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Yeast infection: Symptoms, Treatment and Causes

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What is a ‘Yeast Infection’?

Our body acts as the host to thousands of small bacteria, yeast and for many other micro organisms. One of them is Candida Albicans. Usually It lives harmlessly in our gut. It will not be a problem if it lives there and not exceeding the numbers that nature wanted there to be. But like it or not, our gut owns an ecology. So there exists facts which maintain its balance, and there are these things which can really turn things up side down! And when your gut goes crazy and out of balance - that turns life so fun and easy for those candida albicans who live there. And this is when you start to experience the over growth of candida all over your body!

Candida Albicans

Overgrowth of Candida Albicans Results in Yeast Infection

Overgrowth of Candida Albicans Results in Yeast Infection

Things that cause Candida Overgrowth:

  • Some types of Medications
  • More than enough sugar present for the candida to feed on
  • Candida's usual competitors falls behind and get weaker than the usual (like acidophilous bacteria)

Candida also lives on most of surfaces in our body other than in our Gut. (Actually our gut is also a part of the skin since it's accessible from both ends). Candida cannot be considered as an issue on our skin. It's more like when the ecology of our skin get disturbed, that's when Candida starts to cause various types of infections.

Survey on Candida Infections

Places You can get Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection in Belly Button

Yeast Infection in Belly Button

Most Common Types of Candida Infections:

  1. Vaginal yeast infection
  2. Oral thrush
  3. Nipple thrush
  4. Baby’s nappy rash

Other Places where We can get a Yeast Infection:

  • Toenails
  • Around the anus
  • In the crotch
  • On the glans of your penis
  • Under your breasts
  • Under the fat rolls
  • Inside the belly button

In other words, if there is a some place on your body which provides the needed conditions for Candida growth, there is always a possibility for you to get a yeast infection. Candida needs to have a warm and a moist environment for it to grow well. And we all know that, there are some parts in our body which own a natural warmness and a moist. And these are the types of places which hold a high likeliness for the Yeast Infection to get caught!.

Facts leading to Oral Thrush

  • Having a Dry Mouth...
  • Regularly Smoking...
  • Baby’s catching it from mother’s infected nipples...
  • Being an AIDS Victim...
Oral Thrush in Babies

Oral Thrush in Babies

Facts leading to Vaginal Yeast Infections

There are risk factors which can be directly related with female hormones. Having Oral Contraceptive pills, using oral steroids, having the period and being pregnant can be explained as few examples for this case. If we consider how hormones interfere with Candida, it’s that Hormones usually take part in adjusting how much glycogen is located in the lining of vagina. And the examples which I have presented above usually increase the glycogen levels in women and results with Vaginal yeast infection.

Other than that, there are other facts like, having sex with a person who is already infected with yeast infection, using products like soap, bubble baths, and douche which can change the Ph level of your skin, and being a diabetic patient can also increases the risk of getting Vaginal Yeast Infections…

How long do Yeast Infections last?

I guess I’m having a topical yeast infection, Now What?

First of all, it is a good idea to get it checked and make sure that it is a yeast infection - not some bacterial infection or something else. It’s because the past observations prove that, around 24 – 30% of women who thought they had a vaginal yeast infection were infected with something else.

So if you doubt that you are having a topical yeast infection, it’s better to go to your doctor and make them take a swab. And if it is yeast, then you can treat it with a topical cream and by making some lifestyle changes. There is a good possibility for the topical cream alone to do the trick and make the Yeast Infection disappear, but in most cases, the cream will clear the thrush for the moment, but in few weeks time, the yeast will reappear.

Systemic Candida on Back

Systemic Candida on Back

Can Yeast Infection cause bumps?

But If you are Infected with Systemic Candida...

In this case - Systemic Candida will make the holistic practitioners be more concerned about your state than your usual family doctor. The reason is that, Systemic Candida is considered as a precursor or a cause of other diseases identified by the holistic practitioners in general...

Why Holistic Practitioners are more worried about Systemic Candida anyway?

