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Things to Do and Avoid on a Full Moon

A still from the excellent BBC documentary "Do we really need the moon?"

A still from the excellent BBC documentary "Do we really need the moon?"

The crash must have looked something like this. Another still from the above mentioned documentary

The crash must have looked something like this. Another still from the above mentioned documentary

The moon and us

How the earth got its moon

The moon not only interests us for its effects on consciousness, but also the physical history of the moon is very interesting. A long long time ago (about 7.4 billion years, in fact) a large clump of rock, the size of Mars, collided with what was then our Earth in its early stages. The earth was hot then, and violent. And there was no life. The impact was so enormous that the heavenly body that crashed into our planet was shattered, and its pieces flew out from the earth. The larger rocks clumped together into a sphere. This sphere then, became our moon.

The moon and the origins of life

Over time, the earth cooled down, and the vapor brought about by the cooling process settled on the land, forming the oceans. Having such a large heavenly body close by, meant that the moon was pulling on the oceans every time it passed, causing the tides. The continuing ebb and flow of water on the earth, created puddles of a warm chemical soup. And it is out of these puddles of different fluids wherein metal oxidized and other chemical reactions took place over millions of years, that brought about life. So as the sun is important to sustain life, we can safely say, that without the moon, and its causing of the tides, there would be no life.

The effects of the moon on people

Since we are 70% water, the moon certainly exerts a physical influence over us. When the full moon passes us, we feel lighter, because of its pull, but it also has succinct effects on our mind. It is not for nothing that we call people 'Lunatic', when they are crazy: the full moon does something to us, changes our behavior, and this is actually statistically measurable.

Crime rate varies according to the fullness of the moon

Crime rate varies according to the fullness of the moon

More police on a full moon?

We are not all turning into werewolves or vampires (although one wonders where those stories come from) but it is an established fact that crimes occur more often on a full moon, so some police stations have resorted to putting out more police on these nights. And if you observe your own mind during the full moon phase, you may also feel that everything during that period is just a little more hectic and intense.

What we can do about the effects of the full moon

You don't need to believe in astrology to know that each full moon is associated with a certain star sign. We say, for example: “The moon rises in Aquarius”. What this means, for us, is that the qualities that are associated with Aquarius will be more present for us during that time. The star sign that the moon rises in influences our organs, our mind, and it determines the body part that we are more likely to have trouble with. There are certain foods and exercises we can do to have a better full moon experience. One thing to keep in mind with every full moon, is that it is a good day to fast, or only drink lemon water. This goes for the new moon days too actually.

Lemon water: good on every full moon

Lemon water: good on every full moon

How to tell which star sign the moon is in

In order to know what we can do about the full moon energy, we need to know what star sign the full moon is in. There is a great calculator that is always up to date on this site. But you can also use this table below to find out quickly when the next full moon is, and what sign it is in.

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Full Moon in Aries Tips


The word 'happiness' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness

The Lung Meridian, Sorrow, Grief, Sadness

Aries, the Ram, governs the lung energy circuit. As the meridian clears, you may feel sorrow, grief and sadness. Allow yourself time to feel these feelings and accept them as a part of your personal evolution.

Remember that the depth of sadness we can feel is equal to the height of joy

The lung meridian also rules the head. Watch for head injuries, headaches and fever. Other symptoms include muscle tightness in the diaphragm or middle back, mental confusion and lack of understanding.

Things to eat

Chlorophyll and fresh ground psyllium, (1 tablespoon each with juice) before breakfast and dinner. Dark green vegetables contain lots of chlorophyll. Also good to eat cauliflower, garlic, onions (raw is best) and ginger. These help to clean the blood plus strengthen your nerve and immune system.


Breathing exercises (pranayama) and aerobic exercise will keep you elevated and full of joy. Many breathing techniques will do the job: Long deep breathing, breath of fire, one minute breath, or any meditations with a focus on breathing will be of great assistance.

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Exercise can be walking, dancing, biking, basically anything that gets the heart rate up for at least 20 minutes.

More Tips

To directly stimulate this meridian - hold and massage the ring fingers of both hands for 2 minutes each. Repeat as you like throughout the day. This energizes and balances the lung meridian and neutralizes sorrow. Rose quartz placed over the heart center protects against sadness. Repeating the affirmation “I am __________” (fill in the blank) will produce a positive effect on the energy field. It can be ‘I am beautiful.’ or ‘I am loved.’ or ‘I am grateful.’ or even ‘I am I am.’ You can decide and vary the ending as much as you like as long as it is a positive statement.

