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What Is The Proper Way To Run Properly?

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What Is The Proper Way To Run Properly?

Used to run so much in childhood, why not now? People think like this and suddenly one day they start running. This can cause less benefit to the body, more harm. You have to wait a while to run. Health benefits only by running according to physical condition, ability, energy and age. If you want to run for fitness then just stop, know these rules.

Nowadays people are very aware about health and fitness. Nowadays people running in the early morning can be easily seen. Vigilance about health is a good thing. But sometimes running or exercising without knowing it can harm the body. There are some rules of running, which are mandatory to follow. Every person's physical ability, body type and needs are different. Accordingly, the rules of running are decided. Apart from this, the energy which is there at the age of 15-20, cannot be the same at the age of 30-40. After understanding every aspect, one should run. First of all, understand your body type.

Athletic: People who engage in regular exercise and sports always have strong bodies. These people can run for a long time. The reason for this is that their fitness routine is made.

Slim-trim: These people are thin. Aerobics activities are easier in such a body. They have less weight, so it is easier for them to run. Overweight people may have more energy and physical stamina. But they may find it difficult in aerobics. They should start with brisk block and light exercise, as their older bets can come in the way while running. Try to lose weight with exercise, yoga and walk for a few months, only then start running slowly.

What is the proper way to run properly?

What is the proper way to run properly?

Running Rules

The world's famous sprinter, author and Philosopher Dr. George A. Sheehan says.. Everyone can be an athlete. The difference is that some people are trends and some are not. Fitness is a fun. If there is no fun then there is no fitness, don't let the fun overwhelm the body and mind, listen to the voice of the body. He ran but without hurting himself. Like every sport, there are rules for running, follow them, even a single wrong step will harm the body.

1. Warm-up before running, so that you can get full energy for running. Brisk walk or light jogging can be beneficial. The body becomes active with a walk of 10-15 minutes.

2. Small steps are good for running. Initially run on a park track. Run on a flat place for a few days.

3. Make small goals. For example, run three to five minutes on the first day. Continue this rule for a week. Next week 7 minutes then 10 minutes, gradually increasing the running time.

US coach and four-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier Budd Coates says.. First-time runners usually make the mistake of running in kilometres. Whereas in the initial phase, think on the minute not the kilometer. Make small goals like five minutes - ten minutes, run it for at least a week. Do not increase it more than 10% in a week.

4. Keep your mouth closed while running, breathe through your nose. With the mouth open, the throat will dry up and fatigue will be felt quickly. Never drink water while running, do not take any soft or energy drinks. You can drink water shortly before running.

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5. Morning time is good for running. By soaking throughout the night, better energy remains in the body in the morning. Although some people run even in the evening, but the body remains tired after working all day.

6. Run to a clean place. In the beginning it is not good to run on the road, there is a risk of imbalance in it, do not run with earphones on. Do not run even in crowded places.

7. While running, the upper part of the body should remain in the correct position. If the posture is not correct then pain can occur in the arms, shoulders, neck or back. While running, keep the hands till the waist. Note that the hands are making an angle of 90. Keep the body straight, do not lean forward and run. The head should be up, the back should be straight and the shoulders should not be sloping.

8. Most people try the run/walk technique in the beginning. Run for a while, walk for a while. Due to this the body gradually gets used to it and the tension and pressure in the muscles is reduced.

9. Run even if for a while, but maintain its consistency. Several records set in the US race Dr. Duncan McDonald believes that.. Even if you run for 15 minutes, it is better to run for a while than not to run.

10. The important condition of running is not to feel pressure in it. Know your body's needs and potential. Run for excitement and pleasure, not for exhaustion. If there is pressure on the body, stop. Break is very important in any physical activity.

11. Practice running in different places. There are frequent races on the track so after some time someone can run on the quiet road. Run to a bridge in the middle or to a high-low place. By running in the same place, the position of the body is also the same. The muscles are also pressured from the same angle .

12. Do not run under pressure or stress. If you are immersed in domestic or official worries, then running can cause harm to the body. It would be better to do yoga or meditation for 15-20 minutes so that the mind becomes calm. Put your full attention only on running.

13. Talking on mobile, listening to songs or running with two people will not be good for your health.

14. If you are tired, gasping, short of breath and feel a slight pain in the legs the next day after running, do not panic. It may happen in the beginning. Keep running.

15. If for some reason you are unable to continue running.. then continue with some other fitness activities, so that the body gets used to it.

When not to run?

When not to run?

Fitness Tips

Run, even if you run slowly, but be consistent. Walk and exercise. Do yoga and meditation. Give at least one hour to health in a day. Be happy and positive. Keep the body hydrated, drink plenty of water and never overeat. Need to stay healthy in today's lifestyle.

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