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Wheat Bread for the Low Carb & Keto crowd

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I started living the low carb lifestyle back in August and now it is the end of December and I am 35 lbs lighter.


This is a 2 egg batch.

This is a 2 egg batch.

What Started It All

While eating a low carb / high fat diet, AKA the Keto diet, I found one thing I missed a lot was good bread. Yes, I could go to my local Aldi store and get some of their zero carb bread, and that worked out for a while. Still, I wanted more than that, as it functions as bread but is missing a lot of my favorite qualities of bread. I wanted real bread. I wanted a bread that was fresh baked, with a crust and a real bread flavor, so off I went to youtube. There I found several recipes which were more like unsweetened cake batter than bread dough, and tasted about as good. Using things like almond flour and folded in meringue just didn't sound like how I used to bake bread.

I kept watching videos and found another who made burger buns that weren't half bad, and gluten free, which isn't something I need to worry about, but I learned some things from him. First, I can use a small amount of honey with yeast to get a natural rise as well as that wonderful yeasty flavor from my bread. He also had a unique blend of ingredients to make a nicer flavor than the usual almond flour breads out there. I knew I was on to something but I also knew there had to be others who had already worked on these ideas and further refined them, and I was right!

The Work Begins!

I started with their recipes and went to work. I tried a little more of this and a little less of that, just to see what they would do to the finished product. We ate a lot of slightly different breads in those months, some pretty good, some not as good, but only one was bad, and that was an attempt at rye bread. (That's next. More on it in a future article once I have it perfected.)

Finally, it was close. I knew it was close because even my wife said it tasted good, and she's pickier than I am. I bought a different brand of oat fiber that tasted better and made a major change to the recipe, all the while assuring her it would turn out even better. Just a few more batches and it was getting really good. A few finishing touches and tweaks later it's perfect! Low Carbers around the world, I give you, Wheat Bread!

The Lowest Carb Wheat Bran

Pointers To Help You Make Low Carb Wheat Bread

I will be posting the recipe below and adding pics and video in due time so I will just give you a few pointers here.

First of all, one thing I found out the hard (expensive) way is that all oat fiber is not the same. I got a small bag of oat fiber to try it out and after liking it. I got what I thought was a good deal on a four pound bag of oat fiber on Amazon. It would have been a good deal if it were the same but it had a strong odor and flavor and messed up several batches before I bit the bullet and purchased the Lifesource Foods brand again.

Second, in the recipe you will see that you can use two eggs or one, substituting 1/4 cup of water for the other. I tried getting a softer crust for my burger buns by removing one egg and while it didn't affect the crust much it did make the inside softer like Wonder bread. The ones with the one egg also did not rise as high, which isn't too much of an issue because who wants a 4 inch high bun on their burger anyway? Both recipes tend not to rise much until you bake them.

Third, I use a bread machine to mix my dough. I use the 2 lb loaf size on the dough setting and it mixes, then rises, then kneads, then rises and kneads again. I usually take it out before the final rise and knead as there is a very limited amount of sugar for the yeast to feed on and it still needs to rise in the oven.

I know me and for sure I will continue to tweak this recipe. If I find anything that makes it even better I will amend this article. Thank you so much for listening.

For more low carb ideas and some random learning, please check out my YouTube channel here:

The Oat Fiber I Use

Soft and fluffy inside.

Soft and fluffy inside.

The Recipe

Keto Whole Wheat Bun Recipe (final) 12 24 2020

1-2/3 C Vital Wheat Gluten (26g carb)

3/4 C Lifesource Foods Oat Fiber (0 carb)

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1/3 C Golden Flax (0 carb)

1/2C Wheat Bran (6g carb)

1-1/2 C Warm Water

1 tsp honey (carbs consumed by yeast to rise)

1-1/4 tsp salt

2 eggs (lightly beaten) (or 1 egg + ¼ C more water for lighter consistency)

2 Tbs Butter

1 Tbs sweetener like erythritol or my favorite, Bocha Sweet (optional, up to 2 or down to none)

Start by getting the water warm (110-120) and add the honey, stir, then the yeast, stir and set aside. Soften or slightly melt butter and set aside. Beat eggs in bowl and set aside.

In bread machine (on dough 2, lb loaf setting) or stand mixer, add all dry ingredients.

Start mixer, then add the water mixture, then butter, then eggs ( and sweetener if liquid). Knead in mixer or let bread machine do it’s thing.

When done kneading, roll out into a log and cut into 8 equal sections, roll in hands and form flat, round disks and put on parchment paper on baking pan. (Usually, they come off the log as disks)

Put in slightly warm oven (Not too hot. Turn on at lowest setting then shut off at least 10 minutes before putting in.) to rise 1 hour or so. Pull out of oven, turn on @ 325 and bake about 20-22 minutes. (for a full loaf, put the whole log on the baking sheet, or cut it in half for 2 1lb loaf pans, allow to rise 1 hour, and bake @325 for 33-35 minutes)

Making 8 rolls, it will be around 4g carbs each.

Best Sweetener.

The Video

My YouTube Channel

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