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Workplace Safety-- An Employers Responsibility


Employees are the lifeblood of any business. With the wellbeing of a company resting so squarely on the shoulder of its staff, keeping them safe at work should be an employers number one priority. The type of injury that could happen to you will depend greatly on the industry that you are part of and what your workplace is like.


First things first, let's get the elephant in the room out of the way; COVID-19 has changed the workplace landscape immensely. For many businesses working from home has become the norm and has been an effective solution in keeping both employees safe and also the larger issue of keeping the population safe. However, not every industry has the luxury of being able to function remotely. For businesses that need to have staff onsite or in front of customers, simple changes can and must be implemented.

Safety Screens: There is such a huge variety of safety screens now available, it is vital that employers do their research and find the ones that best suit the needs of employees. Hanging screen can be ideal for retail spaces, while desk mounted options are the perfect fit for call centres and other office environments

COVID safety should be the new workplace culture: Are hand sanitizing stations readily available in your workplace. Staggered break times are a good way to prevent kitchens becoming overcrowded. Additionally, ask your employer if start and finish times can be changed so no one has to travel at peak times.

Upper management and supervisors should normalise wearing masks and keeping their distance. Do not be afraid to ask for clarification on policies regarding time off for self-isolation and illness.

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Common accidents

While a global pandemic has squarely put the focus on dangers that cannot be seen, we must not forget the ones that more commonly fill out accidents report logs.

Accidents at work are primarily slip and trip injuries. Regular inspection of working areas are required to identify problems before they cause someone to injure themselves. If your workplace does not already have one request that a hazard inspection is built into daily routines. Prevention of accidents is almost always going to be easier than dealing with the aftermath.

Unfortunately, fatal accidents still occur in the workplace at an alarmingly regular rate. The most common causes of fatal accidents are overwhelmingly falls from heights followed by being hit by a moving vehicle and then struck by other moving objects. Training and robust safety equipment cannot be emphasized enough when looking to prevent these types of accidents.

If you are injured due to your employer not providing the right sort of training or safety equipment you would have a strong case to make a compensation claim. While you may feel daunted by taking on an employer, remember that it is their duty to keep you safe. Health and safety laws exist for a reason. If your accident could have been prevented, it is only fair that you receive compensation.

Thompsons Scotland reports that in 2018 in the UK alone, there were over 71,000 accidents in the workplace and those were only the ones reported by employers. In America that number was over a whopping 4 million. If you are injured at work, don’t become an unreported statistic, make sure to report any and all workplace accidents and never be afraid of pushing for a safer working environment.

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