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What makes you feel sad all the time?


Some people look sad all the time, by looking at them you can say they are unhappy over many things they might have in their life. What I am going to write is purely my opinion and does not refer to anyone.

What are the priorities in your life?

  • Health
  • Money
  • Relationships.

Some of us lack all three of them, but they do not show it out to anyone, so no one knows the truth about them, which results in no one helps them. The reason for keeping everything to themselves is that some people do not like to get help from anyone, and I can understand that some do not want any help from anyone in terms of financial or physical support. But they have to realize that they will miss the emotional service because of their deep silence in everything; ultimately, that becomes their fault for not discussing all that with anyone.

Reminding the past mistakes

That said, people do not like to open out their problems due to embarrassment because people will point out their past mistakes and keep reminding them. We all indeed make mistakes in our lives, but some errors have the ultimate effect on you all your life, and you cannot come out of it at any time. The mistakes we make with finances will almost ruin your life, and these things happen because of the lack of forward planning. That is because some of us cannot develop those powers.


Others think that you are arrogant.

Because you do not open yourself to others, people think you are arrogant and do not need help from others, and you can do it yourself. That might be okay with the younger generation; how will that affect the older generation? Some elders do not want to be dependent on others; it is so simple as that. So, the younger people around them will have to understand that and offer their help to recover from that. Say you are an older person who does not have money, living on your minimum income, and your expenses are more than your income; how will you come out of that situation on your own. I am sure that you cannot do that. Then take your time to meet with some young people and ask for help.

You become depressed.

When you have no money, you cannot maintain friendships as people would have already left you because they cannot have any fun with you or conclude your company is not worth their time. Then you end up with a lonely life; most of us face this life because we never planned for our retirement life when we were young. It is a vital fact for all of us to plan when we are young to prepare for our life at the old age health-wise, money, and emotionally. If we do not qualify for everything at the early stages of our life, we will end up in a sad life later on.

How to learn to live a better life despite your problems?

First, learn to love yourself without destroying yourself for the rest of your life, forget the past, do not worry about money or support from others, mainly keep away from people who keep reminding your past mistakes. You can consider an inspiration even at this age to make up for what you lost in the past. So be grateful to someone who reminds you of the past.

That means if you feel young and healthy, you can do anything to get back loss at any age. Then do something to keep you occupied and try to make that a hobby and keep doing that. When you live with a couple of things that are right for you, why not think about making some money from what you do to make you happy. Remember to achieve a couple of things, do something of some value, spend your time worthwhile, and plan to achieve something good from your efforts.


Make money from home.

Say you were a tailor when you were young and gave it up because of tiredness at an older age. Now start it all over again, but the vital part is not to overdo anything; do it to help others that invite them to you. After a while, if you think what you do is worthwhile and people are happy about it, start charging some money from them offer them more for the money they pay you. Are you happy now because you are getting some money and people as well? Do not ever neglect your health, as you will lose everything all over again. Continue to do so for a couple of hours a day and make that a business for you even at this age, but this time you may need helpers and volunteers to keep you going.

Importance of health

I said at the start three things are essential in our life the first one is health I hope that you would have understood that having health is the most vital thing. If you have health, you have not lost everything; you can bring them back to you if you want. Do you want to sit around and worry about what you do not have? Is it worth dear? Please go out and make a significant change in your life regardless of age. Age is only a number; do not worry that others will look at you and laugh because you are still working, they do not understand you are not working, but you are doing something that you like for money. The day that they realize instead of laughing at you, they will start to copy you. That means you are making yourself happy and being a role model to others in changing their life.



So, my conclusion is that worrying over things that are not under your control is ultimately a waste of time, and it might affect your health instead of making valuable time for you and others. Remember healthy body and mind are essential to make your life happy, and if you lose your health, you lose everything.

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