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What Would Happen After 14 Days of Cold Showers


What would happen if you take a cold shower for 14 days, 2 weeks, every single day? I will talk about how things like ice bath and cold showers will improve your health; the benefits and the research revolving around using cryotherapy or cold therapy. There are serious benefits. You can take it very gradually so its not very uncomfortable.

So our parents have been telling us to stay out of the rain because its wet and cold and we will get sick. So what happens when your body is expose to the cold for short term (not long term)?

1. Enhances immune system function

During short term exposure to the cold, your immune system becomes enhanced. Your body will get more monocytes and lymphocytes. These are white blood cells that fight off pathogens. You have a boost of "T" helper cells act like a quarter back of the entire immune system. You also get a spike of "T" suppressor cells that help to calm down an overactive immune system. It will prevent too much destruction of the immune. So its kind of where your immune system is fighting off yet you have other factors that are making sure there is not too much collateral damage so your immune system is enhanced when you expose it to cold which is very counter-intuitive.

2. Promotes noradrenaline

You also get a spike of noradrenaline which is similar to adrenaline. When tests were done to people that have anxiety, attention deficit disorder, and depression, they usually have low noradrenaline. So by using this method of exposing yourself to cold you can spike noradrenaline to improve your overall mood. So if you are depressed, you can pull yourself out of that lower emotion if you have anxiety of excessive worry things like that you it can elevate your emotion to help your cognitive function; your focus, your memory, you can become more alert.

3. Supports weight loss by triggering brown fat

So how does cold shower help you lose weight? So when you take a cold shower, you are going to trigger brown fat which is brown adipose tissue. So the sensation of cold is the main stimulus to stimulate brown fat. So the more cold you are, the more brown fat you have. The difference between brown fat and white fat (white adipose tissue) is that brown fat increases heat, energy and metabolism. When you have more brown fat, you are going to lose more weight and trigger more loss of white fat which is the storage fat that you have in your body. 100 grams of brown fat can burn 3400 calories per day. That is more calories than you can potentially could eat in a given day.

4. Increases insulin sensitivity

Another reason why it can help you lose weight is that it can create an increase in insulin sensitivity. The more you improve insulin sensitivity, the less insulin that is going to be produced because it is going to work now and less resistance to insulin which equals to the more weight loss you are going to have which then leads to better the blood sugars that you are going to have. So if you have diabetes or prediabetes, you are going to noticed that your blood sugars actually come into check much better. When that happens, you are going to lose weight.

5. Reduces inflammation

Cold showers help with inflammation. They are anti inflammatory. So if you have inflammation in your body, If you have some type of autoimmune disease such as arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, taking a cold shower will be a therapeutic thing.

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6. Boosts antioxidants

Cold showers can increase your overall antioxidant networks. The more antioxidants means the less DNA damage which equals to the less risk of getting cancer and other diseases.

7. Has neuroprotective effects

Neural protection. So apparently cold activates help the regrowing of neurons. As well with the temperatures a little bit cooler, you will sleep a little bit better.

8. Improves longevity and promotes autophagy

Cold showers stimulate autophagy just like fasting. Autophagy is a condition that your body gets into where it is recycling old damaged proteins. So if there is certain things are not working in the body like their proteins, enzymes or their mitochondria, or they are plaquing in the brain as in amyloid plaquing or whatever your body's going to recycle all that and turn that into brand new proteins.

9. Lowers cortisol

Lowering cortisol means that its going to reduce your stress level.

10. Supports fast recovery

It is also going to create better recovery. So if you are an athlete and you are sore, cold therapy is the way to go.

How to ease yourself into taking cold showers:

1. Start with your normal hot shower 2. Turn it to cold for 30 seconds 3. Turn it back to hot 4. Gradually increase the time you set it to cold until you can reach 5-10 minutes Interestingly, cold temperatures can warm up your core temperatures, while hot temperatures can cool down your core temperature. Try taking cold showers for 14 days and see if you experience some of these amazing health benefits.

Hormetic effect

So apparently our bodies have evolved over eons to adapt to things like cold and hunger starvation. Our bodies, through this process, have developed certain type of adaptive survival mechanism to improve to survive better when exposed to such things like cold and hunger. Its called the hormetic effect. When you expose someone to a stress and then the body adapts, they become stronger. It is the same idea and results when you exercise and fasting, this will create a hormetic effect.

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