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You Got to Make This Apart of Your Routine

Deodorant is not something that you might spend a lot of time thinking about. Maybe you just go to the local store and purchase what's on sale or what you usually buy. For me as someone who takes health pretty seriously, I wanted something that was going to be better for my overall health while still smelling good. In the natural world, there are many different brands and types of deodorants and some are really good and some to be honest are terrible. However, when I first tried the Routine product I could tell it was going to be of the utmost quality. So if you are looking for natural long-lasting and safe for your body deodorant this is the product for you.


Their story

For those that might not know who Routine is, it's a natural goods and creams company based in Calgary Alberta Canada. It was started by two sisters-in-law ( Neige and Pipa Blair) that were looking for a better natural alternative to what was out there. They offer deodorant in two ways one which is a cream (see picture above) and the other is in a stick. All their deodorants are vegan and they also provide options for people who need something sensitive. They have ones that are both beeswax and baking soda free if those are things that you are looking for. My favourite part is that I love the fact that they have to offer so many different smells with really cool names for them. Side note some stores will also offer a refill option so u don't have to buy a new one as well.


My thought process

As I mentioned previously I had been looking for and trying many different natural deodorants for a while now. Most of the ones that I had tried up until that point all usually of stick variety and all of them didn't have the usual bad toxic stuff like your aluminum for example. I was someone who for years used the mainstream non-natural popular brands which might smell good and be nice and cheap but in my opinion terrible for your health. The armpit has some of the most absorption of anywhere in the body and putting toxic chemicals there is just not good for your health. I am also someone who has had a somewhat embarrassing problem with sweating under the armpits, I have been looking for not only something that can reduce the circle's underarms but also smells great. That's when someone told me to try this product called Routine. So with that, I went to my local health food store and picked out one that might like.

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My experience

I ended up choosing Johnny's cash, I decided on that one really because I liked the name and I will say I choose correctly, I love the smell it has a very I would say it's like walking into an old woodshed or cottage but in a good way, it's a very pine and cedar type smell. The cream goes on easily and leaves no residue on shirts. All you do to apply is take one or two fingers dap the cream and rub it onto your armpits. It's not a thick cream and doesn't leave any weird residue on your fingers once you are finished. It lasts forever it seems I can easily go all day without having to add any more. even if I have a hard day at work and workout at the end of the day it has no problems keeps me smelling fresh.

I think some people might think is a high price point but I feel as though it's worth it. You have to remember it's an all-natural product and the materials are of the highest quality. so you pay for what you get. If you want to know where you can purchase this product there will be a link for it to be able to purchase. Their website is a great reference as well on where to buy it as in the FAQ page you can look it up by which country you live in.


Final thoughts

In closing, in the beginning, when I was looking for a new deodorant I tried a lot of natural deodorants out there. Though some were better than others I was looking for something better, something that I could use and not worry about sweating so much or not lasting the whole day. Routine through my research and word mouth seemed like the right choice and I don't regret trying it. If you are looking for a deodorant that will not only give great protection, but also smell great, and be great for your body try it and make sure it becomes part of your routine.

© 2021 Ryan c Harvey

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