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Why Do Wrong Things Happen To Me? Why Me?

Kiran Khannas a Nuclear Engineer, a die-hard blogger, and writes an article on personality/skills development for the leadership roles.

Photo by Mohammad Rezaie on Unsplash

Photo by Mohammad Rezaie on Unsplash

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

I had recently lost my father for no reason. My relationships were in deep mess, and nobody is trying to understand me. Everything is going wrong, and I had done nothing wrong. Why is this happening to me?
I did whatever possible to sort this out. If it’s my fault, I correct it. What I learned is when I go through the helpless, overwhelming challenges in my life.
For none of me or no fault of anybody else, and we cannot do anything to sort it out. If I see and look at it from my point of view, all I saw a mess (left of the below image).

Author`s Own Creation

Author`s Own Creation

But when I look at the same situation from my life point of view, I see a beautiful design, a pattern, a plan developing in my life (right of the image).

This outlook gives me a deep sense of inner strength to face such a helpless, overwhelming challenge.

I change my vision, and my life has changed me. I Accept.

Nobody can fix this for me except me. If I want a happy life, despite all these challenges, then it is down to ME. I pick up from there, and started with a new vision.

The energy we sent out has to come back. This is the law of energy. The universe, nature, God has nothing to do with it. Often we cannot see our attitude and behaviour. We can only see the reflection coming back to us which is visible.

We cannot see our behaviour. Behaviour towards us from someone is visible. We never understand their behaviour which reflects my attitude and behaviour. But what happens often is, the reflection coming back to us, comes back after several years.

We throw a ball. It hits the wall and bounces back to us. It’s a law. But when is coming back to us, if there is a gap and a lot of time has elapsed. We do not understand this. When that ball comes back. We do not remember, this was the ball I had sent and hence it is coming back.

In smaller things, we remember. I did this, and this is the consequences. Like we say, I eat unhealthy food, and hence my stomach is aching. I ate an ice cream today, so my throat is itching. This is cause and effect. But in this case, I sent the ball, and it returned in 5 minutes, so we remember the cause. We can see.

I throw a ball today; it comes back at 5, 10, 100 years. You will never remember the cause. We always say, I never did this kind of behaviour with them and why do they behave this way. We cannot see the deep past. This is the law of Karma.

Question is, can we influence our past karma?

Truly not, but we can definitely influence and control on our inner self in response to this.

We see and it’s experience in all our lives; we sent a white ball, white ball will come to us. If we think negatively for someone for 4–5 days, on the 5th day they will speak to you rudely. It is a brief span and we can see and feel it. This is an unaware way of living. So, if I think negatively or send a black ball, it will come back to me as black after a time span. Sometime we will remember and other time we will say I did not do bad to them.

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All I learnt is do refrain from sending the new black balls. We do not question their behaviours and should admit since I had sent and hence it has come back.

This is an aware way of living.

Now, I will take care of what I have to send, LIFE BECOME SIMPLE.

Why are they doing this to me, I have been so nice to them?

Answer — The law of the Universe is only responding to my attitude and behaviour. Which means whatever attitude, whatever my vibration. Whatever my behaviour was, some time in the past. Its response is coming back to me. It is just the result of what I had done.

Remember, a ball cannot come unless it has gone from here. Stop this ping pong to live happily. The law of Karma is like the Law of Gravity, it is not bias or unfair to anybody. Whatever we radiate, it will come back.

Act of Acceptance

Learn to accept and have a responsibility to better to face the situation. Bad things happen to anyone irrespective whether you are saint or terrorist. It is the act of acceptance that will only lessen the pain.

Accept: I lost the father and accept that I had a terrible relationship. Accept that my life is going to change. Unfortunately, it is not true that only bad one stuck life challenges. Good people have to go through the same challenges in life as the bad one.

There is no ANSWER in the WORLD, as why this has happened to me? We can do our very best and still fail. We can love with the purest love and yet have to face the heartbroken.

It does not matter how good we are, and we cannot escape the inevitable truth that unfairness that still occurs.

I accepted that some part of my life would be painful. Let go the expectation of fairness and the question of why this has happened to me. Gratitude for the good bits in my life and move on.

I started focusing on the things I can control and taking efforts out of things which I cannot control. I cannot bring my father back to life, but I can commit to taking care of my mother for the rest of my life. I can not change that my father has died, but I can only change my response to this tragedy.

In Conclusion

I can control the inner stuff and not the external stimuli which is beyond my influence. When life gets tough, which it will. Have Plan B in place, which is the reality. Work out options. Bring in flexibility in life to accept the moment and go on. Life is a series of moments and experiences. We just need to soak up and move forward.

I free myself from my beautiful Plan A, always spending my life with my BELOVED FATHER.

Adopted Plan B to take care of my Mother rest of my life.

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