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Zumba- The New Exercise Sensation


Zumba-The New Exercise Sensation

Everyone's talking about it! So what exactly is Zumba? It's the new Latin-Inspired dance craze that has people across America on their feet! It was created by Alberto Perez, from Columbia in the 1990's. It's a mix of Latin, Hip-hop, Salsa, Belly-Dancing, and Martial Arts (to say the least). It gets you up and moving to some of the most energenic music! When you start to Zumba, it won't feel like exercise, but you will definitely see the results!!

But I Can't Dance....

The best thing about Zumba is you really dont need to know "how to dance". You can be an 18 year old who can move like a choreographer, or you can be the tightest, stiffest, "has-no-rythym" type. It really doesn't matter! I speak from experience. I am probably the only person in my family who can't do the "running-man". I really can't groove at all! Zumba classes are not to turn you into one of Jennifer Lopez's back up dancers. It's really just a fun way to get into shape, which in turn, can really be a huge confidence booster!

Isn't Embarassing?

Not at all! First of all, 99% of the time you probably won't be the only "new comer" to the Zumba class. Which means you will have others in the same room as you getting the moves wrong the first few tries, and you can laugh it off together! Second, most of the time, you can sign up to classes that are women only! This was a huge relief to me, because I didn't want to feel self-conscious exercising infront of men. So, if you research women-only Zumba classes in your area, you can feel free to be silly and have some fun with the girls!

Are the Dance Steps Hard?

Well, I'm not going to sugar coat it. The first week will be a little confusing for a first timer. However, the great thing about Zumba is that all the steps repeat themselves. So after a couple of sessions, you will get the hang of it. Even if you're not doing the steps 100% correctly, as long as you're moving (and trying), that means you are burning calories! And everytime you do make a mistake, it's okay! Just laugh it off and keep a smile upon your face. It's really more about having fun and sweating off that donut you just had for breakfast!

I'm not a Zumba instructor, actually far from it! But I do recommend any one who hasn't jumped on the band wagon, to just try it! If you enjoy dancing, exercise, and having a great time you will love it! And you will look great for the next party that you have coming up!

If you don't feel ready to show off your moves infront of people just yet, but you do want to try it, you can always rent or buy dvds with Instructions.


Nora411 (author) from Chicago, IL on April 30, 2012:

Glad you enjoyed it, Thanks!

donnaMhicks on April 30, 2012:

Really informative for those who are considering Zumba -voted up.

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