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Why Bee Venom Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis?

Barb bypassed traditional drugs and has used Bee Venom Therapy for more than 20 years to keep symptoms from multiple sclerosis at a minimum.

Why Should You Sting Yourself With Bees?

Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) or Apitherapy isn’t strange medicine to everyone, especially to the health professionals, practitioners and the residents in Eastern and Asian countries. In fact for them the choice to use BVT isn’t a hard decision at all, but has long been considered an old remedy that is tried, tested and proved to be effective. Although the majority of Western health professionals often hesitate and stop short of adding BVT to the list of approved treatments for any condition, health historians persist, continuing to back it up, citing and confirming the evidence that exists showing that BVT has been used for thousands of years in many Eastern European countries.

More recently than the reported thousands of years, the citizens of China have utilized BVT for more than 200 years. BVT has been administered to people in China everyday for arthritis and other maladies as commonly as aspirin is prescribed in the United States.

Today, despite the pause of medical professionals, BVT is increasingly being sought after by people all over the world in attempts to get any relief they can from the symptoms of diseases like arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. People have also sought out BVT for various other aches and pains such as tennis elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome and joint pain complaints.

Just a couple of years ago, the startling results of a HIV study were published in the Journal of Antiviral Therapy. It states that bee venom aggressively kills the HIV cells (immunodeficiency virus), while ignoring the surrounding healthy cells. Just imagine the surprised scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, of doing a little happy dance around the laboratory. They are continuing their research in hopes that BVT will show large benefits and promise against cancer as well. No doubt this will open the door into additional knowledge and insights on how to curb and eliminate other life threatening conditions that have continued to baffle medical professionals worldwide.

“An unpredictable disease”

Living With An Unpredictable Disease

Living with a disease like Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be a major inconvenience. Like a car that you thought you could depend on, that breaks down unexpectedly throwing your day or your entire week off schedule. You manage to save a few things from serious mishap when it occurs, but it left you with an apprehensive uncertainty about the future and whether it will happen again and when.

While our bodies aren’t cars, we depend on them; even more than cars. So like anyone who is ill, you too are looking for at least a reasonable if not easy way to keep your MS symptoms under control and to an absolute minimum without too many additional surprises that will make life any more difficult than it already is.

Shopping For MS Symptom Relief

A Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has interfered with your life in a major way. Your symptoms are too numerous to count. Or perhaps you have only one or two symptoms so far but those two symptoms alone are enough to humble you. You are way past being frustrated. You are now on the lookout for a solution to help you live your life without all the obstacles to moving forward.

  • You haven’t done well with traditional medicines. You had high hopes that at least one of the drugs would work well for you. You’ve tried a few of the pharmaceutical drugs on the market. They initially gave you some hope but as time went on you began to have problems. Some days it seemed it wasn’t worth all the trouble for the frustration you were experiencing. It left you disappointed. You wondered why it seemed to work well for others you knew but not for you.
  • You’d prefer something more natural or less invasive Or perhaps you felt that the drugs worked well enough but they also came with side effects that you could well do without. The side effects kicked in before you could even tell whether the benefits would remain. You’d been told that the benefit was in reduced relapses. But it was difficult to hang in there waiting for benefits while being plagued with uncomfortable side effects. At this point you’d be more than willing to try an alternative therapy.
  • You want something less expensive. The traditional approved medicines your doctor wants you to take are expensive. And unless you have affordable as well as good prescription coverage its almost laughable. You’ve heard about free or low cost programs but they often come with strings attached or people don’t qualify for one reason or another. It’s opened the door for you to think about other therapies that could possibly be more in line with your lifestyle and finances.
  • You’d really would like more control over your own health and are growing

    increasingly bothered by the situations that continually come up that are associated with having MS.

Benefits of Bee Sting Therapy

If Any Of The Above Scenarios

Ring True For You Or A Loved One

Keep Reading

BVT Is Natural

The Bee venom(Apitoxin) used in BVT comes from honey bees. Melittin is Apitoxin’s main component. Surprisingly, this mysterious powerhouse has close to 90% water along with various proteins, peptides and anti-inflammatory agents. While 1000’s regularly go to the doctor to receive cortisone shots for various aches and pains, bee venom contains about 100 times more cortisone than can be given over the counter or in a single prescription. This is a natural form of cortisone or cortisol. It is believed that the cortisol plays a big part in the effectiveness of BVT for inflammation.

BVT is Non-Invasive

It could be said that BVT is a non-invasive MS Therapy. But then again it would depend on who you ask. Let’s just say that in comparison to pharmaceutical drugs it could be viewed as less invasive do to the lack of side effects. Bee Venom does pack some powerful components, which translates into why it’s so effective. But again, BVT has little or no side effects at all aside from itching and minor site swelling which is temporary and varies from person to person.

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BVT Is Inexpensive

BVT has a low start up and maintenance cost. It requires a minimal of supplies. You need a supply of live honey bees which you can get from a local beekeeper who is sympathetic to those using it for health purposes. The cost can indeed run the gamut of hundred’s of dollars charged for each batch of bees by unsavory business people out to take advantage of the situation, to absolutely free from the loving hands of those who happily go out of their way to help, giving their bees away in compassion and goodwill.