Full moon in Taurus Tips


Be steady, not stubborn

Large Intestine Neck & Throat

The bull, Taurus, governs the large intestine meridian, as well as the neck and throat. The full moon influence challenges us to be steady without being stubborn. And to be consistent but not rigid.

Things to eat

All hot and white food like onions, garlic, ginger, cauliflower, celery and radish. Rice is good to aid in clearing and eliminating toxins from the body.

Things NOT to eat: This is an excellent time to cut down on or eliminate refined sugar and products made from white flour, like bread and pasta.

An interrupted flow of the large intestine meridian may create

  • negative attitude
  • bowel disorders
  • gum problems
  • nose bleeds
  • aching shoulders
  • toothache
  • the feeling of living in the past


Archer pose is an excellent posture for balancing this meridian.

Work on both the large intestines and the neck/throat: Lying on your back, use your arms to pull your knees to your chest. Then lift your head, nose between your knees. Hold with breath of fire 3 - 5 minutes, then relax.

Alternately you can exhale as you lift the head up and pull the knees down with the arms, then inhale dropping the head down and relaxing the pull of the arms. Repeat this 25-100 times, then relax.

Massage Tip

Hold and massage the index fingers of each hand for 2 minutes throughout the day. Remember you are connected to a higher consciousness. Use the mantra: “Let Go, Let God.

Archer Pose

Full moon in Gemini Tips


Make up your mind

Stomach, Arms and Shoulders

Gemini, the twins, govern the stomach meridian. The stomach works closely with the spleen and the large intestines to protect against illness. The stomach is the strongest organ so it can take a long time for disease to show up. It is the base for our emotional stability and where you sense your feelings. This is a good opportunity to strengthen this meridian to avoid future problems.

Things to eat

Yellow/orange food like corn, squash, mango, banana, sweet potato, papaya, cantaloupe.

Things to wear: Wear yellow clothes and carry or wear yellow stones like, amber, citrine, and yellow tourmaline. •

Symptoms for an interrupted flow of the stomach meridian

  • digestive problems
  • addictive behavior
  • stuffy nose/sinusitis
  • depression
  • neck/arm/shoulder pain
  • emotionally feel anxiety
  • burping
  • dry mouth
  • constipation

More tips

Avoid stress, irregular meals, quick eating, food that is too hot or too cold, coffee, red wine and eating before going to sleep. Flu/Cold symptoms:Chinese remedy Chai Poworks on relieving both stomach and virus symptoms.


  • Yoga mudra is an excellent posture for balancing this meridian. 3-­‐11 minutes
  • Mul bandh, root lock.
  • Any chanting with HAR at the navel.
  • Fish Pose, long deep breath.
  • Bow pose and rocking in bow pose while chanting SA TA NA MA
Yoga Mudra

Yoga Mudra

Full Moon in Cancer Tips


Enjoy the sweetness of life

Spleen-Pancreas, Chest Area

Cancer, the crab, governs the spleen-pancreas meridian. It also affects the breasts and chest area. The spleen is the central organ in the production of blood and prana. The spleen is known as the Mother Organ of the physical body. This meridian relates to the earth element, the qualities of nourishment, feeling grounded, home life and balance. To support these feelings, you must give yourself the sweetness of life.

Things to eat

All yellow/orange fruits and vegetables. To promote the feeling of nurturing oneself, eat naturally sweet foods. Ripe bananas would be an excellent food for balancing this meridian.

Things to avoid/reduce:

  • Standing while you work
  • Mental or work stress
  • Raw foods, fruit juices, milk products
  • Chocolate (sorry :-))

Imbalance or blockage symptoms

  • general muscle tightness
  • loose stools
  • worry, depression or fatigue
  • digestive problems & stomach pain
  • over eating & obsessive behavior
  • sore throat
  • craving for news and reading
  • thinking all the time

More Tips

  • Hold and massage the small finger of each hand for 2 minutes. This can be done many times throughout the day.
  • Ishnaan (cold showering), with special emphasis on the stomach or the chest/breast area.