It’s because they think the Systemic Candida (the excess of Candida Albicans) can lead the infected person into conditions such as;

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  • Depression
  • Food intolerances
  • Irritable Bowel syndrome
  • Fatigue

Plus into much more other/worse conditions. As I have mentioned above, it is believed to be a precursor, so to avoid these diseases and conditions – Systemic Candida must be kept under control.

What to do if you believe to have Systemic Candida?

In general – it’s advised to follow a two phase pronged approach…

1. You have to meet your doctor and rule out any other diseases which could results with similar symptoms – like fatigue or depression. Because as we know, even though fatigue is a symptom of Systemic Candida, it can be caused by many other reasons like poor sleep hygiene, vitamin B-12 deficiency or cancer and much more….

2. And if the doctor rules out any other possibilities and say you are doing ok with your general health, now you will have to look at your diet.

You can Control Candida Growth with Your Diet

You can Control Candida Growth with Your Diet

Is diet Important in Controlling Candida?

We do not use Food just to fill up our bodies. They provide the most essential nutrients that we have to have as fuel and to repair systems. And you also know that; the need of food differs according to each part of our body. And so, if each specific part of our body won’t get the most needed nutrients which they require to maintain their well functionality, then they will start to malfunction. So they will stop doing their part inside our body – which will eventually lead us get sick easily and quickly. We will start experiencing various types of chronic lingering illnesses that would pressure other organs to work hard and then, eventually results with much more serious illness.

So to Control your Yeast Infection, Your Candida Diet will have to fulfill several things…

  • Help your body to maintain a healthy functioning of its systems by providing vital nutrients
  • Discontinue having foods that the yeast feeds on (Such food usually have other negative effects on your body anyway)

Start to feed on foods that encourage the Candida Albicans competition! (That would be Probiotics and Prebiotics)

Now Let’s try to discuss above matters in details…

1. Help your body to maintain a healthy functioning of its systems by providing vital nutrients

If you are thinking to starve the Candida by having a Candida Diet, the best option would be to go only with Water! But as it appears – it would be ridiculous thing to do since water cannot provide all the essential nutrients to maintain well functioning of your healthy. You need to start need having a diet that would encourage an overall best health. So your Candida diet should contain all the essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals etc which your body needs to nourish and repair itself.

Having a diet which lacks essential nutrients can lead you to diseases like Heart problems, Brain decay (dementia, Alzheimer’s), various skin problems, Cancer and so much more. This is why you have to start including the widest variety of healthy food into your Candida Diet…

Now it’s not only the food types that matters, the way you intake your food is also important. It’s because that all nutrients are not that much easily accessible - especially when your gut is overly compromised. As an example, you might know that many nutrients are fat soluble right? So it means you have to have ‘Healthy Fat’ with your diet. Now, Healthy Fat - That might sounds funny. But stuff like avocados, olive oil dressings on your salads (make your to make it home so it will ensure the healthiness), nuts contain ‘Healthy Fat’ which will allow your digestion system to absorb more nutrients to your body that the carrot and lettuce can offer for your good health. But keep in mind; this is not about getting a whole lot of fat! If you intake more than your daily allowance of calories, there is 110% possibility for you to gain weight!

Learn How to Cook Vegetables Preserving their Nutrients

Moreover, you can cook some food in the correct way to make the nutrients be available on them, more than when you take them in raw form. And soaking some types of food before eating can also increase the accessibility of their nutrients in to our systems (E.g. Rolled Oats and Nuts are best eaten soaked)

Last but not least, improving proper chewing habits is also important. Sometimes you might have forgotten, digestion usually begins in your mouth. So the food gets broken into digestible pieces when you chew properly and more digestive juices would secrete to assure the proper processing of your digestive system.


2. Stop having foods that the Yeast feeds on…

Some of you may not know this, but refined sugar is a major source of Candida. And conditions which lead the body to maintain high levels sugar will exacerbate Candida (conditions like Pregnancy, Diabetes etc)

Now here, refined sugar simply means more of ‘White sugar’, and to a minor extent raw sugar and brown sugar. These contain nothing needed for your body - no Vitamins, Minerals, healthy fats, fibre and No Nothing!

