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Why Does Rotating Orgonite Make It So Powerfully Helpful and Healing?

Not bad for 68 years old


An example of orgonite

If you like orgonite, you'll love what it does when you let it rotate

If you like orgonite, you'll absolutely flip out from what happens when you affix it to a record player, a pottery wheel, or even a router, and let it whirl. For example, my neighbors who live 50 yards or more away from me have stopped loudly arguing with each other. This has been the case for four months now with only one exception. It used to be a regular event.

They have no idea about the rotating orgonite. They are simply happier.

Al Khidr passed this review to me on the Facebook Orgonite group page:

A record player I put under my bed 4 days ago. My nervous system relaxes completely, and I have started to dream vividly again... Also, the other people in the house seem to be much more relaxed, and have not woke up in the night as they usually do. I feel very refreshed in the morning too....It feels like the energy in the whole area was changed within a short time. Also I got a lot of energy and my jaw pain and neck pain disappeared all of a sudden. Amazing!

How does rotating the orgonite make the energy so much stronger?

There is something built into the divine plan that makes rotation so powerful. A prime example is the Hoover Dam that sits on the Colorado River. By itself, the river doesn't produce a lot of usable electricity.

But the Hoover Dam takes the water that passes through it and uses the river water to turn 17 turbines. The result is that millions benefit from having their refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. working due to the rotation of the turbines.

Orgonite has all the materials it needs to generate electricity. In fact, stationary orgonite does produce a tiny amount of what is called piezoelectricity. But when a orgonite is going round and round...well you'll be amazed just as I was when my longstanding limp of mine cleared up. I had no idea it would go away since I've been limping for 11 years due to a broken back and a fall that happened later on. The uncomfortable limp has stayed away probably 95% of the time since turning on the first orgonite record player four months ago.

How far does the effect go?

There has been positive feedback from one hundred miles away, 200 miles, and 2,500 miles away! In the latter case, Eric, who is legally blind and has had multiple organ transplants, saw a brief video of one of my turntables. We spoke on the phone about it for a minute or so. He later told me he tuned into the rotating orgonite.

He then reorganized a room. It took eight hours. Afterwards he shared that he barely ate and was not tired when he got done. The long distance makes sense because the waves that the orgonite generates while moving keep going, and going, and going.

A souped up example using orgonite pyramids, etc.

Can whirling orgonite help calm down the EMFs from cell towers and Smart Meters?

It sure feels like it to me! I live in a very small town and shop at Walmart because they carry organic foods. But there has been a huge downside. The store is so full of WiFi that each time I went there it triggered some sort of painful symptom. It must have hit me in 25 or even 50 different places in the last year.

The store is two miles from where I live. Now that there are six different record players running here all the time with orgonite on them, the different pangs have stopped happening!

I'm a target for the harmful pulsed waves from WiFi etc due to a metal rod in my back that acts like an antenna for any and all of the pulsed waves.

It's exciting to realize that the employees who work there are being protected, too, as well as the customers who come from far and wide. No doubt some of them have metal in their bodies either from surgery or dental fillings. Plus there is the exposure we get from the environment and from such things as from cooked food wrapped in aluminum.

This is why your creation will have a greater effect than mine

Each time I've enhanced my collection even in small ways, it feels like the total effect doubles over the entire previous set up. Why would that be? It turns out that some functions in our body need a saturation level for certain biological process to kick in. Imagine if you flipped a light switch to 99% of its "on" position. The light might not come on at all or will only flicker.

Likewise, when we are at 99% biologically for some functions, that function just doesn't take place. Or we might bounce back and forth between 99% and 100% resulting in feeling okay but less than our best.

So when you set your turntable up and running, you'll be lifting those people up with a dramatic effect. There could be a lot of people in that category, so your one player could shift a huge number of families.

In many cases, they'll hug each other instead of striking out. Others could give up drinking or relying on drugs. Anxiety and depression could lessen or go away as well as suicidal thoughts.

Who knows, maybe you'll be the one who cures the year 2020. At the moment 2021 looks like it could be a lot worse than 2020 as more people have trouble affording or getting food. That's why it is so timely to get this done right away. Never in my lifetime have we needed a bigger boost. Your rotating orgonite will go a long way towards providing it.

So how do I get started?

It's so simple! You simply affix orgonite to a record player turntable along the rim and turn it on high. I use two-sided wall hanger stick-ums and they work great. It's good to distribute the orgonite evenly as best you can.

Let your imagination be your guide. A word of caution: you are likely to love the effects so much that you'll be adding more record players and more orgonite to your collection. haha

This isn't just a project, but a 'movement'

Right now it's likely that fewer than one person in a thousand have ever even heard of orgonite. Your comments increase the visibility of this article. So you are encouraged and welcome to share your results in the comments below. :-) But we can turn families and neighborhoods into Gardens of Eden, and in the process rotating orgonite just might become the #1 topic everywhere.

These pucks can be used on a record player

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