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Why do you think that introverts are invisible?


Who are introverts?

Introverts are generally shy people, keep to themselves, and do not like to socialize. Most of the time, they stay indoors and do things independently. However, they never try to bring themselves out; therefore, most of them are socially invisible. If I say about myself, I am an introvert, a hard-working person who does not like to sit around and waste my time. I spend almost all my time doing some work without expecting a positive outcome. I think it is the habits of introverts.

Why do we think that they are invisible?

They do not mix around openly with people like extroverts; even if they go to a meeting, they take time to listen more than talk. They are good listeners but not good at talking; they also make good eye contact. Usually, a person who talks a lot almost takes over the meeting to become visible, whereas the person who does not speak becomes invisible because no one notices them. That does not mean the talker is more intelligent than the person who does not talk much. Therefore, at the end of the meeting, no one takes notice of the introverts; those results in invisibility. It would be best if you made your presence visible at a gathering.

I am an internet marketer, and my work involves creating online courses, writing books and eBooks, and accounting and business consultancy work. I teach people on the internet and one-to-one, but I feel comfortable when I do one piece. Then sometimes tend to lose inspiration in a gathering, as I am afraid I must disagree with some of the discussions.


Any business needs massive marketing strategies, which is no different in the internet business world. As an introvert, if you are invisible, you also work on the internet to improve your online presence. If you cannot improve your online presence, people will not know you. Apart from that, to boost internet business, people need to trust you. Therefore, the chances of growing your business will be challenging because of your invisibility.

You feel like an introvert; people underestimate you because you do not say much or do not have anything to say and sometimes feel too exhausted to talk. Therefore, people conclude that you are not knowledgeable enough about the subject they speak in a group. Then all that makes you feel lonely and invisible. The difference between loneliness is you are in a group and still feel lonely, then living alone is not lonely because you enjoy that time.

Sometimes I would say introversion and invisibility start from a young age; I would say I was an introvert at school and invisible; none of the other class students knew me enough to make friendships. However, I remember having two or three friends from my class who were close to me.

That said, the time came for the school to divide the class into two sections. From the results of the examination, they put me in the top group. Even I was a little surprised because I never used to talk to the teachers or any of my classmates as I always felt invisible and lonely.

Introverts lack self-promotion, but they expect to get recognition without realizing that it does not quickly happen. On the other hand, apparent people make themselves known about themselves and their work without even making sense of bragging about their accomplishments. So, to make themselves visible, introverts must know how to bring their expertise to the world.

Let me talk about the unique qualities of introverts.

They do not like to mix around and want to stay alone. So, are you an introvert? Do you like to live on your own? People misunderstand them and think that they are arrogant people. When they attend parties, they prefer to join small groups; if not, they start to feel tired and leave the party early.

They do not like to talk about themselves, making people not want to be their friends, thinking they are stickups. Introverts like to have friends but decide who they want to have a friendship with to share their time.

Usually, they speak less but are good listeners; that quality might attract people because most look for someone who listens to their talks.

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Introverts like to stay indoors rather than going out and socializing, and most of them have some hobbies, so they stay at home and spend most of their time. They enjoy their hobbies.

They think before they talk, that gives them a chance to say things that can be a good reply or others can use that learn more from introverts as they are thinking about things that are useful to others.

They enjoy watching rather than participating; when people play games, they like that but do not become interested and participate.

Introverts explore things on their own

Introverts do not expect anything from anyone because they like to explore everything independently. For example, an introvert running a small business does not wish to ask each one of their close ones for help when needed because they want to learn everything and be in control of their business.

It is normal if you let others interfere too much in your business; you are putting yourself in prison. An introvert does not like a situation like that, so they prevent that in advance. Additionally, introverts spend most of their time on their own, while extroverts spend time with others. Consequently, who knows themselves better?


Prefers one to one meeting as they can pick another person’s brain and use it to their advantage. They learn from one session and get to know the person deeper.

Extroverts like group meetings

They get together, spend lots of time and entertainment, and then look to add more people.

That is not to say that extroverts are better at enjoying life, whereas introverts are lonely people. Everyone needs interaction, but the character of an introvert is making use of every minute they interact to use it to their advantage differently. That is also a part of their fun.

You look before you jump.

Extroverts often rush optimistically into the unknown. Nevertheless, as a deep-thinking introvert, you do proper research before you jump into a new adventure. Anyone who wants to start a business must do adequate research, and indeed, you do it. Besides, an introvert takes plenty of time to decide on a marriage or moving to a new city. Therefore, you will probably fall into fewer problems than your extroverted friends.

None of the above are hard and fast rules but generalizations. Also, bear in mind that almost no one is introverted or extroverted. It is a spectrum, and while people tend to fall closer to one side, nearly all of us are in the middle.

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