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What Is Mental Health and It's Significance?

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What Is Mental Health?

Mental health means how healthy your mind and thoughts are. Mental health affects the way you think and feel. Learn what mental health or mental health is, mental health wellness, and what mental needs are.

Understanding mental health will help you know what to do if you or someone you know has mental health needs. It is important to know the mental health need of healthy immigrants. Migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers may have different needs related to their migration experience.

Some Americans feel that mental health is part of public health, they are looking for ways to improve. Don't shy away from talking about it. As with physical ailments, many mental needs are not serious. Like physical illness, some mental needs may become serious. It can cause terrible suffering.


Mental health is able to function and participate in daily activities that lead to:

Productive daily activities such as going to work, school, or caring for others

Healthy relationships with your family and friends

Ability to adapt to change and deal with difficult situations

Mental health is a state of well-being. Could you:

know your capabilities,

Dealing with the stresses of normal life,

work productively,

and Contribute to your community.

The mental health wellness of immigrants can be determined by factors including social, economic, biological, and environmental.

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Mental health is fundamental to our collective and individual ability as human beings to:

1. thinking emotion

3. interact with others

4.earn sustenance

5.enjoy the life


The Importance of Mental Health

Mental health has many benefits, whether for the individual himself or for society in general, as it works to spread happiness, reach the stability of individuals and achieve interdependence between them. Mental health is the only way to find an optimal solution to all social problems, which have an important role in the psychological development of a person. The importance of mental health can be clarified through the following points: Elimination of disturbances and tension, as well as a feeling of safety and inner peace, which leads to a feeling of psychological stability, which leads to enhancing confidence. Greatly on the self. Mental health is the main responsible for raising mentally healthy generations, as parents who maintain and care for their mental health will raise children who enjoy psychological stability, also families whose members are psychologically normal represent an important factor in the cohesion and strength of societies. Mental health controls and directs the behavior of the individual. A psychologically healthy person will not leave himself to his psychological emotions, but on the contrary, he will control his emotions, and this will be the result of his great ability to realize his inner self and others around him. Mental health is the first guide for an individual when feeling life’s pressures, as it does not leave him to his emotions, but on the contrary, it provides him with positivity through which he can solve problems well and take responsibility. Mental health appears in the balanced behavior of the individual, which makes him popular among others also allows him to gain the trust of others and their sense of safety towards him. Mental health is the first engine that raises the productivity of society. A society whose members enjoy good mental health will have the ability to take responsibility well. They will also use their skills with high efficiency, which helps increase productivity.


Reasons for the Deterioration of the Psychological State:

There are many influences on the mental health of the individual, including social relations and human interactions that affect the psyche, also the environment surrounding the individual has a strong role in his mental health. The World Health Organization has announced that there are many factors and reasons that lead to the deterioration of the mental health of individuals, including:

Physical diseases, especially diseases related to the heart. Unhealthy habits. Depression. Take drugs. Certain types of medications have negative mental health side effects.

Poverty and low level of income of the individual or families. Wars and famines lead to feelings of insecurity and despair. Infringement of women's rights.

The spread of domestic violence leads to the creation of a psychologically unstable child. And many other uncountable reasons that lead to the emergence of psychological deviations.


How to Identify Mentally Healthy Individuals?

There are many external indicators of a person that can give evidence of a person's psychological health and appear through his personal behavior or social relationships and interaction with others and can be evaluated as follows:

1- Balance and control of emotions:

The individual is constantly exposed to external influences. His psychological health is based on his ability to balance and how to control emotions when exposed to such influences. How to deal with life pressures and his way of solving the various problems he faces. How to express his inner feelings and emotions openly and maturely.

2- Defensiveness :

Defensiveness is an inner feeling that cannot be touched, but it is represented and evident in the human quest and exerting the necessary effort to exploit his abilities and achieve his goals.

3- A feeling of happiness is one of the most important aspects of a person’s mental health, so that a happy person is not only psychologically. The feeling of inner security and psychological peace is the path to human happiness.

4- Psychological compatibility can be assessed through self-confidence and self-acceptance, and self-acceptance is the identification and evaluation of internal capabilities. Psychological adjustment depends on how to reach psychological satiation by exploiting and adapting to the surrounding environmental factors.


How to Strengthen Mental Health?

Mental health, like physical health, must be strengthened and prevented from exposure to diseases. On the contrary, mental health has the most important role, as the deterioration of mental health may cause physical diseases that doctors may be unable to treat. The following points can be followed to strengthen the mental health of the individual Satisfying the body with the biological needs of eating and drinking and getting adequate rest. The quality of food has a significant impact on human psychological health. Also, the person’s failure to obtain the necessary number of hours of rest may lead to a feeling of permanent tension and depression. Feeling positive about the inner abilities of the self through self-esteem and drawing a positive image of it and strengthening that image in all situations. You must always provide calm to yourself and avoid stress, especially when facing life situations or pressures. Outward appearance has a great ability to enhance self-confidence and attention to personal hygiene enhances the confidence of others. The individual must have a definite general goal in life and through which it is divided into short-term goals and long-term goals so that he can maintain his constant pursuit and activity. It is necessary to avoid all manifestations of domestic violence, especially for children and adolescents, as they represent the future generation of society, and it must be properly brought up.


This content is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for formal and individualized diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed medical professional. Do not stop or alter your current course of treatment. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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