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Will arrogance stop you from becoming successful?


Arrogance is one of the bad qualities. To succeed in our life, some of us want to get help from others but will never approach them and ask for it. It is not shyness; it is the thought of demanding thinking like I am part of their family, so they should come forward to help me. And the other reason is I am not lower than them, so why should I ask them to help me.

Some of us live our lives for our kids. We might not go for help, but we try our best to invest in us to leave that for our kids. For example, I am an online course creator, I have done more than 30 courses, and111 eBooks, and seven books, so I consider them as investments that could go to my children when I am not here. I am sure that is not arrogance do not want to waste my time unnecessarily and leave a lazy personality later for my kids to consider as their mother.

I intend to live functional for others and me and my generation later. So, you might think about what I do to help others. I write articles daily and post on my websites and on Quora, where millions of people visit that site with many questions to read my answers, resulting in thousands of views that I have for my answers. But I do not get paid for all that I do there.

Some spend their time doing nothing, not ready to help their kids, and not even approach others asking for help because of pride and laziness. Some people do well in their life e at some stage whereas others around them did not healthy at that time, so the people who did well will be there forever without even taking any action to keep that progression. Sadly, they never appreciate the fact nothing stays with you forever; there could be times that you might go down or up in life.

We must work hard to save what we have achieved in life. For example, if you want to run a business, you need to take care of four essential things, setting up, taking the company off the ground, growing it, and sustaining the growth. Many people out they do everything correctly, and when the business is growing, they assume the development will stay forever. So suddenly, they face a massive downfall because of their negligence.

The prominent businesspeople like Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and many more, how do they remain as rich forever. They do not show their arrogance get help when needed to stay where they are every day in their life. That is one of the best qualities of successful people in the world today. So, arrogance will defeat and destroy you in every way. Some people around me that I am arrogant I feel so sorry for their misunderstanding that they think I do not go out to help them instead of coming to me. The following explanation is that I work with no help; most do not understand the hard work involved in the business; they think it is easy to run a business there they do not realize that I have no time at all.

Why do people fail to appreciate hard-working people?

I am a very hard-working person like my father, and I do not think anyone appreciates my hard work apart from my sister. We never got along well during our young days, but now she cares for me and my work. One of the encouragements I have from her also makes me feel motivated, but many other relatives are not happy with me because of my work. That hurts me, but I get more determination to do more work, thinking they will become tired of expecting me to give up everything and go down. Sadly, that type of expectation will not work with me.

I am on social media that is Facebook that annoys them and makes them jealous of me. I have seen many people have a tremendous interest in Facebook to show off their personality's friendships, so they do not like anyone from their family circle using Facebook for business.

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I publish my work daily on a few social media platforms, so the work I do involves the following.

  • Online course creation
  • eBooks writing
  • Accounting work

So, my accounting work makes smart money for me, but the other area of my work does not do the same. So that needs a lot of advertising; therefore, I have no choice but to advertise on a few social media platforms and create YouTube videos. I am aware these are the long-term investments to get the monthly passive income.

Therefore, I am writing this to express my concern about the people who feel jealous about everything they see. Instead, they can come out of laziness and do some work to have a better lifestyle and spend their time happily, beneficial to them, others around them, and the country's economy.

Why do they feel difficult to change themselves?

It is purely the lack of confidence, and some of them, due to unforeseen mistakes, fall into some troubles in their lives and never want to get up from that fall forever. It seems that is the end of their life. If I talk about myself, I had many falls in my life, but I made sure I got up from those falls and managed to change my life with more determination. These things no one taught me in my life as I grew up with my single dad and never seen my mother; it is usual for fathers to make money for the family and look after the day-to-day life of the kids. So, they will not have the time to teach life lessons to their kids; therefore, I belong to that group.

If you have a passion for doing well in life, you will keep trying to achieve that instead of sitting and talking about unwanted things to hurt others. So, when you fall, get up from it and not compare yourself with others and make up your mind to recover from the falls; if not, you will never have a better life.


© 2022 Sara Param

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