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Why I Feel the Conversation Should Focus on Sex Education in the U.S.

My Humble Opinion

I seriously thought it should be up to the woman to decide. That this is only a topic of bodily choice.

Over the past few years (2018-present) my idea has changed.

I no longer advocate for abortions, my focus is now on better sexual awareness and accessible resources for men and women.


Reasons for Abortions

Ectopic Pregnancy -->occurs when a fertilized egg implants and grows outside the main cavity of the uterus.

This is dangerous for the woman, it can be fatal. The baby is not at all forming or viable since it is not in the uterus. So without a doubt this is a need for removal.


The laws in each state need to have clear guidelines on this topic. The mass media hysteria that happens from this is what causes most of this confusion in the medical field. It creates concerns for doctors on whether or not they will be jailed for providing this care. That is something that needs to be defined.

In most cases tho, the woman is exempt from charges. If the law is not clear on emergency abortions, the doctor would be at fault. Which is why it is a major concern and could lead to the procedure being too late.

Also, NO. This is still not a choice. Many women want to keep the baby even in this scenario. They don't choose to have a medical emergency. It is simply a medical emergency they have to accept.

The baby may have disabilities

This should not even be considered in this conversation. There are so many beautiful amazing human beings who were born with set backs.

Federal Laws are not God

After seeing many people think the removal of Roe V. Wade was a full abortion ban, I realized too many people are misinformed.

It was not, it was simply removing a law from federal hands and handing it over to the state.

Voting at the state level is way more accurate and representative of the people in that state. If many don't want abortions and vote on that, it will be passed that way. If many do, it will be passed that way.

So go vote on this issue. Its really that simple.

We do not want laws on our bodies in federal hands.

Imagine the federal government decided to take control over this, it could very easily go the other way. Full control of women's bodies.

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Pro Choice? Yes. Pro Abortion? Not exactly

I honestly once believed that a baby before the week of viability wasn't valuable. This is where my "pro choice" side switches.

I will no longer advocate for abortion after learning how early babies develop in the womb.

I still believe every human should have a right to choose, but I think we need to focus on fully educating women on the topic.

You are killing a baby. No matter which way you look at it.

Women suffer from Abortions

Many women are in multiple types of situations

Abusive relationship- This can cause a situation where the woman wants her baby but is forced or manipulated to have an abortion. Not aware of her freedoms or options. Fix: Better services and accessibility and options for women in these hostile environments.

Infertility- This one is a slap in the face to many women who want a baby so bad but cannot have one. They try everything they can and still won't be able to produce their own child. Want to talk about choice? This right here is no choice at all.

Poverty- In this situation having a baby can be a huge struggle and would make a woman want to have an abortion. Fix: Better services to make adoption a viable option. Maybe these women can give their baby to those who are infertile.



While studying developmental Psychology, I became aware that a baby's brain is one of the first organs to develop. It can even recognize the mother's voice in the SECOND trimester. Before the age of viability ( which is 24 weeks, sometimes even earlier)

The baby exists.

Life is about accepting the things that do happen to you. Getting pregnant may end up happening, but that baby literally has no voice. A mother should choose to protect it, regardless.

We need to prioritize Sex Education in the United States

No, trust me I DO NOT advocate teaching abstinence. That is the worst possible thing we can do.

People are going to have sex regardless of any warnings.

However my solution would be to better equip women and men on the options in case of a pregnancy. BEFORE ever even needing an abortion.

We should stop teaching that having a baby is the worst thing that can happen in life. It is a beautiful gift for many. But still, for those wanting to avoid pregnancy:

Plan B

Even if you decided to not care, then the next morning regret not using protection. There is a pill called "PLAN B" that takes care of it.

Plan B makes the environment for the sperm intolerable. You know in biology when you learned how many obstacles the sperms had to overcome to impregnate the egg? ( at least I hope you did)

Well, Plan B makes those obstacles impossible to overcome.

It is expensive, which is why I definitively think it needs to be cheaper and more accessible to anyone in this country. (and for pro lifers to stop thinking this is the equivalent to an abortion,it is not. )

Birth Control

Many people are against having to use birth control, but an abortion is just as, if not more, damaging to your body.


Final Thoughts

I started out considering being an advocate for pro choice and abortions.

After hearing arguments and debates on both sides, I have come to the conclusion that I am still pro "choice", but I will not be a voice for it anymore.

I will not push my beliefs on you or judge your decision, but I will not be actively pro abortion anymore.

I advocate for better Sex Education, better resources for adoption, and more accessible Plan B.

Because honestly, if you want a choice, why not choose to take measures to PREVENT a pregnancy. Why wait to get to the point where you are damaging yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and affecting the lives of the baby and any other loved ones involved?

Why get to the point of having an ABORTION?

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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