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Why Should We Raise Awareness About Mental Health ?

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Please take care of your metal health and seek help if you need it. You are not alone. ❤


“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.”

— Glenn Close

When you first hear the term ‘’Mental Meath’’ what comes to your mind ? break downs, disorders, issues, stressing out .. etc.

But the truth is that mental health is not necessarily an issue it is a full package of good and bad moments, happy tears and sad tears, feeling high and feeling down, a white and black and everything in between, it affects the way we talk, think, interacting with other human beings, how we deal with extreme difficulties and many more.

It is known that mental health issues and problems are very common however a huge percentage of people ignore their mental health, as if it is not a seen problem then it is not a problem at all which is a huge mistake idea, therefore to prevent these mistaken idea we should start understanding, dealing, not only that but accepting and willing to make our mental health healthier.


Below is 7 reasons -but not limited — for why should we raise awareness about Mental Health :

1-Understanding: being well educated and familiar with mental health and mental health problems will make you more understanding to the people around you who might be struggling with a mental health problem, being emotionally supportive to these people will play a positive role in their life.

2-It could get you physically hurt from scratching yourself to cutting, burning, or practicing any other behavior that results in pain or injury to having suicidal attempts; according to research that The Recovery Village did in 40 countries, About 17% of all people will self-harm during their lifetime, According to emergency room trends, there’s been a 50% increase in reported self-injury among young females since 2009, not only that but even Suicidal ideation among adults is increasing. The percentage of adults in the U.S. who are experiencing serious thoughts of suicide increased 0.15% from 2016–2017 to 2017–2018.

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4- Mental health has a great role in physical wellness and Vice versa, according to MHF — Mental Health Foundation- people with the highest levels of self-rated distress (compared to lowest rates of distress) were 32% more likely to have died from cancer in addition to that Depression is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease that’s somehow because they’re less likely to receive the physical healthcare, and do the routine check-ups.

5- The early detection of mental health illness plays a huge role in necessary treatments, MHA believes that early identification of mental health and substance use issues should occur where and when young people are most likely to present concerns, such as in school, on the other hand delaying the treatment would give an opposite effect.

6- Mental issues such as anxiety, depression, social anxiety ..etc could affect your productivity, statically: The rate of unemployment is higher among U.S. adults who have a mental illness (5.8%) compared to those who do not (3.6%), High school students with significant symptoms of depression are more than twice as likely to drop out compared to their peers, Students aged 6–17 with mental, emotional or behavioral concerns are 3x more likely to repeat a grade.

7- Raising awareness will help the ones in need: One of the important Barriers to mental health care access is the Social stigma and limited mental health awareness thus, raising awareness would put the lights on these problems what would put pressure on the ones in charge to facilitate the mental care for everyone in the community


What do you think ?

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