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What is Reiki? What Does Reiki Heal?

Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world in the hope to give healing.

What is Reiki? Where did Reiki come from?

Reiki is a gentle touch energy healing practice that promotes relaxation and lowers stress and anxiety. Reiki practitioners give energy to your body with their hands, increasing the flow and balance of your energy to help heal.

Mikao Usui created reiki in the early 1900s, combining the Japanese terms “rei”, which means "universal," and “ki”, which refers to “the essential life force energy that passes through all living things”. Reiki is being utilised to supplement other forms of health care all around the world, including in hospitals and hospices.


How is Reiki performed?

Reiki practitioners serve as intermediaries between you and the source of universal life force energy. The practitioner's hands carry the energy to you.

The patient controls the flow of energy from the practitioner's hands by taking only what they need. This lets the patient know that we are just helping them with what they need, not what we believe they need. This creates the ideal mix for meeting the patient's needs.

There are certain powerful symbols that are used during Reiki in order to bring the energy down and to start manipulating it, in order to serve the patient. The energy is directed to the area that needs healing.


Reiki Symbols and their meaning

  1. Cho Ku Rei "the power symbol", is used to gain or lose power (depending on the direction in which it is drawn). Its goal is represented by the light switch, which represents its power to illuminate or enlighten spiritually. Its distinctive sign is a coil, which reiki practitioners believe serves as a qi regulator, extending and contracting as energy flows throughout the body. Cho ku rei's power manifests itself in several ways. It can be used to help with bodily healing, cleansing, and purification. It can also be used to concentrate one's attention.
  2. Sei Hei Ki "the harmony symbol", is utilised for mental and emotional healing as well as purification. The sign is created in a sweeping motion and resembles a wave washing across a beach or the wing of a bird in flight. This intention may be used by practitioners during addiction or depression treatments to restore the body's spiritual equilibrium. It can also be used to assist people to heal from physical or emotional trauma in the past, as well as to unblock creative energy.
  3. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen "the distance symbol", is used when sending qi across large distances. Its goal is to be ageless, and it is sometimes referred to as a pagoda due to the tower-like look of the characters when written out. The intention is utilised in therapies to bring individuals together across distance and time. Hon sha ze sho nen can also morph into a key that unlocks the Akashic records, which some practitioners believe are the origin of all human consciousness. It is a must-have for any Reiki practitioner who works with clients on inner-child or past-life concerns.
  4. Dai Ko Myo "the master symbol", is enlightenment. Reiki masters exclusively utilise the sign while attuning initiates. By uniting the strength of the harmony, power, and distance symbols, it is the sign that cures the healers. It is the most difficult symbol to draw with one's hand during a Reiki session.
  5. Raku "the completion symbol", is used at the end of the reiki attunement procedure. Its goal is to ground you. This sign is used by practitioners as the reiki treatment comes to a close, settling the body and locking the awakened qi within. The striking lightning bolt symbol drawn by the hands in a downward gesture represents the end of the healing session.

How can you do Reiki?

One good thing to do before practicing Reiki is to know if you can actually do the energy healing through touch, or if you are not allowed to touch the patient. You can discover this through a proper psychic reading. It is important to protect yourself before working on someone else.

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You can do Reiki by using the Reiki symbols and your own energy. You have to cleanse yourself before and after a Reiki session. You also need to provide tools for cleansing the patient as well before the Reiki practice starts. This way you won’t carry your own negative energy into the patient, and you will cleanse the negative energy that you may get from the patient after the healing is done. After you are both cleansed, the patient will lie down on a flat surface or bed, and you can start by gently touching different parts of the patient’s body in order to find the areas that need healing.

When you have identified the particular areas, you can start focusing your energy on that area. You should start by focusing on a light energy, bright light that comes down from your crown chakra, to your hands, to your patient's body. You are the director and the manipulator of energy. This is when you start drawing symbols, starting with Cho Ku Rei, and following up with others if you feel the need that those shall be used. You draw the symbols either in the air with your hands and bring it down to the patient, or you can draw it with your finger on the palm of the other hand and direct the energy to the patient through that hand.

You can do Reiki on yourself as well, whenever you need to purify your energy, or you feel negative energy around you or on you. You can do Reiki on animals and plants as well.

Through Reiki, you can get many benefits such as raising vibration, healing trauma, helping a pregnancy, losing weight, balancing the chakras, healing nerve damage, helping with fertility problems, and even curing cancer in some cases.

  • Do you absolutely need a Reiki teacher?

You can choose your own path. You do need a Reiki teacher if you can’t do your own research, don’t know where to start, have doubts about exercising this healing, etc. You don’t need a teacher if you know how to protect yourself from negative energies, how to cleanse yourself and your space, and if you know how to do your research and start from the very basics building up from there. However,

  • Can you do Reiki without symbols or touch?

Yes, you can do energy healing without symbols or touch, and it is called pranic healing.

Let me know if you have any other questions on Reiki, energy healing, and/or Pranic Healing.

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