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Yoga Supplies: Mats, Clothes, Props, Bags

Yoga can be incredibly helpful in relieving stress and improving health. It also can be a lot of fun. Before getting started in yoga, it's a good idea to learn about the various items commonly used in yoga.

By arming yourself with information on the various yoga related products, you can purchase exactly what you need without investing extra money into a particular product you might never use.

This article will show you everything you'll need to get started in yoga, including a little bit of information on each product, so you can make an informed decision on what you need.

Manduka Equa yoga towel

Manduka Equa yoga towel

Yoga Mats

Having a good yoga mat is important. While they sell some really pretty designs in stores, it's crucial to get one that's really comfortable.

I prefer a really thick mat which can be somewhat hard to find, so I just have a standard gym mat.

Whether you want something thick that will offer more comfort or something that's thinner and easy to carry, there are hundreds upon hundreds of different yoga mats out there.

Yoga towels are another option that can be added on top of a yoga mat. A yoga towel won't slip off your mat and have a plush, soft side which is especially helpful in keeping you dry during your stretches.

Yoga Blocks & Other Props

Yoga props allow you to safely do some of the more difficult poses. Even though props look like something people who are more experienced in yoga, they're actually perfect for anyone new to yoga. If your muscles aren't quite ready to handle a tricky pose, a prop can help you safely get there.

There are different kinds of yoga props out there. My personal favorite is the yoga block. This can aid in supporting your body when you can't quite reach the floor, can help you better align your body, and even offer support.

A bolster is another great yoga prop. Like the block, it can offer support. I prefer using the bolster for support versus the block as the log-shaped bolster pillow is considerably more comfortable.

Straps are a must have. They're great for pulling your arms or legs closer during certain poses where your limbs are just too far away.

A great pair of pants will be stretchy and will, ideally, allow your skin to breathe.

A great pair of pants will be stretchy and will, ideally, allow your skin to breathe.

Clothing for Yoga

There are numerous types of clothing that are both popular and incredibly useful for Yoga. Yoga pants are incredibly popular (and are admittedly cute.) However, you can really wear whatever you feel is comfortable.

Any clothing that easily stretches is perfect for doing floor exercises, even if it's loose fitting. I have a pair of stretchy gaucho pants that I absolutely love (and would recommend to anyone!)

Shirts follow a similar concept to the pants: comfortable and stretchy. You can just wear an old t-shirt, a gym halter, or just an undershirt.

Since I'm in ballet as well as yoga, I find that wearing my leotard (with my gaucho pants on top) is a comfortable choice (and still looks good.)

A Gym Bag

Most of your yoga clothing and supplies will fit in a standard-sized duffel bag (with the exception of your mat), so you won't have to invest in a fancy yoga bag. Keeping that in mind, it's still great to be able to carry your mat in a bag, particularly if you don't want it to get dirty.

You can easily pick up a mat carrying bag anywhere mats are available for sale. Some are even large enough to carry all your other stuff, too!


carol stanley from Arizona on August 31, 2012:

For those starting out at Yoga this is a great hub. You always want to know what you need for any activity. Great hub and thanks for sharing.

Ritakriti from India on August 31, 2012:


Being a yoga lover I loved this hub. I remember how I was suffering with hypothyrodism and cured this with the help of yoga and medication. Recently I have also bought a yoga mat to give myself a treat.