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Why Is Expression the Basis of Happiness?

Expression Is The Basis Of Happiness

In today's busy lifestyle, most people complain that their family members, relatives, colleagues and close friends are unable to explain their feelings.Now you once consider the other aspect as well, that instead of saying 'no one understands me', it should be said that 'I did not express my thoughts or feelings properly...'! When you realize this, it will be easier for you to understand your relationships in a new way.

Expression is the basis of happiness

Expression is the basis of happiness

The Difference Between Attraction And Love

Any relationship begins with attraction. For which you have a feeling of attraction in your mind, if you get it easy way, then that attraction ends. But if there is an obstacle to attainment, then love for it is born. Have you ever experienced this? Love is necessary in relationships, not mere attraction. Attraction is aggressive, while love is surrender. This is the difference between love and attraction, which people do not understand.

We always see love as an emotion in relationships. We start the conversation by saying, "I love you so much". Then in love the person starts expecting too much from another. When he starts asking, the love decreases. Demand destroys love. When the joy of love goes away, you say 'I have made a mistake by making a connection'. Then one has to go through struggle and suffering to get out of it. After you get out of it, you then form a new relationship and the same story repeated every time.

The Eternal Feeling Is Love.

Love is not an emotion, but it is your existence. Love cannot be experienced like that. Three things are necessary to make any relation eternal and that is-

Proper perception, observation and expression. It is also very important to convey the things of your heart to the other person in a spontaneous manner. Relationship problems arise when there is a communication gap between two people.

The matter is similar that if you talk to a Spanish person in Russian, he will be unable to understand anything. You have to talk to the person in front of you in a language that they understand. That is, understanding the nature and habits of the person in front of you, behave like him.

When you see yourself through people's point of view.. it becomes easier for you to understand the problems of others.

The Eternal Feeling Is Love

The Eternal Feeling Is Love

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When you are able to understand the point of view of others, it is your turn to see yourself right. Your perception may be reasonable, but how do you react? How do you feel within yourself ? Observing your own mind is another important aspect.

In relationships, love and respect are given a priority. Love cannot accept distance, whereas ego ignores respect or honour. When there is a fear of losing respect, an attempt is made to create a barrier, which love does not accept. To get respect you need to keep a distance. When a person is completely out of his narrow mindset then his ego automatically goes away. When a person becomes at ease like a holy spring of love.. then all the distance from the hearts of the people associated with him disappears. Otherwise the ego is a hindrance and it always demands respect. At the same time, excessive proximity is also not accepted in respect. When you receive love, then you are in search of respect and when you are getting respect you are looking for love. All this is happening in our life on such a subtle level that we do not even get a clue of it. Because our life is completely engrossed in the events. We become so impressed by a small external event that we lose our peace of mind by constantly thinking about it. But do we see what's going on inside ourselves? Honest self-observation is essential to make the relationship longevity.

Observing Your Own Mind

Observing Your Own Mind

Balance Is Necessary

For mental peace in life, let the balance between our emotions, thoughts and behavior.

Always remember :

  • Think before you speak
  • Listen to people's words carefully
  • Be polite in disagreement, apologize and forgive, take a generous approach.

Understand The Conscience

Both longing and love enrich each other. So it is necessary to have both of them, it is necessary to maintain a distance to create longing. Life is a multitude of contradictions. There is pain in relationships too. When someone goes through that intense pain one can go into a negative state or turn it into a prayerful state. It increases the power of prayer within itself. Pain makes prayer more powerful, because when there is pain one goes deep inside. When someone experiences happiness, he automatically closes his eyes. This shows that the joy is coming from somewhere deeper. The external object was only a mirror to bring out the bliss. It was just a tool that illuminated something. That is why all the religions of the world talk about understanding the conscience. Mahatma Buddha has also said that this world is full of sorrows. Because when a person realizes this, he starts searching for sorrows within himself. In a verse from the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says that intelligent people do not look at the senses. They do not run after the pleasures they get. The sign of intelligence is that one seeks the source from which happiness and bliss come. Once you're in touch with him, there's no fear. Negative emotions like hatred, jealousy and anger go away from your life. Such a person enjoys happiness in the world. When someone is in a relationship without any eagerness, he easily carries it out. Anxiety destroys relationships. Eagerness takes us away from our center. Once you move away from the center, your partner loses respect for you. When respect is lost, unintentionally mutual attraction is also lost.

Thus, to have a peaceful loving relationship... we need to take simple and balanced steps when expressing our feelings.

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