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Why You Should Use Cannabis Daily Instead of Coffee

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Daily user with history and first hand experience in mental health battles, trauma, motherhood, as well as parenting autism.

So why should you switch?

While consuming coffee can cause many bodily issues, cannabis is an active defense for them. Coffee causes things such as:

  • anxiety
  • digestive problems
  • sleeping problems
  • high blood pressure
  • heart palpitations
  • It is also HIGHLY addictive


We both know its time to admit you have become dependent on coffee

When was the last time you woke up, and could function WITHOUT a cup of coffee? Everyone loves making jokes, "Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee". Its cute, its trendy, we love it. There is countless influencers, personalities, and celebrities endorsing or sharing their favorite recipes. As a collective mass, we EAT it up. Why are we pushing this narrative though? Coffee has been proven to be harmful to your body. I know whenever I drink coffee, I'm in the bathroom ten minutes later and instantly regret my choices.

Cannabis is medically proven to help

Cannabis is the exact opposite. There are many studies that have been done to prove that cannabis is actually quite helpful. Cannabis helps with things such as:

  • losing weight
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • anxiety.
  • chronic pain
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That's just the tip of the iceberg.

cannabis proscannabis conscoffee proscoffee cons

Eases chronic pain

Respiratory disease (if smoked)

Gives enegry

Increased stress levels

Eases anxiety

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS)

Helps with staying alert

Stomach ulcers

Helps depression

Chronic use can cause brain changes in children 14 and under

Decreased chance of prostate cancer


Helps lose weight

Increased chance of low birth weight if consumed during pregnancy

Helps with burning fat

Increased stomach problems


Cannabis is used medically in most parts of the U.S.

With the right amount of information, or a great budtender, you can find exactly what you need for any insufficiencies within your body or brain chemistry. Cannabis relaxes the body and allows you focus on what is important, rather than the small insignificant annoyances that make up our daily lives. How about instead of "don't talk to me until I've finished my morning joe", we replace it with "let's enjoy a morning toke".

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