You’ll need some good tweezers. Long, retractable tweezers are handy and helpful if you can find them. Other shorter sized tweezers work also with experience and boldness.

If you can obtain a couple of wooden bee shipping boxes to keep on hand for exchange purposes, that would be helpful as well. These shipping boxes come wire screened on two sides with a metal can in the top for intake and removal of the bees.

BVT Can Put You In Control

Using BVT can put you back in charge of your health and unique situation. Once you have gone through all the necessary steps to put BVT in place in your routine and are comfortable, the only thing that’s left is tweaking to fit your changing schedule or lifestyle. One consideration in your tweaking should include the time of day or night you administer BVT. Why? BVT can act like caffeine in the human body and can keep you up. You’ll know soon enough how it affects you. Do your experiments with the AM OR PM on days without any commitments then use the time that’s best for you.


Contrary to what many think, most people are not allergic to Bee Venom and can safely consider BVT.

Some who haven’t seen results with traditional paths have seen results with BVT. Aside from the fact that although we are all basically the same, we still have subtle differences that can turn out to be major obstacles or hindrances with regards to health and healing with no obvious reasons why.

BVT can be very affordable if you shop around for helpful beekeepers with integrity and compassion. It’s a good idea to find more one that you can depend on. You might have to pay a fair marginal cost. But don’t allow yourself to be scandalously overcharged. Be patient. Don’t allow yourself to become that desperate. You’ll find what you need.

Many Beekeepers belong to an association. Look in the phone book or on-line for one in your city or state. Apitherapy forums could be a good place to begin your search and to ask questions. Ask for or look for a list of beekeepers near you.

The Fear Of Bees

We’ve yet to say anything about the issue of any apprehension you might have to the idea of bees stinging you on purpose. At this point if you’re still reading, let’s just assume that now that we’re bringing up the subject, that you will think about it. No use in anyone trying to cajole you into doing something you feel uncomfortable with. When and if you’re ready, you can pick up where you left off and do what you need to do.

Bee Venom Kills HIV Virus

Bee Venom Therapy Gaining Due Respect

Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) is not new medicine. It’s been around a very long time. It’s been a cause for much controversy and strong reluctance for way too long. BVT may have never seen the light of day except for a few curious and determined scientists. Because of the patient and wise scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine in St.Louis who weren’t satisfied with the status quo in regards to what is good medicine, we now have exciting and hopeful results of new studies;with more on the horizon. BVT may finally be able to come into the light of acceptance with Western practitioners and be given validation where due and courage to the many who for fear of trying BVT because it didn’t have approval from the presiding medical authorities.

Kayla Nelson|Bee Venom Therapy

List of BVT Supplies

  • List of Dependable Beekeepers
  • Honey Bees
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Tweezers(long,retractable, short
  • Wooden Bee Shipping boxes
  • A friend to help, encourage

Bee Sting Therapy At the Doctor’s Office

Bee Venom Therapy at Home

Stinging For A Cure

Barb's Bee Venom Therapy Routine

3 X Per Week

  • Prayer and a strong cup of coffee
  • Put on a pair of shorts & t-Shirt
  • I take my wooden box full of honey bees (about 100 or more)into the bathroom.
  • Make sure my tweezers are handy & nearby
  • A large book to cover the hole in the box of bees if necessary.

Some prefer to ice each spot of skin before hand.

My method is cold water because it's faster and it It temporarily slows the bees down so I can safely grab four or five at a time. Takes less than an hour to self-administer approximately 30 bee stings.

  • I run the water until cold
  • I put my largest stainless steel bowl into the sink under the faucet, then fill it half full with the cold water.

Look into the box, determining where to grab my first little bunch of bees

  • Take the can out of the bee box

Using one of my tweezers, I put my hand into the box and grab a few bees by the head (never by the tail) and pull my hand out of the box, put the can back in the hole or cover the hole with the book. You learn good coordination as you progress with practice. Put the bees into the cold water.

  • Grab one by the head and position the bee on a predetermined spot.

Once I feel the sting, I drop the bee into another container, leaving the stinger in my skin.

Using Pressure Points

I use acupressure or acupuncture sites to determine where to sting myself.

For instance, and I always need help for this particular site. The pressure point for the lungs is about 6 inches below your neck on your back. It's tough to reach and target on your own with a bee hanging from tweezers.

Those with MS usually have an issue with incontinence, so I routinely, use the pressure points on my lower abdomen.

The pressure points for the central nervous system are all along your lower back. That's where many of my stings are focused.

I repeat the process until I have used about 30 bees.

Then I backtrack to the beginning, removing each stinger, placing them on a paper towel so I can keep count and make sure I've taken them all out.

Clean Up & Put Everything Away

  • Wash tweezers with soap & water
  • Secure can back in the bee box, & put the box away
  • Continue on with my day.

None of us can say what we would be willing to try,

if our lives or the lives of our loved ones was at stake

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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