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Being Supportive of Yourself


Your Worst Critic is Yourself

For most people their worst critic in life is themselves. Who better knows what we are capable of accomplishing than ourselves. Our inner voice is there always getting a few words in no matter what the topic. In fact, sometimes we choose not to listen to our inner voice and this is when things can go to hell in a handbasket! Often we might choose not to listen to our inner voice that could be trying to offer us some advice that might be beneficial to our overall health and well-being, but for whatever unexplainable reasons we choose to tune out our inner voices!

Gut Feeling

Some people refer to their inner voice as a kind of gut feeling they have in certain situations. Someone may have told you of an event that happened in their life that maybe didn't turn out the way they had hoped. At the end of the story they may say something like "I should have gone with my gut feeling" or "I should have listened to my inner voice". I'm sure you yourself have experienced these types of feelings at different points in your life.

Making Bad Choices

But life is full of the unexpected endings to certain scenarios; we can't always make the right choices. Making wrong choices is all part of the learning process. Thus hoping we won't make the same mistake twice. We still do make the same mistakes over and over for some unexplainable reason during which our inner voice is pleading with us to stop making the bad choices. These are times when we are not as connected with ourselves as we should be.


Our inner voice never leaves us but it can be drowned out by other commotion and distractions going on in our sometimes hectic lives. It keeps on trying to get us to choose the right path. Sometimes we are weak and follow the temptation down the wrong path. These are points where our inner voice will start to criticize our bad choices these can be stressful times. There is times when we truly believe the choice we made at that time was the right one only to find out later it was the wrong choice. It may be something like the choice of careers this is one that many people will change. Sometimes we have to experience something first hand like a career to really know for sure if it is right for us.

Not Content Anymore

There will be many things we choose in life believing at that moment in time that it was the best choice. It may have been the right choice that may have suited you for so many years; until you got to a point where you needed a change in that particular area of your life. This is when we get to a point in life where we are no longer content with where we are in life. We start to make changes so we are able to reach the point where we want to be at that point in our lives.

Peaceful Lifestyle

Some people have made extreme changes in their lifestyles going from having all the monetary luxuries to leaving all this behind and instead choosing a more simple way of living or lifestyle. People who have done this often times have said that it was their inner voice that guided them towards a more peaceful lifestyle and getting out of the rat race.


Our worst critic in life seems to be ourselves but we must always remember to love ourselves even when we make mistakes or bad choices. After all to err is human! We must not beat ourselves up over mistakes we have made in the past that we cannot change or undo; what is done is done. We must look forward towards a better future and stop reliving bad choices we may have made. We must learn to forgive ourselves as well as others who may have caused us hurt in the past. Today is a new day to start afresh with a skip in your walk and with a feeling of hope and good faith in your heart that things will get better!

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