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Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Healing and Hope Dealing with Disappointment

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We all have experienced a broken heart. It is hard to endure. A broken heart comes with emotional pain and distress. Unfortunately, there is no way around it. Healing a broken heart takes time. Except, there are things you can do to improve your emotional health. Emotional health is an essential part of life. It will enable you to stop wondering, where do broken hearts go? Find a word for how you feel and assist you with healing and hope to deal with the disappointments.

Anyone who has endured a broken heart understands that it is difficult to overcome. It can give you the impression that the entire world is caving in. No amount of pain has ever been so torturous. An enormous hole entered your chest, with no hope of restoration. So, where do broken hearts go? Is it possible to recover?

While it will be different for every person and every circumstance, there are methods of heartbreak healing you can learn to find hope during tough times to get back into normality and deal with the disappointment.

When you in the depths of deep pain, there is no Band-Aid for a broken heart. We should be thankful for every condition, not only during prosperity but adversity as well. It is easy to feel grateful when life is good, although most do not know gratitude can help you through hard times.

Although heartbreak is one of the most uncomfortable feelings, I tell myself not to let things bother me. When I think back on bad times, it refines and deepens me to know not to take anything for granted.


When times are going well, it is easy to celebrate and magnify the goodness to take prosperity for granted. In times of uncertainty, you feel powerless as if you have no control of your destiny. Only in the face of brokenness gratitude has the power to bring hope and healing.

Heartbreak is a normal part of the human experience, and we all have to encounter it. And it is safe to say we all want to avoid encountering it. We feel heartbroken when someone or something we love very much is taken away. There is a lot to learn about heartbreak, the causes of stress on the human body, and why it takes weeks, months, or even years to recover from it. The experts agree that a broken heart can generate physical pain and health issues, the “why” isn’t clear.

A broken heart can be encountered from multiple causes, but the most secure way is to make others a priority. One of the most useful things I learned while dealing with a broken heart is healing is a process, and during the depths of heartache, it is one of the worst feelings in the world.

Nobody can advise you of certainty how long you will need to heal, but while you’re trying to come to terms with your heartache, the best way to deal with your misery is to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Also, accept that you feel alone, terrible, and worthless. Rise to the challenge and deal with the heartache head-on


How to Heal a Broken Heart, Dealing with the Disappointment

Healing a broken heart does not come about easily, is your heartbroken? Those who encounter a broken heart perceive it as one of the cruelest things that can happen to anyone. If you experience pain, you need to know the three stages of heartache and heartbreak and how it helps you get in touch with your needs and wants on the road to recovery.

Here are three essential steps toward healing and hope to deal with a broken heart and disappointment.

1. Denial: With heartbreak, the first stage of pain is one all of us go through. The beginning stage starts with making sure you are not living in denial. To overcome any obstacles, you must accept what has happened.

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How to embrace the denial stage:

When a person in denial, it comes from the subconscious to avoid pain. What you can do to comprise disbelief is to get some time to yourself isolated from the situation. Also, you need to understand the feelings you are experiencing. You need to determine the reason you must let the dust settle. Try to observe the situation as more than negative, stimulate growth with a new perspective.

2. Get over the past mistakes, guilt, and regret: the guilt over past mistakes can become petrifying if you allow it to consume you. Regrets can burden your life or motivate it, so it is essential to get past the guilt and move beyond regrets and remember we have all made mistakes. It is a part of life.

How to embrace past mistakes, guilt, and regret:

Everybody remembers their downfalls, and it often brings about guilt from experience and current actions. The thoughts of guilt tense to plague the minds. So how can we feel free of guilt? Life is free and better when you rid yourself of guilt, regret, and mistakes. The most significant thing to remember when embracing past mistakes, failures, and regret, you have to be tired of feeling helpless and want to regain control. To retrieve control of your life, you need to understand what is going on inside by making yourself a priority.

If you desire to learn the complexity of human existence, you need to turn to the “word” of God for strength because the Bible knows what is going on inside of you. The reason you should read and use his words, they are righteous and powerful words that will generate new trains of thought to lift the spirit to new ways of feeling.

3. Take the time to heal when your heart is broken, you need to take the time to heal. To love involves suffering, but when you a slave to desire, you are in denial, and it is the root of all misery.

The human brain is one of the most amazing things in this world. When you experience a broken heart, the mind reacts with capabilities that are hard for the heart to comprehend. If you want to heal from a broken heart, the best way to deal with the creative power of the brain is to step back and reboot it. Similar to what you do to a computer that isn’t performing well.

Plus, having your heart broken is not the end of the world. God puts pain in your hearts so he can write a destiny over your lives. And if you take the time to listen and trust Him at His word, you will find yourself on a journey toward the fulfillment of hope and healing to live a happy life.

Unfortunately, the path that you must travel to lead you to happiness is one line with wrought, thickets, and thorns. DO not be afraid because God will be there every step of the way if you allow him. Anything worth having comes with opposition. Indicating the challenges will come, to bring out fears, but if God allows the path to be difficult, He will prepare you for your place of commitment. He is removing you from that which your enemy love to leverage against you.

Remember, no one can avoid heartache, but when you practice acceptance, you can learn how to receive life’s hardship to experience less pain. Disappointment is a part of life, and for that reason, nothing turns out as you would like. We all see pain as a negative experience, but there is a lesson in every experience present; it may sound extreme, but the pain is necessary for any personal growth. The maturity enables you to stop questioning, where do broken hearts go? And serve you with healing and hope to deal with disappointment.

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