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Where Nightmares Dwell

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Why Do We Have Nightmares?

As inconvenient and unnecessary it may seem to have a disturbing nightmare, there are some benefits that you might be overlooking. Your body may be telling you something -- it may even be warning you.

We all have dreams. Unfortunately, some dreams turn into scary nightmares. We seldom remember our dreams, however, forgetting our nightmares doesn't come so easily.

Many people wonder why we have dreams in the first place, let alone nightmares. The answer to that question and to a few others are just ahead.

Your subconscious mind might be telling you something.

Your subconscious mind might be telling you something.

Be Aware of your Subconscious Mind

Nightmares are not pleasurable, to say the least. They're not suppose to. Nightmares dwell in our subconscious minds. A nightmare is just your body and mind expressing itself as to how it feels. Your subconscious mind is putting everything together that you felt that day. It's going through everything you went through; all your experiences and placing them in order. It's connecting current issues that are similar in nature with other events that took place in the past. Your subconscious mind then expresses itself through dreams and sometimes nightmares. It all depends on the severity your subconscious believes a certain event and/or situation is. If it believes it is very important it will figure a way to get that message across and it usually comes in the form of a nightmare that way, you won't forget it.

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What we Dream About

We dream all sorts of things, sometimes they don't make any sense. However, dream interpretation may explain a lot of what we're dreaming. More importantly, dream interpretation may explain why we're dreaming what we dream.

Dreaming of the Dead or being Chased

Dreaming of the dead can be very scary. Dreaming that you are being chased can sometimes be just as scary. However, nothing is scarier than being chased by the dead. But why? Why are you dreaming of such things in the first place?

Stress and/or anxiety. Well, that's what most people seem to think is what causes such scary nightmares. Honestly, anything could lead to such a fiendish nightmare but most nightmares can be traced back to stress and/or anxiety.

Dreaming of the dead or being chased has usually been related to something at the dreamers place of employment. It could be a flirty coworker, a pushy boss or a very important deadline that must be made. Again, anything could lead to a disturbing nightmare but these are the most common.

Dream of Falling

Another common nightmare is the dream of falling. Usually from a very high place like a building or a bridge but any high place is going to get the message across. The most common cause to dreaming about falling has to do with status. Whether it's a relationship status, a competitive sports team, or again something to do with your job. Are you competing for a raise or a new position where failure is not an option? Well, dreaming that you're falling is just your minds way of dealing with this type of stressful situation.

Dream of Being Trapped

Another common dream that a lot of us get once in great while is the dream of being trapped. Those who suffer from claustrophobia, no matter at what degree, get this dream more often than those who don't suffer from this terrible and troublesome phobia. Those who aren't claustrophobic can trace back this nightmare to a previous situation or event where the dreamer felt uncomfortable. The dreamer may have felt trapped but may not have been actually physically trapped by someone or something.

Control Your Dreams

You can control your dreams. It's quite easy and not that hard at all. The trick is quite simple: know that you're dreaming. That's it. Once you realize and accept that you're actually dreaming inside your own head, you can do pretty much anything -- even fly!

Most of the time however, when your subconscious mind realizes that your conscious mind is interfering and messing around on its domain, the subconscious mind severs its connection with you and lets your conscious mind take over and you'll most likely wake up instantly. The cool thing is that you will most likely remember everything about your dream/nightmare.

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