Yoga for Spleen & Pancreas

  • Horse stand: Stand with feet firmly on the ground, knees slightly bent, hands loosely on the thighs, body relaxed. Close the eyes, visualize and feel the energy flowing from the deep within the earth upwards through the souls of your feet and continuing up.
  • Locust Pose: Lie on your stomach with your chin on the ground. Make fists and place them underneath your groin and lift your legs up. Hold with long deep breathing. Relax in the posture and visualize the color YELLOW in your body, up to 10 minutes.
  • All breathing exercises are good to do
Locust pose

Locust pose

Full Moon in Leo Tips


Radiate from the heart, and say: "I Will"

Heart & Chest Area

Leo, the lion, governs the heart meridian. This meridian is considered the seat of spirituality, and the ruler of wisdom and good judgment. The heart also rules clarity of speech. That is why words can touch our heart so deeply, or hurt so deeply. When the heart is strong we radiate especially from the eyes.

Things to eat

All red foods: peppers, watermelon, cherries, red grapes, strawberries, grapefruit, cabbage, & more. Also bitter foods: rucola, red beets, turmeric, chocolate, coffee, green & black tea, basil, brussels sprouts & more.

Things to avoid

  • Too much bitter food is not good
  • Too much thinking
  • Time pressure = heart suffers

Imbalance or blockage symptoms

  • Sadness and sorrow
  • Confused thinking
  • Emotional ups & downs
  • Various speech problems
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of taste
  • High blood pressure
  • Cataracts • Nervous or Fearful

Yoga for the Heart

Grab your hands behind your back. One arm goes over the shoulder, with the other under and behind the back. Do breath of fire for 3 minutes, then reverse arms and repeat. Hands don’t touch? Hold onto the ends of a small towel or cloth.

All exercises with the arms at shoulder height or above are also good to do

More Tips

  • Wear red and carry red stones (red coral, garnet, rose quartz) over the heart or on the little finger
  • Hold and massage little finger of each hand for 2 minutes
  • Think and say the key phrase “I will.”

Full Moon in Virgo Tips


Keep it simple, but dare to dream

Small intestines

Virgo, the virgin, governs the small intestine meridian. This meridian is about separa8ng the pure from the impure on the physical, mental and emotional level. Connected to the element fire, it stands for both the digestive fire and the fire of the heart. Fire energy shows the clarity of thinking and conscious living. One can see the ‘fire’ in someone’s eyes as an indication of a strong soul presence. This gives one the ability to know which ideas are your ideas and which are the ideas from others. Key is to simplify. Keep life and especially diet simple and pure.

Things to eat

Food with a bitter taste; turmeric, basil, red grapefruit, quinoa, green tea, dark chocolate, rucola. Eat red foods. Psyllium and chlorophyll daily helps keep intestines clear and functioning.

Things to avoid: An overly critical attitude and too much self-analysis

Imbalance or blockage symptoms

  • Problems digesting food
  • Confusion about what is pure and what is not pure
  • Ear problems

More Tips

  • Hold and massage little finger of each hand for 2 minutes.
  • Wear red clothes and stones.

Yoga exercises for the small intestine

  • Yoga Mudra: hands in venus lock behind back, stretch the arms up maximum, bend forward
  • All postures that work on the third chakra, the navel point.
  • Shoulder stand
Shoulder stand

Shoulder stand

Full Moon in Libra Tips


Keep in the flow of life - be like water

Bladder and unrinal duct

Libra governs the bladder meridian. This meridian has more points than any other meridian so can affect many areas. Together the bladder and the kidneys relate to the second chakra, the water element. Key is to keep in a flow of life, no resistance. Over time, water can shape the earth. Fear causes us to tighten. If we tighten, we become cold and frozen.

Things to eat

  • Drink lots of good water
  • Eat black foods
  • Eat melons
  • Fresh juice 2 parts spinach, 1 part carrot
  • Cranberry juice
  • Cucumber

Things to avoid: Salt. It dries out the body, excess emotional frustration, coffee - even if black :-)

Imbalance or blockage symptoms

  • Fear, timidity, frustration and tearfulness
  • Aching ankles and knee caps
  • Lower back, neck & head pain
  • Nose bleed
  • Leg cramps & sciatica
  • Bladder infection

More Tips

Wear color black / Contract the muscles when urinating to strengthen. (Do daily to prevent stones.) / Hold and massage little finger of each hand for 2 minutes / Listen to calming music.

