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Worry No Worry

Katie doesn’t have any experience with this topic—that’s why she’s opening up to all of you in hopes of learning more!

I'm noticing a trend in my blogs. Contemplative, perspective, and positivity tend to be the themes--or I guess those are just qualities I'm drawn to. Nothing is going to be different about this one, I just needed to call myself out.

This article will be similar in the thematic sense but instead of adding to my ever-growing mental list of "Ways to Help Make Life Make Sense," I'm considering destroying the list. Not really, but I am actively working on letting things go and what it actually means to have trust.

I love riding my motorcycle, '99 Sportster, but I will always have a special place for riding with my husband. One of my favorite things about riding with him is the trust I have in him. It's never been scary to ride because I know he's always got me. The same thing goes for when I'm riding myself. I am learning how to trust my bike and listen to it. It's got me, too.

One of my favorite dance techniques is nontraditional partnering -- it's a felt-based technique rooted in leverage and weight transfer with two or more bodies. (AKA -- Bodies of all heights, weights, and structures learn how to work together to create shapes and lifts). The amount of trust needed between the two partners has to be high, which is why I cared for the technique so much. It goes beyond just typical "dance lessons" and teaches real human stuff! (My students know exactly what I'm talking about...I could kill a whole hour just talking because of how excited I get about this stuff).

But how scary is it to put your trust into a person, or even a machine? I mean, actually give them your trust? There are a million "what ifs" that go through our mind. How do you get passed that?

For me, it's easier to do when there is a physical or tangible thing I can put my trust in. It helps me to see that regardless of what happens, I'm not alone. So then there is my next question. How do you put your trust in something that isn't physical or tangible? I'm talking about when you put your trust into the saying, "things will all work out." Or when you trust, "this is just how it was meant to be." Or what about when have to trust the process? I feel like every career field has a "trust the process" system. Similarly to my last article, there are things we aren't mean to understand. I do have comfort and peace with that. But that doesn't stop me from worrying sometimes.

To an outsider, my mom can seem like the most calm person in the world. I've had so many friends tell me, "Your mom is literally the chillest person." And she really is. Her ability to let go and trust that everything will work out is so amazing that it sometimes makes me mad. I'm lucky to have this example so close to me. Of course she has worries--far less since I'm not a teenager and missing curfew every weekend--but she still has worries. However, I know that she puts all her worries in her faith and into her prayers. I see the incredible way she handles the hardest of things and her example speaks volumes.

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I hope to continue learning the value of trust and how fulfilling and liberating it is to allow yourself to trust in others. And with that trust, comes a responsibility of giving fully. Inside nontraditional partnering, if you're in a lift or connection and you break away too early, your partner might suffer because they were actually relying on you, too. That's where worry comes in. You can't fully trust if you still have worry. And you might jeopardize a good thing if you let the worry take over.

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