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Why Is My Belly Button Bleeding?

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Bleeding from the belly button, or umbilicus, has a variety of causes. While it is unsightly and uncomfortable, even painful, there is not always cause for major concern when you are bleeding from your belly button. However, there are more serious conditions that can be causing the problem. Here we will explore the various causes of bleeding from the belly button.


One of the most common causes of this problem is bacterial or fungal infection, often caused by scratching the area; in fact, a secondary infection can be caused by this scratching, and abrasions in the umbilicus, and can cause the belly button to ooze a yellow and smelly substance.

The belly button is dark and can get moist, fertile ground for bacteria and fungi. Candida and yeast infections can develop and cause the belly button to bleed. Your doctor might prescribe an antibiotic if the bleeding is caused by infection.


Urachal Cyst

There is a duct above the bladder which connects to the umbilical cord while you are still in the womb. It usually closes up prior to birth, but in rare cases it does not. In those rare cases, a cyst can develop if it swells and can cause leakage from the navel.


Sabaceous Cyst

Often benign, meaning not dangerous, a sabaceous cyst can form at the belly button, and if irritated usually from scratching, can develop an infection and bleed.

Hernia at Intestines

The intestines can protrude into the belly button. This is only dangerous if the intestine becomes twisted, at which point you will need immediate medical attention.

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Accident or Injury to Abdomen

From surgery or trauma, your abdomen could get injured which could cause the area to get infected and bleed.

Causes of Bleeding Belly Button

InfectionCystTrauma/InjuryHerniaUmbilical Endometriosis

You might have developed a yeast, bacterial or fungal infection

A cyst might have formed in the area and cause infection

Injury or surgery could cause infection in the area and blood

You might have a protrusion from your intestines

In rare cases, endometrial glands could form at belly button






If the area is not taken care of properly after you pierce your belly button, an infection can develop and cause bleeding.

Umbilical Endometriosis

In rare cases, endometrial glands, normally formed in the uterus, can form at the belly button and cause bleeding.

Final Notes

It is likely your doctor will prescribe anti-biotic pills or a cream if your bleeding is caused by an infection. If it is caused by a cyst, surgery is likely necessary.

To care for your belly button you should wash it with anti-bacterial soap, avoid scratching it and don't apply any antiseptic creams or powders because these could irritate the area further. You can wash the area with warm salt water too, to keep it clean and if it is particularly irritated.

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