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Yoga: A Tale of Lord Patanjali

Ayurveda and yoga expert sharing my knowledge with the world.

A Preface

Yoga has taken a major place in the society of 21 century, not as a health preventive measure but also has a part of the daily routine of healthy individuals. However, in this time it is only known for its Yoga Asanas but its initial origin was to meet the truth and knowledge of self and join ourselves with the prime power of Soul. Its reciprocal of life i.e. moving from a developed body with affections and attachment whatever a human being earns in his life to relieve all those. But now it becomes a lifestyle and the whole world celebrates YOGA DAY on 26th June. This article aims to describe the short detail of Origin and explanation of its base primary literature source.

Words to Lord Patanjali

Patanjali a divine individual lived somewhat at the time 500 and 200BC. He is referred to as god, an evolved soul to help humanity. He transformed like a human to experience their joy, sorrow, happiness, affection to someone and attractions of mind, and all the obstacles to spiritual development. His words and lessons are so clear that even after twenty century they never got old and will remain refreshing for the centuries and will guide mankind to provide the right pathway.

He is best known for his book of Yoga Sutras which consists of 196 aphorism or sutras which covers all the aspects of life, starting with prescribed code of conduct and terminate with the vision of men to his true self. His words are like an ocean in a drop as his word contains a wealth of thought and experience.

His writing work includes literature on Grammar, Medicine, and Yoga. Just like pearls on thread Yoga sutra is also like a precious necklace that enlightens the thoughts of wisdom. His work is so superhuman type that even today also it is impossible to explain the whole and that to be practical

Descend of Lord Patanjali

Once a time Lord Shiva was dancing which was being seen by Lord Vishnu sitting on the couch of Adishesha(Nag raja/Lord of Serpents). Lord Vishnu was so much engaged in the rhythm of dance that it makes his body heavier and heavier which makes Adishesha uncomfortable and was troubling to breathe and was about to collapse. But as the dance ends it made Lord Vishnu lighter, through this act Adishesha asked the cause for these changes. Lord explains that it was the beauty, grace, perfection of Lord Shiva dance which made vibration in his body which caught him and made his body heavy. Adishesha requested to learn this dance so that he can Exalt his Lord. Vishnu becomes thoughtful and predicted that soon Lord Shiva would grace Adishesha to write a commentary on grammar and then he could also devote himself to the perfection of dance. Adishisha becomes joyful and looked forward to the descent of Lord Shiva's grace.

Adishesha starts to meditate that who will the mother of him on earth so that he can fulfill his aim and serve mankind. He had a vision of A Lady Ganika, a yogini was praying for a son so that she can impart his knowledge, Adishesha realized that she can be his worthy mother and was waiting for an auspicious occasion or moment to become her son.

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As time passes Ganika was approaching for his end of life but yet she hasn’t got any son so she prayed to Lord Sun who is only live observer God of/on earth to fulfill his desire. She taken a hand full of water and closed her eyes and meditated Lord Sun, she was about to offer water, opened his eyes and seen her palm there was a little snake which suddenly taken human form and requested him to accept him as her son. She accepted him and named his ‘Patanjali’

Patanjali is derived from two terms Pata means to Fall or falling and Anjali means the worshiping hand shape or joining of two palms together or oblation. Ganika was praying the God and she got him on her palms so the name Patanjali.

Patanjali, as he was the human form of Adishesha, the follower of Lord Vishnu he is not only known for Yoga Sutras but also his contribution to grammar and Ayurveda. As he undertook the work of Lord Shiva, wrote Mahabhasya a great classical book on grammar and cultivation of language in a correct way then followed by Ayurveda, the science of life and health. Last work eas on yoga for mental and spiritual development. He was also a good dance due to which in India all classic dancer pay their homage and respect.

Contributions to earth

His three marvelous creation deals with the development of humans as a whole, in thoughts by the mind, speech as a verbal act, and actions of the body. His Yoga darshan provided a unique and new way to all practitioners to meet their truth and soul, getting free from all the affections of human which make them weak and lusty to rush for the false aim of life.

His ultimate aim was to develop a refined language, a cultured body, and a civilized mind with the help of Yoga. But today in the era of science Yoga is being limited only in the form of meditation and different Ashan's mainly but Yogis who practice Yoga as a whole experience a different world full of spirituality and truth.


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