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When Is Too Much Coffee Too Much?

Throughout my workweek, I keep getting weary and lethargic, so I drink coffee. I usually end up having eight cups every day.

Caffeine, which is present in coffee, gives you a lift and perk you up. Unfortunately, the advantage is fleeting. Caffeine consumption of up to 400 mg is safe. This is often equivalent to four cups of coffee.

Caffeine sensitivity or excessive consumption can cause anxiety, irritation, difficulty falling asleep, restlessness, trembling, and palpitations.

Other methods of obtaining a prolonged boost include consuming fruit, such as oranges, bananas, or a serving of almonds.

Standing up, taking a few deep breaths, and doing a few gentle stretches could also be helpful.

Foot pain

I started to feel burning in my feet. After a blood test, the doctors determined that I lack Vitamin B12. What makes it possible? I consume a healthy diet.

The nerves require vitamin B12 to remain healthy. B12 is often enough in a non-vegetarian diet with adequate amounts of meat, fish, and eggs. Dairy products can provide it for vegetarians. For absorption, vitamin B12 binds to an R factor in the stomach. The stomach cells that produce the R factor may become less numerous with advancing age (particularly after 50 years). Additionally, autoimmune thyroid disease, frequent antacid use, and several drugs might cause this. You can take supplements of vitamin B12 orally or intravenously.

Processed food

My kids consume a lot of chocolate, chips, and quick noodles. I have to admit that during a busy day, I also appreciate how convenient and simple such a meal is. Is this okay?

UPF (ultra-processed food) is unfortunately heavily promoted. They are palatable and addictive. The top three culprits are chips, candy, and cola drinks. They offer nutrient-free, empty calories that lack fiber or protein. These foods should not be consumed frequently or in excess as they cause obesity and associated side effects, including heart disease and colon cancer.

Synthetic sweeteners

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I'm attempting to get thinner. Consequently, I no longer consume any sugar at all. I only purchase sugar-free food and I use artificial sweeteners in my coffee and tea.

Artificial sweeteners do not work as a miracle weight-loss remedy. Snacks without sugar still have calories from lipids and carbohydrates. It is preferable to maintain a normal diet consisting of roughly 75% of what you now eat and to engage in 30–40 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day.

Morning exuberance

When I wake up in the morning, I become euphoric, and I almost lose my balance. Now I'm feeling rather anxious.

The blood rushes to your legs when you get up from lying down because of gravity. This does not immediately repair itself because as we age, the blood vessel sensors grow less effective. The sense of giddiness is brought on by a brief reduction in the blood flow to the brain. Turning to one side in bed and putting both of your legs on the ground before getting out of bed will help you avoid this. Do not abruptly stand up.

Workout time

I want to work out each day. Even though I make an effort, it is already dark and late when I arrive home from work. I'm also hungry and worn out.

Many people discover that getting up a bit earlier each day to exercise fits them. In this manner, it is frequently possible to complete your exercise in the morning. When the workout is over, you feel refreshed. You won't feel bad about skipping your workout when you go to bed at night.

Include some stretching and deep breathing for a few minutes. Your levels of stress and the hormone (cortisol) that generates it will drop as you focus on taking slow, deep breaths. Additionally, this will address sleeplessness, blood pressure, physical pain, and anxiety.


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