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Why Taking Magnesium Changed My Life

The Beginning

My journey with magnesium started really about 3 years ago. I was coming off a recent episode of anxiety and it really had gotten to me this time. I had done some research on magnesium but not a whole lot at that point. While I was in the health food store picking up somethings I decided to grab a bottle of magnesium. I didn't really expect much but I thought I would try it to see what can happen. Now taking supplements or health-related products for the most part take time to work. They will not be an instant thing where it fixes almost immediately and you will notice the difference. Knowing that I decided that I would try it and see what happens. Within the week I actually started to notice the difference and it really took me back, to be honest. This is how and why magnesium has changed my life and maybe it will provide some insight to you if you are thinking about it.



One of the first ways that I noticed a change in me was how much more I was relaxed within the first week of taking it. My body felt like 100 pounds of stress just floated off me and I could just be more present at the moment. Now when I take vitamins and minerals I always take more than the recommended dose on the bottle. I am not telling people to do that I just saying those low dosages, in my opinion, are the reason why people don't notice differences with vitamins and minerals. I almost tripled how much I was taking, why you might ask? I was coming off a lot of anxiety and stress and my body needed it. See when you are in a street state your body burns through its magnesium and since I was in that state I knew I needed more.

I would be less tense throughout the day and I could just relax and focus on whatever task was at hand. Sometimes when you have anxiety for a longer period of time you can tighten up in the chest in other areas of the body. Once I started to take magnesium almost right away it was got and other pains and tightness when away as well. I said to myself well if a short period of time and can help with this what else can it help with.


Fatigue and Sleep

Fatigue seems to be a common thing for most people today whether it's their job or just everyday life people seem tired all the time. For me, I didn't feel like I had a lot of fatigue but once I started to take magnesium consistently I noticed that being tired or not alert pretty much went away. I didn't realize it before but taking magnesium made me take a step back and notice how much my body actually was fatigued. Little things like sleeping for 8 hours but not really feeling rested went away once I started to take magnesium. Being more alert through the day started to be the norm almost immediately once taking it. I would come home from work and have to sleep sometimes for an hour or so and I could never figure why that was. I slept the night before I didn't go to bed at a crazy hour but I was still tired. After months of taking it, I can say that has been the case forever and I am more alert, rested, and ready to go.

Sleep has never been something that I really had a hard time doing. Sometimes when you have anxiety for example sleep can become a little bit harder. However, most of the time I could go to sleep with relative ease. Once I started to take magnesium I notice that my sleep just became more solid. Like I mentioned earlier even if you sleep 8 hours for example you can still wake up tired. Magnesium allowed for me to not only sleep 8 hours but also gave renewed energy once I woke up. I wasn't groggy or it didn't take an hour for me to get up and going. My body would just reenergize through the night and magnesium definitely in my opinion helped with that.


Headaches and Muscle Tension

I have through my life experienced consistent headaches, not a crazy amount but I would get them maybe a few times a month. I always thought it was a blood sugar thing like I didn't eat enough or maybe didn't drink enough. Once I started to take magnesium almost all my headaches went away. I noticed after about 3 months that I wasn't getting any more. I didn't change anything in my diet or really anything in life other than magnesium. Magnesium reducing my stress in the body and helping to relax I believe was a major reason. I think most of the headaches that I experienced were a result of tension. Tension probably built up throughout the day at work and then once I was at home trying to relax the body just need to release somehow. However, the magnesium helps to reduce all of that and it made me lose pretty all my headaches.

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Muscle tension especially in my neck area is caused me problems throughout the years. I tended to carry my stress there whether it was I realized it or not that's where I believe it was. I believe this tension then caused most of my headaches and resulted in me having to do take something to relieve the pain. After taking magnesium a lot of the tension just went away. My neck and upper shoulder area just felt more loose and relaxed and I didn't feel this heavy kind of weight feeling anymore.


Capsule, Liquid, Or Oil ?

You might be wondering which is the best way to take magnesium? In my opinion, food is probably the best, however, because of modern agriculture and the soils being depleted, unfortunately, we need to supplement. I originally started out taking magnesium capsule form that I purchased from the health food store. I found that it was the easiest way for me to take magnesium and also allowed for me to remember to take it more often. Most people when they start to supplement just buy vitamins and minerals from their local grocery store. I find that is not always the best way because some of the magnesium that is sold in those stores are not always of the highest quality. Once I decided to take it by capsule I needed to decide which type because there are many different types of magnesium. It can be confusing and that's why going to a health food store there are generally people there who can guide you. I ended up taking Bis-Glycinate and it really has been the best choice for me.

Liquid magnesium is another way in which you can take magnesium, and I have has tried it in the past as well. People who tend to struggle to take the capsules because they don't like to or it gives upset stomach end up usually taking the liquid form. The liquid form can be absorbed more quickly by the body and can some cases be more easily digestible for some people. From my experience I never got the same effect as I got taking capsules I felt like it was never enough even though I was taking the same amount.

The oil I believe is the easiest and most effective way for most people. A lot of people don't even know that there is such a thing as magnesium oil. When I came across it like most people I was also unaware of its existence. I decided that I would try and see if I could notice a difference. I found that it worked really well much better for me than taking the liquid. First, your body can absorb it faster than any other method. Second, it's great if you a specific ailment like a sore leg or shoulder because you apply on directly that spot and feel the difference. Third, it's great for kids as well instead of getting them to try capsules or liquid you can just rub on their body before bed and they will sleep better.


Final Thoughts

I never thought that one mineral or vitamin could make a huge difference to me as I had tried many throughout the years. Most of it was minor or subtle changes but magnesium once I started to take just changed so many things for me. Some were immediate like a reduction in headaches and some were over a period of time like helping to reduce my anxiety and stress. Finding the right form to take magnesium can be a little trial in error as to which form and how much. Once you have figured that all out magnesium will bring so many benefits to your life without you realizing it. So give it a try you won't regret it and maybe it will change your life as it did for me.

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