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Why Working On Your Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Health Is So Important

Nothing in life comes easy and nor should it and we will deal with a lot in our lifetime. Our lives become so busy and chaotic that we lose the ability to take time for ourselves. This leads to problems that can cause deterioration in our mental, spiritual, and physical health. These three aspects of our health are so important and if we are not working on them in some capacity it will give us the feeling of being lost. Now more than ever it's important to recognize that and realize that it is of the utmost importance.


Mental Health

Mental health as mentioned earlier has become such a big talking point over the years and even much more so within the last year. From the average person to corporations all have invested time and attention to this topic and for good reason, I might add. If your mental health is not in a good place it can be debilitating. Mental health unlike physical is not something that you can quantify very easily. You can't see it or feel for the most part and because of that, it's hard to have a benchmark to look up to.

So because of this mental health is much more of a feeling than necessarily seeing have a tangible result. That doesn't mean you can't have tangible results for example if you are someone who self sabotages yourself but you can recognize that you can achieve the results you want this is a tangible outcome. Every person is different and what might work one may not for another. That's why it tends to be more subjective than maybe the other two categories. None the less this is probably the most difficult and the most important category to work on as it can bring the biggest changes to your life.


Spiritual Health

Spiritual health out of the three of them is probably the least thought about or the least talked about. Why that is ? to me it's a mystery as it can be the most profound change you can experience. People describe spiritual health differently but to me, it's always been your connection to something greater. For some people that might be religion and for others that might be spirituality.

Each person has a different opinion or belief system and they can all work as long as the attention is there. Spiritual health also tends to be more of a feeling than something you might notice physically. It is also something that needs to be taken at your own pace. There is no set timetable to reaching good spiritual health or how it should be done. It is also a humbling experience as it can strip away the ego and you realize just how connected you are to all things.


Physical Health

Physical health on the surface can seem pretty self-explanatory however, it can be more complex too. Getting your body in the best shape for you is extremely important. This can be going to the gym or going on a walk or even taking up a sport. There are many different ways to get your body in the best physical position. Again like mental and spiritual health, there is no straight answer for each person. What one person might view as good physical health another might not. There are definitely things that most people would consider good physical health like for example not being overweight however, it can also be miss leading as they might not be actually that healthy. Physical is the easiest but also can be most difficult to describe at the same time so be sure to understand that before attempting to take it on.


Working on mental health

Mental health will likely be a lifelong thing. There will be times where you will be in a better position than others. However, there are things that I feel as though can be used to help the process whenever you need to use them. The first one is to develop some sort of practice of turning off or slowing down the mind. This can be meditation, prayer, or just breathwork. All of these can help reduce stress and allow for self-discovery. Also, they help with a reduction in the ego which in turn can help you to realize that your thoughts and beliefs about yourself are not always truly who you are.

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Next is taking time to really understand what's important to you. A lot of times when people are struggling with mental health they tend to be stuck in their own heads. They are always in the past and future and never in the present, this leads to constantly replaying and thinking about those events. If you take time to either write down or think about what is really important to you it can allow you to re-focus and move in that direction. Writing down also allows for organizing your thoughts and map out where you need to go next.


Working on Spiritual health

Spiritual health can be a little more tricker than the other two categories mainly because spiritual health can vary depending on what people view as spiritual. Everyone is coming from different points of view so coming up with a generic way to build on that is harder. However, I think the best place to start is with the practice that you have. What sort of spiritual practice do you have or don't have. This can be so beneficial as it will let you develop a routine that can keep more focused. For example that might be going to church, prayer time alone each day, or maybe that's just meditation. The practice I believe is so important and without it, that's where a lot of people fall astray. They can't develop consistency because they stopping and starting all the time.

Next is expectations or lack of them are too high. A lot of people start a spiritual practice with the goal that something good will happen to them. That they will be saved or that will have an epiphany moment. The opposite to that is not having any expectations and just going through the motions with no real goal. Both of these are not good places to be in and can cause you to stop what you are doing or not even get started. What you want to have is an honest conversation with yourself and realize that the most important thing is the process forget expecting anything and just be grateful for the process.


Working on physical health

As I mentioned we all know what good physical health is and the best way to start or test yourself is to think as though you are stuck on an island. If you were stuck on this island and all you could eat was fresh fruit or vegetables and drink clean water would your health get better or worse? Most people agree that their health would get better. why is that? well you have no choice there are no distractions you only have what you have and there are no convenience items for you to have. I am not here to say that just eating well will bring you better physical health but controlling what you put in your body is a major step in the right direction.

Next is movement of some kind, most of us have a very sedentary lifestyle due to our jobs and all of the distractions in our lives. We do not move anywhere near our ancestors and because of this, we are also nowhere near the physical shape of them either. Develop some sort of movement regiment whether that's going to the gym or walking or dancing anything that gets your body moving will have a great impact on your health.


Brining it all together

These three categories represent the most important parts of us and how we go through life. Working on all three at the same time might be difficult that's why I believe at least 2 at a time is the best way. Not working on them especially at this point can be detrimental not only to ourselves but to everyone around us. I hope that people read this and understand how important it is but also how easy it is to get started and to maintain focus on it. I also hope that people take it seriously and realize that once you can work on them how much you can change your life.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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