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Resistance Training Intensifies the Weight Loss Progress of Women

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To reduce weight, let us work smarter, not harder.

This technique improves your individual body structure. And it enables you to get an athletic and toned appearance.

Exercises like jogging and cycling can help you lose weight, but only to a certain amount. These workouts may be advantageous, but they can diminish muscle size and weaken overall strength. Running can lead to knee injuries and other health issues.

You will not only keep muscle and grow its size by focusing more on cardio exercises. But you can burn body fat and become a fat-burning machine with resistance training.

Here are several advantages of weight training that you may not know

Muscles Become Fat Burning Machines

When muscles are used, they demand a lot of energy. This requires greater power, as our muscles use oxygen to break down fat and carbohydrates.

Your breathing increases quickly as you lift the weight. To maintain supplying that energy source, your heart has to work harder. But the hard work doesn't stop when you've finished your workout.

Your muscles will require rest.

Recovery necessitates a greater expenditure of energy.

Muscles want to be ready for the next session as soon as possible. This mechanism causes more fat and carbohydrates to be broken down. The post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) phase is the name given to this stage.

Have you ever worked out so hard you felt aches for days? Or did it hurt when you laughed? The effects of the afterburn might continue for several days. This time frame is determined by the intensity of your workout and your current fitness level.

Most muscles in your body are used in effective kinds of exercise that assist increase the EPOC phase.

Deadlifting, chin-ups, squats, and bench pressing were among the exercises.

As a result, there's a method to my craziness, and I'm hoping that more of you will apply these workouts!

But wait, there's another type of cardiac exercise that has the same impact. That activity is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout!

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High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout

The most efficient technique to improve EPOC is through high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Furthermore, HIIT burns more calories in a shorter amount of time than steady-state exercise.

HIIT has the same advantages as weight training because the exhaustion it causes requires greater oxygen consumption and energy to be used over a longer period of time in order to repair the injured muscle and replenish your depleted energy stores.

When you exercise, your body puts forth a lot of effort. It also works hard to restore your body's regular state thereafter.

So, by far, combining weight training and HIIT will provide the largest energy demands and burn the most body fat.


Long Term Fat Loss and Toned Muscles

Your metabolic rate is influenced by muscle size, and as we age, our metabolic rate decreases far more than we would like. Our bodies require a specific number of calories and expend a certain number of calories.

The metabolic rate of those who adopt a sedentary lifestyle will be about 60–70% of total energy. The body likes to utilize fat as an energy source when we are at rest.

We enhance our body's capacity to burn energy when we begin to build muscle mass by lifting weights. According to several studies, resistance training is more beneficial than aerobic exercise in increasing our metabolic rate.

But I'm going, to be honest here: in order to lose and maintain weight, we need to make it a lifelong habit to keep track of what we eat and how much we eat.

Calore management is crucial and will always be the foundation of your success.

The key is to complete six to ten repetitions of an exercise with a resistance load that makes you struggle to complete more than the prescribed number of repetitions.

Three to four sets is also a fair number, though you might want to throw in one extra just to be safe.

To reap the most advantages, exercise three to four times each week and focus on one muscle group at a time. This will increase your muscle mass. And from my experience higher muscle increases your resting metabolic rate.

I hope this has demonstrated to you how helpful weight training can be.

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