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Why Is Reading Good for You?

Lisa is a lover of good books, good food, good people, and good health.

Do You Love The Smell Of Well Loved Books?


Why Reading Is Good For You

We always hear as parents that to read to your children can have many benefits but I'd like to share some universal benefits that can apply to both kids as well as adults!

Reading to improve memory & live longer: By reading, we activate parts of our brain that create new synapses for memory, not to mention we can learn things we've never even heard about before! Reading can enhance our vocabulary, increase creativity and improve articulation.

Reading creates empathy: By reading more books, we can become aware of current events and can improve our understanding of others' views and beliefs. We can empathize with characters that may be facing different life circumstances than our own.

Reading is good for your sleep: By incorporating reading into our nightly bedtime routine, it can help us relax and help our bodies to wind down after a long day. It can help us get to sleep faster instead of being on our phones getting spun up and more awake. Just 6 minutes of reading has been shown to lower heart rate and muscle tension. Who knew reading could lower blood pressure and help us get to sleep at night?

Reading is Good For Kids And Adults


How To Set A Reading Goal?

We all like goals, especially in the new year so why not set a reading goal for you and your kids? Try to set a realistic goal so that you can actually compete it and have a sense of accomplishment. You can always raise your reading goal once you've met it!

I like to log the books I've read on a website called Goodreads because it keeps track for you of the books you've read, you can rate the books AND they have a reading challenge you can customize too!

Being an avid reader, I usually have an audio book, book on my kindle and a paperback book that I'm reading all at the same time. This means, I can usually get through 1-2 audiobooks a week, and the kindle and paper books take a bit longer. My reading goal for the year is currently to read 104 books this year. This may seem like a lot, and it is, but your goal can be smaller. Most of my friends will set a goal for 1-2 books a month.

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You can always set a time limit instead of a set number of books as a goal too. For the kids, we usually read between 15 and 30 minutes per night. We don't have a number of books for a goal but knowing that we read each night before bed is a nice routine and great for both us as parents and our kiddos.

How To Read More Books When You Don't Have Time To Read

I'm going to tell you my reading secret. Are you ready for it? It's a good one - and there's a bit of a debate about it these days. If you listen to an audio book, does that count as reading? I think it does, but I have a few friends that have gotten really passionate and said it does not count.

Listening to audiobooks is how I can accomplish big reading goals without a lot of time to sit and read a paper or electronic book. I like to listen to audiobooks while I do housework and when I'm driving in my car. I've never felt so productive cleaning my house as when I've also listened to half of a book!


Where To Get Free or Cheap Books?

1. Your public library - free, convenient and they have or can order most new releases.

2. Overdrive - the best app ever! You login using your library card and can take out ebooks, for free! This is for both ebooks and audiobooks.

3. Used book store

4. Book swap with friends

5. Garage sales - you'd be surprised what you find at garage sales!

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