After having refined sugar – since it instantly gets released into the blood stream after consumption – it will raise blood sugar levels sky high! In other words – they will start to feed Candida soon as you eat them. It will command your pancreas to release insulin to the system. And when u tend intake refined sugar more often, this demand will start to appear too frequently and your pancreas will eventually begin to malfunction and leave you with type 2 diabetes.

So as you can see, since refined sugar is an ‘incomplete food’, we must add other nutrients to it before it digests. So next time when you are going to eat something filled with loads of refined sugar (like candy of chocolate), make sure to include some magnesium, calcium and other vital nutrients on to that sugar, so it will allow the body to digest it.

Let's Fight Yeast Infection!

So we can see that the less refined the sugar we intake, the better it will be for our health. But keep in mind, our body needs some amount of sugar to maintain its good health and to survive. But it does not mean that you have to eat ‘Refined Sugar’ in order to do that. Your body is able to extract all the nutrients it needs with the components of a healthy diet – even Sugar. So now you can stop eating sugar if you were thinking you are doing a favour for yourself.

When deciding to follow a Candida diet in order to starve Candida, some people decide to remove all refined sugars and some other remove both refined and simple sugars (including most fruits) But I would recommended to Consult a holistic practitioner before doing any of these and starting to experiment with them. After all, that’s why there are doctors right?

3. Start to feed on Food that Encourage the Candida Albicans Competition

In other words, start to treat yourself with more Probiotics & Prebiotics…

'Probiotics'?!?! What the heck is that?

Here we talk about ‘good intestinal flora’ – the ‘cute bugs’ supporting to maintain a healthy immune system and kick out the nasty ones like Candida in their proper place. And did you know that these cute Intestinal floras also help you to in creating and absorbing B group vitamins and other essential functions inside your body? But the thing is that, there are many causes which can lead your intestinal flora to die, for example - antibiotics. Another cause would be having Poor diets that lack nutrients. It can contribute in demising those good bugs and help the ‘bad bugs’ like yeasts/moulds to dominate! All these mean that, a part from feeding on healthy diets to improve your health focusing to eliminate yeast infections, we also have to make sure to take in good bacteria and indulge them within our systems. So if you want to include some good amount of Good Bugs – specifically Probiotics in to your diet , you can start having yoghurt with live cultures and larger doses of Probiotic capsules. But note that these capsules must have to be refrigerated while using...

Probiotics and Prebiotics - See why They are Important...

And then comes 'Prebiotics'...

Prebiotics simply means the foods that you should consume in order to make a better environment for Probiotics. Just like some certain foods help to promote the growth of Yeast and all sort of bad bacteria, there are foods which can feed the enemies of the Yeast! And as someone said – enemies of our enemy are our friends right? So these are the types of food that we have to eat regularly. Technically speaking, Prebiotics are the indigestible carbohydrates. They usually sneak into the intestinal system untouched (undigested) and start to provide food for the Probiotics. Here, lactulose can be taken as an example. You can find hundreds of foods which contain Prebiotics, like raw oats, unprocessed wheat, Soybeans, unprocessed barley, etc. Since we all have our internet connections and a Search Engine called ‘Google’ I guess it won’t be hard for you to find a good list of ‘Prebiotic rich’ Food within seconds…

Well that’s it! Like someone said sometime ago at someplace – wisdom is not a thing that we acquire through one Hub right? (OK… I just made that up.. No one said that! Lol) Well the point is, with this hub, I tried to cover up the most important and widely discussed aspects of Yeast Infection Symptoms its Causes, Treatments and a little bit about Candida Diet. And I just hope, the time you spent on reading this was not a complete waste as now, your knowledge is one Hub Richer about Yeast Infection!

Watch this to Understand the Basics about 'Yeast Infection' [Dedicated for the Lazy Readers]

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