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What is suprarenal gland ?

Suprarenal gland .



The suprarenal glands are a pair of important endocrine glands located on the posterior abdominal wall over the upper pole of the kidneys behind the peritoneum. They are made up of two parts: (a) An outer cortex of mesodermal origin, which secretes a number of steroid hormones; and (b) an inner medulla of neural crest origin, which is made up of chromaffin cells and secretes adrenalin and nonadrenalin or catecholarnines. Suprarenal glands Right Left Kidney.The suprarenal glands.


er r ate the suprarenal glands located along the nd medial border of the two kidneys. structures related to the right and left glands.

Location --Each gland lies in the epigastrium, at the upper pole of the kidney. in front of the crus of the diaphragm, opposite the vertebral end of the Ilth intercostal space and the 12th rib.

Size, Shape and Weight --Each gland measures 50 mm in height. 30 mm in breadth and 10 mm in thickness. It is approximately one - third of the kidney at birth and about one thirtieth of it in adults. It weighs about 5 g. the medulla forming one - tenth of the gland. Right suprarenal is triangular or pyramidal in shape and the left is semilunar in shape.

Sheaths --

1. The suprarenal glands are immediately surrounded by areolar tissue containing considerable amount of fat.

2. Outside the fatty sheath there is the renal fascia. The gland is separated from the kidney by a septum.