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What Nutrients Does a Female Need Daily - Recommendations

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What Nutrients Does a Female Need Daily - Recommendations

What Nutrients Does a Female Need Daily - Recommendations

We can treat the whole society as a big family as there are kids, teenagers, elderlies, male and female. Different person has a different type of life and it has made their social life become colourful. No matter their age and sex, their need for health is almost the same but the need for nutrition is different from the point of view of health and nutrition. Only if they follow their own need to absorb a suitable quantity of nutrition, they can be healthy.

Characteristics of the bodily functions of the female

Period: It occurs monthly starting from puberty to menopause. It has many physical effects, such as nervousness, irritability, depression, insomnia, nausea, and headache. Because of the loss of iron due to the period, it affects their health and we need to pay special attention to it.

Physiological changes of the pregnant and lactating women: Pregnant and lactating women need to carry their own physical needs and that of the fetus or baby respectively. They need more nutrition because of the change in endocrine and metabolic, digestive, renal function, and blood volume.

Susceptible to osteoporosis:

When women reach 35 years old, they have the highest bone density, then it'd start to lose. The secretion of the female hormones for menopausal women will reduce and it affects the absorption of calcium which results in the speed-up of losing calcium.

Need of being a beauty:

Female always wants to be beautiful and slim. But most of them try to achieve this goal by eating less and it easily contributes to malnutrition, such as the control of eating meat can result in less the absorption of protein and iron. If they are always exposed to solar ultraviolet radiation and contact with air, radicals can easily damage their skins.

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Daily Nutritional Requirements For Female

Absorb enough protein:

Females can fulfill their bodies' needs and improve their bodies' function inside their bodies by absorbing protein. Those who love playing sports can improve the status of muscle strain and promote organizational renewal by absorbing protein. Suitable absorption of protein can ensure there is a normal immune system for the elder female.

Absorption of minerals such as iron and calcium:

Iron is very important to females as it is an important raw material for the production of haemoglobin. And the absorption of iron is a must for the prevention of iron deficiency anaemia and ensures a normal growth of the babies for those pregnant. And for calcium, for pregnant women, lactating women and older ladies, they all need more absorption of nutrients. If there is a long-term inadequate intake of calcium, it would not only damage bones and teeth, it may also increase the risk of hypertension.

Adequate intake of vitamins:

Vitamins takes a very important role in maintaining health and beauty for females. For example, vitamin C, and E are effective antioxidants. And they can help the body to resist free radicals, aging problems, and it can also help to maintain skin elasticity.

Adequate intake of dietary fiber:

Dietary fiber can stimulate the movement of the canal which can shorten the time to excrete and increase its frequency. And that can solve constipation and faster the speed of removing harmful substances. Moreover, the intake of dietary fiber can make you feel full so as to help with controlling weight.


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