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When Losing Weight Is Not Fun: 7 Serious Reasons for Weight Loss


However, quick weight loss is not always a reason of joy. The reasons for sudden weight loss can be very different and not always harmless. So do not rush to rejoice, but consult a doctor and undergo an examination to make sure that your weight loss is healthy and not associated with a disorder.

American scientists Yana S. Wierbum, Samuel H. Preston and Andrew Stokes conducted a study in which they found out that diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver, and acute respiratory infections affect weight and often cause weight loss. In recent years, the causes of weight loss after the coronavirus have also been studied.

It is especially important to find out the cause of weight loss in an adult if weight loss is accompanied by weakness, fatigue, fever, pain, indigestion and other symptoms. In such situations, do not postpone a visit to the doctor.

And another important note, what ever reasons you suspect for weight loss, in no case, do not self-medicate, so as not to aggravate the situation.

1. Thyroid

One of the reasons for weight loss with a good appetite is hyperthyroidism — a very active thyroid gland. In this condition a person’s thyroid gland produces too much hormone. As a rule, weight loss is accompanied by severe hunger, heart palpitations, sleep problems and hot flashes.

Studies have noted changes in weight depending on the level of thyroid hormones. The answer to the question of why a person is losing weight a lot often lies precisely in the increased activity of the thyroid gland.

Thyroid dysfunction is one of the most common causes of dramatic weight loss in women than in men. It is not difficult to diagnose the disease. It is enough to take a simple test to detect hormone level in the blood.

2. Celiac Disease

Sometimes the cause of weight loss with a normal diet is celiac disease. This is an autoimmune disease — abnormal functioning of the body’s immune system — in which gluten (a protein in grains) damages the small intestine. This is manifested in weight loss, nausea, diarrhea. The immune system tries to resist gluten and only worsens the situation.

Contrary to popular belief, celiac disease or gluten intolerance be diagnosed in adults. It is one of the reasons for weight loss even after 30-40 years. If you notice indigestion, dull abdominal pain, chronic weakness, consult a gastroenterologist. You may be recommended a gluten-free diet after the examination .

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3. Pancreatitis

Problems with the pancreas, which produces enzymes to speed up digestion, also cause unexpected weight loss. The reason for severe weight loss is that the body in chronic pancreatitis simply does not produce enough enzymes.

The causes of pancreatitis are numerous such as alcohol abuse, smoking, and various poisonings. In addition to weight loss, you may experience abdominal pain that improves when you sit or lean forward, as well as flatulence, bloating, and fatigue. If it was problems with the pancreas that caused the rapid weight loss, the physician will recommend you a special diet and medication to compensate for the lack of enzymes.

4. Depression

Clinical depression is an unobvious cause of weight loss and appetite. Loss of appetite is a common side effect of depression. Sometimes people immersed in depression do not notice their weight loss at all.

If you suspect that depression is the cause of your weight loss and weakness, seek help. Take a depression test, see a therapist, don't try to deal with the problem on your own. If you don't even have the strength to go to the doctor, ask someone close to accompany you.

5. Diabetes

Early stage diabetes can cause weight loss. This symptom is accompanied by intense thirst and frequent trips to the toilet. The body gets rid of glucose by any means, because it cannot digest it. Another reason for weight loss in diabetes is that the body takes energy from the muscles.

You may be disturbed by constant feelings of hunger, blurred vision, numbness of the limbs. But even if these symptoms are not present, it is recommended to take a blood test for glucose once every couple of years for absolutely everyone. This will allow you to find out the cause of sudden weight loss and detect an insidious disease at an early stage.

6. Rheumatoid arthritis

Inflammations like rheumatoid arthritis, a condition where the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue, reduce appetite, which leads to rapid weight loss.

The disease is characterized by joint pain, muscle pain, weakness, fever, and morning stiffness of the body. Against this background, loss of appetite seems to be the lesser evil, so it often goes unnoticed, but becomes the cause of weight loss in both men and women.

If you are concerned about these symptoms, do not put off a visit to the doctor. To make a diagnosis, it is necessary to take a blood test, and if rheumatoid arthritis is the cause of weight loss, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

7. Malnutrition

This reason for weight loss in women and men after 60 is not related to the financial situation. With age, the stomach empties more slowly, the feeling of fullness remains for a long time, and a person does not get nutrients, because he simply does not want to eat.

This reason for weight loss is also often observed in women after 50, who are accustomed to restricting themselves in food due to the desire to maintain a slim figure. Although it is believed that only young girls get sick with anorexia nervosa, this disease can appear at any age. Eating disorders can lead to a complete loss of appetite, in which case the weight will drop rapidly even without any effort on your part. Scientists continue to research anorexia nervosa and look for ways to cure it, so if you notice a painful desire to lose weight, consult a doctor

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