Good yoga exercises for the bladder

  • All calming and quieting meditations.
  • Alternate nostril breathing, inhale sat, exhale nam. Deep breath. 10 min.
  • Calming the mind: Left hand on heart center, right hand on right knee in gyan mudra. Through a rounded mouth, using a long and deep breath, whistle on the inhale and exhale.
  • Standing with hands in venus lock on your head. Swing loosely side to side. Then bending from waist inhale backward and exhale forward.
  • Shoulder stand followed by plough pose

Full Moon in Scorpio Tips


The higher you are, the humbler you must become


Scorpio rules the kidney meridian. The kidney energy can be used to soar like an eagle or crawl like the scorpion. To uplift oneself and others is an expression of our creative spirit. Self-gratification and destruction reflects blocked creative energy. Kidneys, a water element, relate to 2nd chakra, the center of creative energy, sexuality, and passion.

Emotionally one may feel: fear, anxiety, confusion, frustration and the need for perfection. Can lead to a vengeful attitude.

The kidney energy is responsible for how we age, the quality of our bones, pulling prana from the lungs, our hearing, and our motivation. Kidneys are easily damaged through overdoing life with thrills, stress, drugs and other stimulants.

Things to eat

  • Drink cucumber juice
  • Turmeric, add to meals or make Golden Milk
  • Eat black foods: eggplant, beans, seaweed, licorice. Not black coffee
  • Eat naturally salty foods: olives, seaweed, ginger, cinnamon

Symptoms when imbalanced

  • Dizziness upon standing
  • Sweaty hands & feet
  • Bloating
  • Bone & ear problems
  • Cold in extremities
  • Muscle tightness in low & mid back, diaphragm, or upper shoulders
  • Urinary or reproduction problems
  • Tinnitus
  • Puffy face

More Tips

  • Hold and massage index finger of each hand for 2 minutes
  • Wear a silk or cotton cummerbund

Yoga exercises for the kidneys

Full Moon in Sagittarius Tips


One love, one heart, one destiny


Sagittarius rules the pericardium meridian. The pericardium is the protective sheath (layer) that surrounds and protects the heart. The pericardium along with the heart and blood vessels run the circulation system and direct the fire element. The quality of fire purifies and transforms. This energy goes towards the heavens, not bound by gravity.

When the meridian is balanced we will be generous, warm, and loving. We will also be able to receive criticism and love from others.

Things to eat

Oatmeal (contains the element silica)

A drink of boiled oatmeal: Boil 1 cup of oats in 3L water for 20 min. Strain. Drink 4 cups a day.

Also good: all red & bitter foods: red beets, brussels sprouts, radicchio, rucola, rosemary, oregano, basil, paprika, turmeric, grapefruit, watermelon, quinoa, rye, buckwheat. Drink green or black tea, coffee and eat chocolate (but not too much).

Symptoms when imbalanced

  • Emotional disorders
  • Most stress related problems
  • Hips sore or problems
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Low sexual joy
  • Rounded shoulders to protect the heart
Archer Pose

Archer Pose

Good yoga exercises for the pericardium

  • Alternate leg stretch
  • Meditation for Forgiveness. Done with a partner: Sit in easy pose facing each other, look into your partners eyes. Breathe together long and deep
  • Butterfly pose with the palms under the ankles, then bend your head down down as far as you can with long deep breathing.
  • Any posture working on the hips. Archer pose is the best pose. Helps to develop a clear and powerful vision. 5-10 minutes on each side.

Full Moon in Capricorn Tips


Transforming matter to spirit

Glandular System

The meridian governed by the Capricorn is the triple warmer/burner. This meridian controls prana and distribution of energy in the body. Divided into 3 areas; the chest responsible for breathing and moisture in the breath, the abdominal cavity for digestion, and the pelvic area in charge of purification, elimination and sexual energy.

Capricorn, the goat, also rules the glandular system, the guardians of health and stability in infinite consciousness. Glandular secretions determine the chemistry of the blood, which in turn determines your personality.

Fire is about moving from the material to the spiritual. This means going against gravity. Guidance is needed to succeed.

Things to eat

Red & bitter foods: red beets, brussels sprouts, radicchio, rucola, rosemary, oregano, basil, paprika, turmeric, grapefruit, watermelon, quinoa, rye, buckwheat. Cherries and red grapes not included due to sweet taste. Drink green or black tea, coffee and chocolate in moderation. Best in a moist environment.

When imbalanced

  • Weak prana
  • Low energy
  • Excess mucus
  • Digestive problems

Yoga for the Triple Burner Meridian

Back platform pose with toes pointed, fingers facing back and long deep breathing. Try 11 minutes.

