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Benefits of a Cleansing Program


Program Benefits

- This article is based on the effects and benefits and does not explain which diet to pick or what to eat-

Suggested Cleansing Program:

1) Is a simple, safe and scientifically proven method of practical application of effective ancient knowledge;

2) It will not disturb your usual daily life in any way, you will not have to deny yourself anything because of her;

3) Easily fits into any daily routine;

4) Is able to satisfy your need for energy, while at the same time removing toxins from the body that impede its normal functioning as a physical, so also spiritual;

5) Assumes different duration, convenient for you. If you do not want to rush, you can start the cleansing process with a weekly program. But if you need quick results, you can start right away with a two-week or even from a three-week program;

6) Adapted to the needs of busy people, and is a simple and practical detox plan that fits seamlessly into everyday life and does not create any inconvenience in contrast to such popular means of recovery as juicing, fasting and raw food. My rich experience, both clinical and personal, suggests that that these practices require too much time, energy and attention. They work most effectively for those who have already dedicated months or years to dietary cleansing, and are more suitable for a solitary lifestyle. In some cases, such programs may even be dangerous. Removal of toxins from the body without simultaneous

The Essence of the Cleansing Program

It's a tool that everyone can use for your own healing and restoration. It is based on the following, very easy to understand concepts:

1) toxins and stress interfere with the normal functioning of body systems and limit the ability to self-heal;

2) modern eating habits and lifestyle contribute to pollution of the body and do not provide sufficient amount of nutrients needed for its optimal functioning;

3) removing obstacles and providing what is missing, the body gets healthier, more energized, and we begin to look and feel better.

The program is divided into three weekly stages with preliminary a phase that includes a special diet in preparation for the cleansing procedure. You will pave your own way to three weeks, already a week after using my detox program you will feel a surge of energy, and you will come clarity of mind.

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Remember that any step towards purification has beneficial effect, and in the long run, regular detox treatments will only increase their effect each time.

1st Week Cleansing

In the first 3-5 days of the program, you will see how much the organism resists the change of deeply rooted eating habits, even those that you deep down consider harmful and which you would like to get rid of.

But it is necessary to conduct at least a weekly program. To the end of the week, as toxins are released from the cells and tissues, you will feel a surge of energy, and clarity of consciousness will come to you. For your body to take advantage of the new state that you create, a week is enough.

The program optimizes the conditions necessary for the full disclosure of the miraculous potential body regeneration, restoration and healing. You also realize that your system of understanding your own needs will most likely be disturbed, because of which many people gain weight.

This is hunger. We often say, "I'm hungry," but most of us don't really know what hunger is. The feeling we call hunger may turn out to be something else. During the cleansing process, you can finally rename it, giving it its true name. It is likely that by the end of the first week your motivation will increase and you will continue the program. In some successful cases, the patients were very skeptical at first and only gave me a few days to put the theory into practice.

2nd Week Cleansing

If you find the strength to continue, don't stop. Set a goal to stick with the program for the second week. It will bring you more benefit, since the functioning of body systems was affected by toxins and, as a result, slowed down their work.

Now the body has been optimized, and other systems that were in a state of increased anxiety to help you survive the adverse toxic effects, return to normal.

3rd Week Cleansing

After the completion of the third week, you will feel what it means to stop, and possibly even reverse, the aging process. You will see how cheerful, energetic, and full of life you can be. By the end of the second week, detox symptoms start to disappear. skin rash, excess weight, allergies, problems with intestines etc...

The Final Results

They lose weight, their complexion improves, and the whites of their eyes become whiter and brighter. They sleep tight and stay energized throughout the day. They get rid of a wide variety of disorders that have haunted them for a long time - from constipation to joint pain.

Very often the flow slows down or even diseases that are considered chronic or curable only with medication. Feeling the ability of your body to repair itself, you will no longer consider life-threatening conditions that would previously make you fearful, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Optimizing the functioning of body systems has a beneficial effect on the psychological state.

The mood improves, and the clarity of consciousness returns. After the cleansing program, many find that their desires become more moderate, unhealthy foods and drinks with a high caffeine content lose their appeal, and with it, a normal relationship to food returns. Most report that things are working and going smoothly, and relations with others improved remarkably since the depth of own health problems was replaced by optimism and openness.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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