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How to Finally Let Go of Moments that Weren't Meant to Be.

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Think about old tools you don’t use anymore, old wore out clothes, ruined objects, that you throw out not thinking twice. Well, you may think twice, but the fact is that you do let go of things all the time, every single day, and you don’t face many issues in doing so. Why? Because you know you can replace them, you can even get better versions of them, or you are excited to try out something new, but that will accomplish the same tasks for you. So, you are not really changing anything in your life, the same tasks will be accomplished by new tools. You are living the same reality but in time, better equipped.

This is not to say that it is exactly the same thing with people or jobs, but it comes pretty close. When you get tired enough, hurt enough, you do throw them out too. The point is, to not get to that point where you feel destroyed, wore out, and the only choice you have, which does not feel like your choice anymore, is to let go.

You have to claim your Power about Letting Go. If you can make that choice yours, you are going to control much more of the experiences you are having or are about to have.

There is nothing and no one that comes before you and your own self. If you have not learnt that yet, you are about to learn it the hard way, because Spirit is not going to let you keep breaking your own heart with your own actions.

I have had people in my life who I loved very much. I did see when they started to ignore me, to treat me bad, to talk behind my back. I kept behaving like I did not know, I kept reaching out to them, until the daily disrespect made me say fuck it. I kept doing and over doing myself to please others, just because I saw something good in them, just because I loved them, just because I saw potential in them. Until, I learnt the hard way. Until, I loved someone very very much, more than my own self, and even though he started disrespecting me, I kept going back. I cut ties with him, when I couldn’t hold any longer, when I was falling into the darkness, when I was not sure if I could ever get back up. That’s when I said to myself: save you, because nobody is gonna save you! It took a long time for me to heal, but I came out stronger, assured of myself, a bit more egoistic than before. If I don’t want to please someone because I won’t be pleasing me too, I won’t do it. If I own somebody a favor, I will do it. If I don’t own anyone a favor, I will decide if I can get anything out of the deal or not. If someone pays attention to me and cares for me daily, I will do the same.


Now, I am not talking favors as in material things, and I am not talking: winning sth as a material thing. I am talking if someone wants me to be there for him, I will consider if that someone has ever been there for me? I am an empath after all, and I am not going to lie, I would be asking myself that in the way to him, but, the thing is at least I will decide how much energy I will put into his issue.

If it is a relationship, you’d consider the care you get, the love, the attention, the nice words, the beautiful conversations, with what you give, what you share, how much you trust the other. There’s always gotta be a balance. I don’t really need to tell you what are the bullet points of a successful or loving relationship. You feel it all deep down your Soul, if you pay just enough attention to how you feel, you will know the answer. Is it worth it or not?

If it is a job, you’d consider how much work you put it, how much of your knowledge you invest, even though the job title may say another thing, just because you have more information, you put it in without thinking about your job requirements, you go beyond that. More than that, you are loyal, social, friendly, lovely, nice to people. So is your boss and staff treating you with respect, is the wage reflecting the work you actually put it and your worth? Again, if you are being honest with yourself, you’ll know the answer. Maybe you’re doing the work, but someone else is also helping you out, so you’re not really putting in as much effort as you make it look.


When do you let go? How to recognize the moment you let go?

The truth is, there is not one single moment that makes you cut the tie. There are lots of tiny moments, lots of small hurtful words that make you bitter day by day, until they form this big pile, after which all it takes is one wrong move to send it all to hell. The secret is to not let the situation get the best of you. You have to know when you can’t tolerate anymore. You have to observe the situation:

Has this person does this before? Maybe he hasn’t done the same exact thing, but his reason behind the action is the same.

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Are you having the same conversation/issues with your other half daily?

Has this person changed his ways after I said to him what bothers me? Maybe he changed his ways and bought you flowers every next month, or your boss changed his ways and behaves nicer. But has the person really changed in his subconscious? Does he really believe that what he was doing was wrong and what he is doing now is right?

Is there anything that constantly stresses you out? It is another thing if you hate your job and you can’t stand it but you keep working for the money, and it is a completely another thing if you love your job but your coworkers/boss is treating you bad daily, asking you to do things that don’t match your position, or simply being nerve-wrecking without cause.

When all things are going astray on a daily basis, no matter how cheerful you wake up every morning, no matter how much effort you put in, then there is only one reason why it is all happening: you have to let it go, because it is not meant for you.

As long as you keep holding on a broken situation, you won’t have anything new coming in. Once you let go, you open the road for new blessings, and trust me when I say that those new blessings will come in in a couple of weeks. I know this first hand.

Do not get me wrong though. If you let go of a lover, maybe the blessing won’t be another lover, but it may be a wonderful new friend!, or in my case, a new job opportunity. If you let go of your job, your blessing may be an amazing unexpected trip. See, blessings do come, they’re never what you were expecting, but they are always what you needed.

The scenario of your life changing, may be the best thing for you. We are always dealing with changes, even though we may not recognize them as such. We wake up in the morning, thinking we have to do this and this and that, and we go through our day, which always brings something new to our table. Maybe we meet a friend we haven’t met in a long time, maybe we have to deal with a new paper work, maybe we will flirt with that new guy/girl at that bar we never went in before.

What we recognize as change, is only when we settle. So, don’t settle. If we treat everything as a new thing with the possibility to alter our future, to open new doors, we won’t be so scared of change.

Though, when did it ever was truly worth it something we had to let go? We only let go of things that do not help us grow anymore.


It is important to know your worth, and it is important to be honest on how much you invest in friendships, jobs, relationships, family, your own business, your clients, etc. Only then, you will be able to let go. Only then, you will have no regrets, because you have gave it all.

Letting go is not an art. It is a Fight!

It takes courage, boldness and above all, the will to make a decision and never look back. Whatever happens, you do not go back!

Not walking back on the same road, is easier when you are not having any regrets, when you have been honest with yourself and others, when you have given your all.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter how many times you have done it before, it is always gonna make you anxious. It is the human nature to dislike change, and yet again, it is the human nature to evolve and adapt to change.

If you need some help to understand you situation, had over to my Consultation Readings.

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