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When The People Around Us Are Making Us Sick

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Grace has been experiencing the issue and would like to share some of her experiences

The Unseen Poison

The poisons

The poisons


We are born with enemies. Now what enemies meant here? I mean those people who have contradictory personalities to us.

Have you ever met someone you’ve just met and you hate that person from the very first glance you’ve taken from him or her? Sure, looks can be deceiving but if we are attracted to someone just by their looks, we can also make a logic assumption that the looks that we hate have personalities that contradict each other.

How do we know for sure? well, the first tell sign is our communication. Is there always a misunderstanding between the two of you? when the other one is speaking, you have understood an entirely different meaning in a different context.

It just feels like the two of you are from two different worlds. Just the thought of meeting each other is weighing you down, making you feel exhausted. The clock doesn’t seem to move when the two of you together.

1 minute feels like forever. the two of you will likely go into an argument. Even more so, an unhealthy argument where neither of you see each other point. it seems to you that you can never see the other person point of view.

If these things happen to you, it is very likely that the two of you are incompatible and can only flourish with being away from one another.

Spending Time With The Wrong People Causes Anxiety And Stress

The more time we waste on the wrong people, the sicker we become. When many wrong people surround us, we began to question our own sense of moral.

Am I wrong this whole time? what am I even doing here? who am I? Why is it that I failed to accept love just like everybody else?

The truth is, you’re not wrong. you’re just surrounded with the wrong people. As years go by, we began to develop anxiety. From my own experience, I have developed anxiety and stress.

The feeling of anxiety is just like being tied with a bomb that has a deadline and you can’t know what is the deadline.

All you can do is to shout for anyone out there, someone to help you release it.That someone might be truly a passerby who doesn’t know you and sympathize with you and is genuinely trying to help you.

Unfortunately for most of the time, those passersby will just walk away without turning back or even worse, the passerby is your enemies, waiting to stab your back by pretending to help you.

With the enormous amount of pressure, anxiety and stress, these feelings will be grotesquely rebuilding into a new feeling called ‘Depression’.

Ladies and gentlemen, ‘Depression’ is not a very nice feeling.

Our Ability To Connect With The People Around Us Decreased

With the depression present in our head, our ability to connect with other humans decreased.

We no longer enjoyed activities that we do. the world seems so dark even though it’s daylight.

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We lost sense of touch with reality and would rather dwell with the dark and solemn imagination of our mind.

We have become nothing. a flesh with a bone without a soul. We have become invinsible.

Depression feels like you’re in a box shouting to be heard, to be freed but you can’t seem to utter a word nor people would come to help so you dwell in that box for a long time.

As time goes by, the box will become smaller, crushing you to bone, leaving you unable to breathe.

You hear people from the outside having fun so you keep questioning yourself, why is it that I failed to receive love? And so you have become sicker even though you’re just fine.

You’re healthy but you seem sicker than the people laying in coma in the hospital.

The truth is ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing wrong with you, it’s the people that have always been the box that have trapped you inside.

You need to break free, you need to be healthy and you need to cherish everything you have after you have been freed.

Our Bodies Becomes Sicker

All years have gone by and you have a new problem to deal with which is ‘Depression’. Our body has an extraordinary to deal with trauma, pressure and in this case depression.

I believe that the feeling depression will lead to many illnesses such as heart problem, lost of hair, lost of appetite, weight gain, weight lost etc.

Well, in my case, gastrointestinal problem. I have tried many medications a few years ago to try and cure my illness but none of it works.

I have come to an end without an answer. I began dieting, limiting my diet into vegetables and rice which leads me into not gaining weight no matter how much I ate.

I also have blood deficiency; I can’t run long or I will turn into a pale looking woman.

I have to be careful to the point of not eating if there were something wrong on the table.

This pickiness only made me depressed even more because there can’t be everything’s right every time. There must be something wrong at least once in a while.

If you always feel sick when you are near with someone. Look from a different angle. Maybe that person is making you sick so stay away from him or her.

What are the hurtful things that people do to you

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