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A Personal Account of Using the Law of Attraction to Attract a Better Job and More Income

Holley Morgan is a graduate student at SNHU and currently works as a college essay tutor.


To Believe or Not to Believe?

I would say that my relationship with the law of attraction has been off and on, but that's not quite true. My belief in the law of attraction has been off and on, but the law has always worked for me whether I was conscious of it or not. So many things have happened lately to reinforce its presence as a force of good in my life that I wanted to blog about it. Whether you believe but you need some positive reminders, or you don't believe and you're looking for proof, this post is for you.

You always have a choice in how you apply the law of attraction or whether you even acknowledge it at all. It is ideal if you can learn how it works and use it intentionally to bring what you want into your life, but knowing about it or understanding it is optional. Either way, the law will work. You can go your whole life without ever looking into or learning about the law of attraction and still have everything you want. You can decide it's all a bunch of bull you-know-what and have a hard life. What matters most is how you have been influenced to think about yourself and life, how it all works. Generally, if you believe you have to work hard for money, then you will. It reminds me of this quote by Henry Ford: "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right."

In this article, I am going to share my personal experience using the LOA to attract better financial circumstances and a better job. Without going into too many details, the last few months have been hard. Things were not dire, but let's just say that life is certainly more comfortable when you have significant disposable income. Since I quit a well-paying but stressful job to improve my mental health, I have not had much in the way of disposable income. There were a few times when I worried about how to pay bills. Everything always worked out, but it became clear to me that I needed to clean up some beliefs regarding how money comes to me.

Starving Artists?

I have been working on changing my belief that my talents, the things I am best at and enjoy the most, are not good for making much money. I have always wished to use my writing to make income, but my belief that there isn't much money in writing was reflected back to me as I kept finding jobs that paid next to nothing (even as little as $1/100 words). I also ran across some cases where, as a freelancer, a client didn't pay me for my work. This frustrating cycle continued for quite some time, to a point where I gave up and worked several non-writing jobs. Some of them were OK, and some of them were miserable.

The unfortunate thing about the law of attraction is that the external reality can only ever reflect what is going on within. I desperately wanted to believe that there is good money in writing, that I could write for a reputable company for steady, decent pay and also be happy at the job. But I didn't believe it because I was fixated on my previous negative experiences. This is natural and can be a way that we try to protect ourselves from future experiences we'd rather avoid, but a lot of times, this mechanism can work against us and block us from inviting in good things. Or it can keep us in a cycle of attracting the same types of situations over and over.

One night, I was about to read before bed, and it floated into my brain that I should check out a Richard Dotts book. A friend of mine had mentioned this author to me about a year ago and his book Light Touch Manifestations. This specific book was not the one I read, but when I went to the Amazon author page for Dotts, I noticed he'd written several books about how to attract money. Since that subject was foremost on my mind, I bought one of them.

Small, Simple Shifts

The Richard Dotts book appealed to me because it was straightforward and approachable. Dotts seems down-to-earth, a breath of fresh air from the authors or spiritual teachers who brag about their manifestations or even seem to blame their readers: "You did not attract this because you have a block." I find the whole concept of blocks problematic, but that is a story for another day.

I wanted to shift my belief that there is no money in writing, and reading the Dotts book helped me. Of course, a book can only do so much; it is up to the reader to apply the reading. It is not truly necessary to purchase or study anything to get better at this, but since the Kindle book was only a couple of dollars, I decided to give it a chance. Some materials can be good "kickstarts" to creating the mental shifts we need, but again, it is not necessary to spend a single dime. There is so much free content on the Internet -- including this article that you are reading now. Using your own intention is also free, but I realize sometimes it is easier said than done.

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Little by little, I started to make the mental shifts needed to attract better circumstances. For example, I didn't feel the old resistance when I looked at writing and editing job postings on LinkedIn or Indeed. As I looked at the job responsibilities, I no longer felt inadequate and took my time getting my applications and cover letters just right. If I didn't have a qualification that was an exact match for the jobs, I considered things I had done in previous jobs that were similar to what the posters wanted. This might seem like Applying for Jobs 101, but it is incredibly hard to do when you lack confidence in yourself as I used to.

Before I knew it, I had several interviews lined up. I would estimate I have done about ten video calls within the past month about different opportunities, and of them, only two jobs really stood out as amazing jobs that I would accept in a heartbeat. Still, compared to my previous results of either not getting an interview or having to spend hours on a "knowledge assessment" for a job that paid peanuts, this is pretty good!

And that is part of the whole process -- recognizing your progress.


My Results

I'm going to come right out and say that, as I write this, I do not have my dream job yet. I am still waiting to hear back from the two opportunities I liked. But here is what has happened:

  • One of my former employers that I liked called me out of the blue to offer me a work-from-home position that pays twice what my last gig did.
  • Some money that my husband and I were waiting on finally came through.
  • My husband has also been getting more interviews (sometimes two or three in one week)! Yes, your positivity can affect those around you for the better.

If you want to check out the Richard Dotts books that I read, I am linking them below.


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