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Why Self-Love is Your Greatest Healer?


Where do I begin? The past seven years on this journey of self-love/healing have been like riding a roller coaster. There was a lot of crying, a whole lot of screaming, ups, downs, twists, and turns. There was a lot of fear and doubt I had to overcome, and there were obstacles and struggles that I needed to find my way around, but I accomplished so much growth on this journey. The journey of self-love is the "Jesus" you so desperately seek outside of you, it's the healer you've been waiting to arrive, but it's always been inside. When you've only known self-hatred learning to love yourself is scary and it's very messy in the beginning because you're unlearning years of culturally conditioned beliefs and mindsets that weren't serving the healthiest and greatest version of yourself.


Religion taught me that "Jesus" was my savior and my healer, but nothing was working, I continued to go back to the unhealthy relationships I had with people, addictions, mindsets, patterns, habits, and behaviors. Religion did nothing but teach me how to be co-dependent, spirituality taught me the importance of interdependence. The same power that Jesus possessed lives in me, and to truly believe this I needed to leave everything and everyone I knew and journey into the forbidden path of self-love. I had to unlearn everything I believed to be true about God, religion, and love. The majority of society is culturally conditioned by the principles of religion which manipulate us into believing we must strive for perfection to receive God's love, but nothing could be further from the truth. I believed this to be true because everyone who said they loved me wanted to change me in some form or fashion to fit their ideal reality, and for many years I conformed until I learned to see and love myself the way God does.

Spirituality taught me that I am an energetic being and the trauma and abuse that I experienced in my past due to the cultural conditioning of religion are what blocked me from believing the truth that the love of "Jesus" already resides within me. The forbidden spiritual path of self-love actually taught me that I didn't need to wait for the love of "Jesus" to arrive and I didn't need to confess this truth with my mouth to receive healing. What I needed to do was love myself unconditionally beyond the psychological abuse of my past that manipulated me into believing that I was unworthy or undeserving of God's love unless I followed a set of rules and guidelines. I needed to love myself unconditionally beyond the cultural conditioning of religion. It wasn't until I started to love myself unconditionally that I desired to become a healthier version of myself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, relationally, and financially.


Traditional modalities of healing never worked for me and after receiving a diagnosis of childhood PTSD in 2016, I found the peace and healing I searched so desperately for in religion through self-love and learning non-traditional modalities of healing. The purpose of religion was to lead people to their true spiritual nature, but the majority of trauma and psychological abuse is experienced in religion. When I found healing through crystal energy and sound frequency, I knew I wanted to share this healing with everyone I knew. I quickly learned that not everyone is open or receptive to this type of healing due to the traditional mindsets and beliefs of their cultural conditioning. The mind is the hardest thing to change, but once you decide that you’re willing to try something different and it transforms your mind, it has a domino effect and it has the power to transform you emotionally, spiritually, physically, relationally, and financially too.

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I was determined to heal my heart, mind, body, and soul from the pain and trauma of childhood abuse. I used my pain and my willingness to change my mind as my motivation to heal and research non-traditional modalities of healing. I eventually obtained my certification as a crystal and sound energy healer, and I’m a huge advocate, student, and teacher of the importance of self-love, self-care, energy therapy, and holistic healing. As an intuitive, I assist my clients with restoring or building the confidence they need to succeed mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, relationally, and financially. Helping to free their mind from the psychological pain that’s holding them back from walking in their unique divine light. Self-love is the gift that sets your spirit free, and that's why self-love is your greatest healer!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Ayonna Suzie Suttles

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