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Why Did I Dream I Was Pregnant?

Isi has her Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and personal experience in applying psychological principles to every day life.

What Is The Meaning Of A Pregnancy Dream?

Adaptation of “Beautifully Pregnant” By emerille

Adaptation of “Beautifully Pregnant” By emerille

Why Was I Dreaming About Pregnancy So Much?

When I was younger, I didn’t think much of it if I had a pregnancy dream because well, I was pregnant - a lot. (I have eight children!) But as my children grew older, and things changed, I realized that though I loved my children, I didn’t want more. Having a dream about being pregnant left me with an uncomfortable feeling about starting the cycle all over.

After my hysterectomy, it seemed strange that I still had these dreams, but didn’t think much of it because having babies was a big part of my life for many years. But when the dreams persisted off and on as I aged, I began to wonder about whether or not there was something else to it.

As a late-blooming college student taking psychology, the topic of dream interpretation fascinated me. I had always had strange, long, drawn out, detailed, and colorful dreams, so I thought I would finally learn whether or not I was a little cracked. In the process, I learned that pregnancy and childbirth dreams are actually very common, and many people of all walks of life have these dreams.

Why Did I Dream About Having A Baby?

“In The Moment” Acrylic Painting by Robin Turner

“In The Moment” Acrylic Painting by Robin Turner

What Does My Pregnancy Dream Mean?

In the early years of the science of Psychology, when Sigmund Freud began practicing the interpretation of dreams as a part of Psychoanalytic therapy, there were some far-fetched ideas about the symbolic meanings of objects, people, and events in dreams. Some of Freud’s ideas have been scientifically explored, and a few were found to have some truth to them, but not in the way Freud thought.

We now know more about the way that memories are processed, going from short term to long term, and that some of this happens during sleep. In Freud’s theory, people having emotional or mental problems could work these things out as they had their dreams interpreted by a therapist. Some of that has been borne out by science as well, at least to some degree.

Freud also thought nearly everything that people could be troubled about had some connection to their sexuality or dark hidden desires, which has not been proven to be true. More recent science shows that the majority of dreaming is just the brain sorting things out as we sleep, which makes sense. But to this day, many people place a great deal of confidence in the library of symbolic meanings for dreams that Freud and one of his contemporaries, Carl Jung, came up with.

Personally, I do not put much stock in symbols, because while a symbol may mean something to one person, it could mean something else altogether to a different person. In my own dreams, I see people and things that are familiar to me, as well as events, objects, places, and animals that seem very real. Usually they are things that I have encountered at some point in my life, or a combination of things. There could be meaning that is helpful in what Freud and Jung proposed, however much of it seems off base compared to what might be meaningful in this day and age.

For instance, they often connected small animals or insects with children or with a person’s sisters and brothers, which seems a bit comical really. They also thought that water in dreams represented childbirth. When I have a dream involving water it is usually because I have to go to the bathroom. The bigger the water, it seems, the stronger my urge to go when I do wake up in the middle of one of these dreams!

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For Freud, babies in dreams typically had to do with the dreamer’s desire to have a child or to find love. Pregnancy or childbirth, for the Freudian or Jungian thinker, might also have to do with vulnerability or the need to start afresh.

There are many books and online resources on dream symbolism available, and there is likely no end to the meanings that can be attached to objects, places, people, or events in dreams. Rather than go down that rabbit hole, realize that most of what we dream about has something to do with the things that we are trying to work out in our lives and in our relationships.

Still, I do have my own ideas about my most recent pregnancy and childbirth dreams.

Why Did I Dream About Giving Birth?

“The Creator” acrylic pouring montage by Robin Turner

“The Creator” acrylic pouring montage by Robin Turner

So Why Did I Dream I Had A Baby?

Pregnancy and childbirth in dreams can mean many things for many people, and for me, these themes were familiar because of my experiences. For other people, especially those who want to have children and cannot, a pregnancy dream could be about that desire. For a person not wishing to become pregnant, the dream could be an exploration of that fear. For a boy, or a man, a dream about having a baby or being pregnant might be evidence of a curious mind asking, “I wonder what that would be like?”

Once my childbearing years had passed and my children were adults, I thought those dreams would diminish for me. For the most part they did, but once I dreamt I had twins and that was nerve wracking! I’ve also had dreams of being in danger while I had a new baby, some of my grandchildren, and some of my grown children in tow - but all of them were very young. Yet in other dreams, being pregnant or having a baby was a pleasant experience.

Usually, when I have these dreams I talk them over with my husband the next day. He is not the father of my children, and has never had children of his own, though he did help me raise mine. He and I have a strong relationship and he is a good listener. There are a couple of conclusions I have come to about the baby dreams.

First, though my children are grown and doing well, with children of their own, a mother is always a mother. I do still have my concerns about my children from time to time. So usually when one of them appears as a child or baby in my dreams, that is why.

Second, though well under control, I do still struggle with depression and anxiety, so I have noticed the anxious dreams of danger with children in tow tend to emerge when I am stressed. Sometimes the anxiety is over routine difficulties with life, job, relationships or daily problems, and those sometimes manifest in my dreams.

But in the end, I am a creative person, artist and writer, so sometimes my dream of having a baby comes when I am in the process of working out ideas. If I am coming up with plans, or struggling with creative difficulty, sometimes I will have a pregnancy or childbirth dream. These pregnancy, childbirth, or baby dreams have to do with what I call my ‘brain children’, which are my artworks, books, and articles.

It may be that you have had different experiences with pregnancy or childbirth dreams, or that you are a creative person who is finding their way. Since each of us has our own unique experience of life, it could be that something other than art or a child is on your horizon. Whatever that may be for you, I hope you can welcome it with open arms, cherish and nourish it, and watch it thrive!

Are You One Of The Many That Have Dreamed of Being Pregnant?

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