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Why Stay Healthy?

Many of us are struggling left and right in this fast-paced world trying to catch up with everything around us, in order to keep ourselves going with all the quick changes that are happening every day and we can hardly ever find time to look after our own health until we fall in the unexpected “health pitfalls” that might be severe and very painful at times. After falling, we then start to realize that our “PERSONAL HEALTH” is priceless and we must take good care of it no matter what the consequences are in our life. Many successful and rich people have fallen into these “Health Pitfalls”, some of them even passed away, simply because they thought that making money is the most important thing in life forgetting to take care of their personal health.

Please do remember this simple quote “Money can’t buy your health back!” You may spend thousands and thousands of money fixing your health problems, but that will not take away the devastating illness highway, which will lead to an agonizing and terrifying depression.

So why jeopardize our health for something else, that may be less important than our own personal health?

It is best that we start noticing that we have a big responsibility to take good care of, which is our personal health and should never let our busy lives distract us and driving us away from being and staying healthy.

We can simply take good care of ourselves by doing the following:

1. Eating Healthy.

2. Doing a daily fitness exercise routine.

3. Getting enough sleep.

4. Taking long walks or hikes twice a week.

5. Drinking lots of water (4 liters per day).

6. Stop smoking of course (if you are a smoker).

7. Laugh more and breathe fresh clean air.

8. Staying away from polluted over populated areas.

9. Include herbs and spices in your daily intake.

10. Go for medical examinations every 6 months.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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