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Why Blogging Is Great for Your Mental Health

Laura has a passion for writing about many different subjects that she has personal experience in and always writes for her readers.


Blogging! My Personal Experience

I've been blogging for just over six months now, and I can say with my hand on heart, I love it. I started blogging because I wanted a way to express myself and share things with other people that felt the same way as me.

Blogging has grown into something completely amazing now—I'm earning money from it and turning it into my full-time career! I had no idea that it was going to steal my heart in the way that it has.

I have always been passionate about writing, as I find it to be a really relaxing outlet for my stress and anxiety. Writing can be used to escape and to find solace. Blogging wasn't something I'd really thought of as an option until I came across Google's Blogger for writing posts—I just went for it!

I've noticed how much happiness writing brings me, and how much of an outlet it can be. When you're suffering from anxiety and depression, or any kind of mental issues for that matter, it can be very isolating, and you can feel totally alone. By opening up and sharing my experiences with others, I realized that I wasn't alone and that there are literally thousands of people who struggle in the same way that I do. That's when I noticed the positive effect blogging had on my mental health.


Exploring Your Passions

Blogging is an amazing way to explore and express your passions, be it cooking, parenting, writing, fishing, reading, or any topic you can think of! I love beauty, makeup, and skincare, and I write a lot of reviews of products, guides, and tutorials for my readers. I like to share my opinions and my knowledge to help people.

If you are passionate about something, then writing about it comes easily. Sometimes it can be hard to stop! Expressing yourself is a really important part of mental health and working through the issues that you have. By getting your feelings out there, it's like you're able to release them. Blogging allows for a weight to be lifted from your shoulders!

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Writing About Mental Health

Blogging about your mental health itself can be really rewarding. Opening up and sharing your experiences not only helps you, it helps people that are reading your posts. Knowing that other people have the same issues you do can make all the difference to you. By sharing your thoughts and feelings, you will realize that people feel the same!

When it comes to writing posts, don't be afraid to be open and honest. I know it can be quite tough to put such personal things on the internet, and of course, I would always advise that you make sure you're 100% happy before you publish things. I always think, "would I be happy if my family and friends read this post?" If the answer is no, then I would definitely think twice about posting it. You can delete posts, of course, but once your writing is out there and people start to read it, it's not always that easy to completely remove it from the world!

Another way that you can use blogging in regards to your mental health if you don't feel comfortable actually sharing it with the world, is by keeping your posts private. You can privately write away and say whatever you like, and in the end, no-one else will read it! It can be really therapeutic just writing things down and getting them out of your system. You don't always need to share your private thoughts with the world to feel relief.

Would You Like To Start A Blog?

Blogging as a Career Option

Personally, I really struggle with going out into the world and working in a "normal" job. For this reason, blogging is even more ideal for me—I can work from home at my own pace, and I can be my own boss.

If you struggle with social anxiety, agoraphobia, and similar mental health issues, then blogging can be a real lifesaver. It can give you a way to earn money from home without the pressures that make a "normal" job so difficult.

It's definitely something worth thinking about, especially if you're unable to work because of your mental health. It can give you the freedom and the option to bring an income in, without having to do the things that you might find impossible.

I love the freedom of being able to write and work on my blog whenever I like. I love being able to stay home in the day, and not stress and make myself ill over going to do a job that I really struggle to do.

Blogging could be the path to a whole new lease on life for you!

© 2017 Laura Jacques

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