can make a massive difference to your fitness, well-being, and weight.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on June 09, 2019:

Hi, Julia. Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad the exercises are working for you. They work far better than going to the gym, in my experience. Keep it up!

Julia on June 09, 2019:

You look great!!! Congratulations on your new look and commitment to getting fit! I've been using Lucy's videos that you recommend. I'm on day 5, and already feel and see a difference! Jeans that were uncomfortable 5 days ago are now loose! Thank you for taking the time to post this list!

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on December 05, 2018:

Thank you, Liz. Hope you find one that's right for you.

Liz Westwood from UK on December 05, 2018:

It's great to have personal recommendations, as there is so much choice out there.

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