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Words of Advice for Dealing With Loneliness

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What Are Feelings?

Feelings can be physical or emotional in nature. Feelings allow us to experience a wide range of emotions, including pain, discomfort, warmth, and many others. Feelings are what allow us to experience both the positive and negative aspects of life.


Things To Do When You're Feeling Lonely

  1. Try to reconnect with those around you as well as with yourself. Recognizing and spending time with oneself is something that everyone should be able to do without feeling lonely, so everyone should practice spending time with oneself. Reconnecting with others can also help you feel more connected.
  2. Make a list of the things you are thankful for. Reminding yourself of all the positive aspects of life can help you appreciate everything you have and what is around you, keeping you away from the negative thoughts that loneliness can bring.
  3. Get a pet. Pets do an excellent job of making us feel loved and cared for. They are beneficial for a variety of reasons, including stress reduction, anxiety reduction, and loneliness alleviation, so getting a pet or simply spending time with one can help alleviate that feeling.
  4. Consider how you feel and don't try to ignore it. Sit and consider how you feel, why you feel that way, how to endure the feeling, and how to identify it.
  5. Pick up a book. Reading can help you understand how other people think and even identify how you're feeling. There are numerous genres and books available, and no matter which one you choose, it will help you expand your world and imagination, making you feel less lonely.
  6. Volunteer. Volunteering allows you to focus on others while distracting you from your own thoughts and feelings. It's also difficult to feel lonely when you're helping others and doing something nice for them.

Questions to Ponder If You're Feeling Lonely:

- What are some things that help you avoid feeling lonely?

- What are some of the things that make you lonely?

- Do you spend the majority of your time socializing?

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- How frequently do you feel lonely?


What You Need To Know If You're Feeling Lonely:

1. You exist and are a part of this world. That feeling simply proves that you are normal; emotions are a natural part of being human.

2. It is acceptable to seek assistance. Vulnerability can help you feel more connected to others.

3. You deserve to concentrate on yourself. It is not selfish to prioritize your mental and physical well-being.

4. Everything in your life is under your control. Take charge and do something or change something if you don't like the way things are or feel uncomfortable as a result of them.

5. You are loved and cared for. Your friends and family care about you and love you, even if you don't always notice it because they show it in different ways, but the love is there.

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