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Worldly Happiness Versus Spiritual Happiness


Are you happy today?

Happiness has a wide spectrum. You may think the feeling of happiness is the same for every event. No. Different feelings of happiness will generate different results. On the lowest spectrum is the feeling of happiness when you see someone you hate suffers. This is evil happiness. The result will be detrimental to you because you are planting seeds of evil in your system. The other end of the spectrum is the feeling of happiness when you know you have touched the heart of someone you dislike and this someone responds with kind words towards you. This is the greatest happiness. Spiritual happiness. You have planted seeds of happiness in your system. In between, you have the variation of different levels of happiness.

Worldly happiness

Worldly happiness is a very gross type of happiness. This type of happiness is dependent on specific conditions. For example, you feel happy when your worldly desires are met. The delicious food, the money, the latest model of whatever gadgets in your mind, the ideal partner of your life, the material successes that come your way and what have you. All these, if present will definitely make you happy. Likewise I will be happy too. This type of worldly happiness has a "life-cycle", meaning, it will not last long because of the law of diminishing returns, the law of greed and the law of impermanence.

The first law states that the more you have, in due course, the extent of satisfaction reduces up to a point that you will not want that condition any more. If not for wanting more of the same thing, you will also want something else. This leads to the second law of greed: the more you have, the more you will want. The third law states that everything will change and your happiness will be dependent on these continuous changes. Best example are the changes in trends and technologies.

Spiritual happiness

This article is actually an extension of my previous article titled "How to Really Free Your Life to be Peaceful and Happy".

Spiritual happiness depends on 5 essential decisions and actions that will set you free.

1. Acceptance (Key to release)

2. Repentance (I am sorry)

3. Humility (Please forgive me)

4. Gratefulness (I thank you)

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5. Forgiveness (I love you)

1. Acceptance: Resistance is futile. Change those that you may. But accept whatever that cannot be changed. Then you are free. No more complaint, no more unhappiness. If you do not accept that which cannot be changed, you are not going anywhere because you will forever be blocked in your life. Once you are prepared to accept circumstances that are beyond your control, you release the chain that bind you down.

Now you are free to proceed to the next stage. This is the key to release all your negativities and problems. Then you are free to embark to attract all the peace and happiness that you so deserve.

2. Repentance: Do you have a big ego? Most people by nature do have big egos. This is the pride in us that causes us untold miseries. Repentance is the spirit to feel sorry for digressions in life and the determination to resolve not to repeat the mistakes. It is forgiving oneself, and to start afresh. There is no more guilt feeling. You will then be able to experience the bliss of release. It is most difficult to apologize. Say, "I am sorry."

3. Humility: Humility is the ability to say, "Please forgive me". With humility, you begin to be flexible and become accommodating. Take life easy. You need to be flexible to be happy. Otherwise any event that does not suit your expectation will bring irritation to you. Your mind is not prepared to accommodate others. It is selfishness and self-destructive. Be like water, be able to fill each gap and corner with ease. When you are able to humble yourself and accommodate to events and situations, your life is at ease.

4. Gratefulness: This is the most important principle. Gratitude opens the doors for good things to flow positively into your life. Gratitude generates positive vibration frequency. Gratitude is the lifeblood of a peaceful life. Everything happens for a fair reason. When you express gratitude for everything; for the good and the seemingly bad, your life turns into acceptance and there will be no more aversion, resentment and hatred. You will experience joy and happiness. Say "I thank you."

5. Forgiveness: The inability to forgive is like resisting to neutralize a poison. Treat hatred and resentment like poisons. You need to neutralize these poisons to stay healthy and happy. Realize that forgiving is not so much forgiving the other person but an antidote to free yourself from mental misery. You forgive for your own good. It actually has nothing to do with the third party. Say "I love you".

Living a happy life

Life is about vibration, energy and light. Vibration is the aura you emit. When you are free and spiritually happy, you emit positive vibration which is positive energy. Positive energy generates bright light. Let your vibrations be all-embracing and enhancing. Let your energy be positively charged. Let your light be pervading and bright. Be a beacon of bright light. Now that you have neutralized all your negativities, you are now able to attract positive vibrations to your life. You are now able to give love and peace to others because you are now a being of peace and love.

© 2020 Justin Choo

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