Yoga exercises for the glands

Breath meditation series for glandular balance:

  1. Easy pose, inhale in 16 breaks, and exhale in 16 breaks. Mentally chant ‘sat nam’ on each break. 5-31 minutes. (15 minutes minimum will produce best results)
  2. On back, arms straight overhead on ground with palms up, inhale raise both legs 6 inches, exhale down pressing chin into chest. 3 minutes with long deep breaths. Then rest 2 minute.
  3. Easy pose, grab elbows in front of chest, inhale sitting straight, exhale bend forward bringing forehead to ground. Continue for 3 minutes with long deep breathing.
Easy pose

Easy pose

More Tips

Ishnaan (cold shower) daily keeps glands healthy and functioning properly. Eat more healthy foods and in more relaxed and quiet environments.

Full Moon in Aquarius Tips


Patience pays


Aquarius, the water bearer, activates the gallbladder meridian. Our tolerance may be challenged and opportunities offered to expand patience and acceptance. When the prana is stuck in the gallbladder meridian, one can have difficulties making decisions. This can lead to emotional frustration. The gallbladder works closely with the liver taking plans and bringing them to reality. This is an excellent time to visualize the ideal life situation, partner, work, travel or whatever.

Things to eat

  • Green & sour foods
  • Homemade yogurt
  • Drink warm lemon water
  • Spelt with vegetables
  • Sprouts
  • Corn silk tea

Foods to avoid: Sweets - they weaken the will, and heavy, fatty or oily meals.

When imbalanced

  • Headache on one side
  • Hips & lower back problems
  • Nausea & indigestion
  • Pain in shoulder blade
  • Outside leg pain, sciatic

Good yoga exercises for the gallbladder

  • All postures to strengthen the navel point/3rd chakra.
  • All pranayama, breathing exercises
  • Sat Kriya
  • Pranayama (breath meditation): Sit in easy Pose, left hand on heart center, right hand rests on right knee in gyan mudra. Focus on third eye. Four part breath. Inhale through nose, exhale through nose. Inhale mouth, exhale mouth. Inhale nose, exhale mouth. Inhale mouth, exhale nose. Continue 11 minutes.
  • Stretch pose
  • Easy pose, left hand on heart center, right resting on right knee in gyan mudra, focus on third eye. Long deep breath through a rounded mouth and whistle on both the inhale and exhale. 11 minutes or more.

More Tips

Visualize the color green. All physical activity is good especially if it causes you to sweat. Lose extra weight

Stretch pose is hard work but very effective!

Full Moon in Pisces Tips


Let it all out - but not towards others

Liver - Anger - Healing

Pisces, the fish, rules the Liver meridian. Liver relates to anger. By working with this influence of the moon, it gives us an opportunity to shed old patterns of reacting. You can clear and heal this energy circuit to give yourself a brighter future.

Signs of imbalance

  • Foot pain
  • Tightness in chest or between shoulders
  • Nausea or indigestion
  • Irritability or short temper
  • Eye conditions

Things to eat

Follow these recommendations to best neutralize the symptoms and balance the meridian for a whole body healing effect.

  • Eat sour foods and homemade yogurt
  • Drink Grapefruit juice or warm lemon water
  • Recipe for liver -­ blend 1 grapefruit, 2 oranges, 1 lime(or lemon), a handful of shelled raw sunflower seeds, add honey to taste
  • Casserole -­‐ combine in a baking pan 1 bunch of beets(3-­‐5), 1 lb (400g) carrots, 2 bunches scallions, 3 cloves of fresh chopped garlic, 1 cube butter, tamari, black pepper, 1 lb grated cheese(goat is best), and cook in oven. Cheese can be added at the end to avoid burning.
  • Avoid or moderate sweets
  • A juice blend of Beet/carrot/celery juice

Kundalini yoga set for personality, nerves, and perception

To work out your anger

1. Sit in rock pose, arms parallel to ground, lean back 30º, look straight and do not blink, breathe normally for 3-­31 minutes (longer times better)

2. Bend left leg hold with arms, right leg out straight and lift to 60º, look straight and keep spine straight, Long deep breathing for 2 min., Then switch legs for another 2 minutes.

3. Both legs extended, palms on ground by hips, lift up on palms and heels, normal breath 3 min. 4. Remain with both legs extended with palms together overhead, stretch up high, arms hugging the ears, breathe normal for 1-­2 minutes, then completely relax on the back for 5-­10 minutes.


© 2013 Douwe Drijversma


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