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What's God Doing about This Pandemic?: A Satire


Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


Times When Religions Are Tested

I don't call myself a religious person, albeit I celebrate Christmas, think highly of Jesus as a teacher of the mankind, and believe in existence of an unfathomable intelligence for which I don't bother creating concepts.

With this said, let's get to the question of the title -- indeed, what's that supreme consciousness --you fill in the blanks of its "true" name as you wish -- doing, if anything, about this medical disaster?

For here we are witnessing the followers of every religion in existence getting sick and dying of this virus -- allegedly over hundred of different faiths, other than those more familiar ones like Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hindi.

Should it be covered by the religious slogan: "God works in His Mysterious ways", also added: "We are not to question God's work". Fine with me, I wouldn't even know where to start thinking of everything on His agenda.

However, those who seemingly know a lot about it might secretly be asking themselves a few of those questions that fell out of a crack of their closed mind when God is in question.

What I can personally observe is only that people's faith in God's intervention must be pretty low if all churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues have joined the shutdowns of bars, strip joints and other happy places.

One might see it as an open admission that the Almighty is powerless against one miserable submicroscopic critter.

Now, of course, unless it was never on God's schedule to intervene at all.

How so, if I am allowed to ask without sounding blasphemous or something. I mean, we know how easy it is to be an all-loving God when everything is fine. Just like a friend can appear your alter-ego as long as you are seeing each other from one party to another.

Yes, those party rituals all seem to forge many a friendship -- but then, when you get in trouble and you need them, are they there for you?

You do your own substitution putting the All-loving, all-forgiving God into the equation. I would do it, but I hear some thundering approaching from know what I mean.


God(s) Won't Do Our Job

Getting back to the matter of faith -- why do we always need someone on the outside to trust with our well being and our lives?

Really, folks, that God of ours already provided some great biological tools for us to use, so why don't we use them, instead of expecting Him to do it for us with another bunch of those biblical miracles when those illiterate idiots enjoyed all kinds of healing. What made them more deserving? -- when you think about it.

Maybe we should feel flattered that our Holy Father sees us as more advanced than those shepherds back there, so we don't need any help like they did. Who knows.

It even sounds plausible, because look -- here we are with our knowledge about our genes which, with a little boost from our happy mood, can signal our immunity to kill any pathogen seeking a permanent residence in our body.

But hey, are our witch-doctors telling us that our health is in our own hands?


For a couple of centuries they have been convincing us that without their help we wouldn't know when to inhale, and when to exhale.

A whole army of medical scholars, systematically silenced these days, are dying to tell us how crucial our elevated emotions are for an optimal functioning of our immunity, with which no virus has a chance to invade us.

Yes, folks, according to the science of psycho-neuro-immunology, our body is constantly spying on our predominant emotions. So much so that in one of my articles I once expressed it in a funny way, something going like this:

There is a powerful chemist in our body, observing the level and duration of our optimism -- and then depending on what it sees, it either turns a crap into a vitamin, or a vitamin into a crap.

Indeed, to a predominantly pissed, depressed, fearful, worried, and otherwise messed up individual, that chemist is bound to say:

I shall oblige, o' master, and do everything in my power to provide a body chemistry that will be a match to your obviously favorite crappy mood."

And then it does exactly that, and that's why we need our doctors to fix our health screw-ups.

And that's why that God above doesn't want to meddle in our beautiful romance with our doctors. Role up your sleeve, pilgrim, and trust your doctor, don't be bothered with the word "experimental". Remember, most of their potions have a list of side effects that may either make you instantly sick, or they ruin your liver some time later.

But don't worry about your liver either, they can always give you another thing for it, even give you another brand new one.

In other words, do anything but two things about this virus: 1) don't pray, because the all-knowing God would know about your needs even before you expressed them -- if it's true that He is everywhere.

And 2) don't trust your own natural immunity -- it's the baloney from the repertoire of conspiracy theorists who don't believe in the magic of vaccines, so stick to your next appointment, and the next one for your booster, as many as it takes.

Well, even without intervening, our dear God could have burned another bush and chiseled out a Holy Table with an additional Commandment, that would read:

"Thou Shall Not Seek God's Help for Anything That's Your Own Responsibility"

And then, people would mostly ignore it, just like they have been ignoring the other ten -- religious business as usual.


On That Tiniest Level...

Scientists of some credibility are talking these days about something as spooky as "God's gene" as a part of our genome. We didn't really need them to tell us that, our government's politicians knew it all the time, since they've been acting like gods. As soon as they get elected, that is, not before, when they act like some humble beggars for our votes, holding babies, keeping that tattooed smile on their face, and competing in a lying contest.

From that modest fund of information which I got from that science, it seems like some incredible bunch of genes can make us vibrantly healthy, smart, rejuvenated, muscular, beautiful, and so much more.. just waiting to be upregulated into their full expression.

Amazing stuff, isn't it?

Ask any geneticist, don't take my word for it. Yes, folks, God gave us all that to use, and here we are upregulating that crappy part of our genome.

Hey, what is a virus anyway?. The science says it's an agent of information, which may interfere with our cellular intelligence, or our DNA.

If your knowledge about quantum physics is as basic as mine, then you know that we are energy beings vibrating at certain bunch of frequencies. And virus is also vibrating at its own rate, so if our frequency is within a low range that's safe for the virus, due to our crappy emotional routines, it may become a guest in our body.

In other words, with our predominant lousy emotions we are facilitating such an intrusion, and then, virus doesn't even have to be of a strong kind, if our immunity is weak, to affect us.

It spreads its sickening information within our energetic space, while those great genes that would kill it stay dormant. Virus can even disguise itself to look like a casual part of our cellular junk, so our sleepy antibodies don't recognize it. A tricky little bastard, indeed.

But, back to our God in all this scenario. His gene in our body, if there really is one there, can't be activated with low frequencies which are our personal-normal.

Can't we see how we are creating it all from the infinite field of quantum possibilities -- from one war to another, one imaginary enemy to another, one wrong administration to another -- and from one virus to another.

And our God is just sitting somewhere up there in His celestial real estate, shaking head and waiting for us to smarten up. He is in no hurry -- He's got all eternity.

Do we?

© 2021 Val Karas

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