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What is Alcoholism and How to Seek Treatment



Alcoholism is a physical and emotional dependence on alcohol. Many alcoholics suffer from the inability to stop drinking. Their reckless behavior often lead to uncomfortable side affects such as withdrawal when they try to quit the habit.

Today, we will look at what causes alcoholism and how to best treat the condition.

What causes the condition?

Alcoholism can be triggered by a number of risk factors such as genetics, family history, emotional trauma, stress and societal conditions. People often drink due to these underlined issues.

There are also other risk factors that may trigger one to become an alcoholic. These factors include loss of income or job, poverty and peer pressure. Teens usually drink because of peer pressure from their friends and love ones.

Learning these important factors can help a person suffering from the problem.

Affects of Alcoholism

The affects of Alcoholism is numerous. People who can't control their drinking engage in a number of risky behaviors such as binge drinking, having unprotected sex and drinking while driving. Many car accidents and deaths occur yearly because of individuals who drive while drunk.

The consequence of Alcoholism are extremely horrific. Individuals who are alcoholics fail to maintain healthy relationships with their friends and family members: this often lead to premature divorce, child abuse problems and fertility issues. Domestic violence is also sometimes caused by those who are alcoholics.

Teen drinking such as binge drinking is equally problematic. Teenagers are often hospitalized and are treated for alcohol poisoning. Binge drinking is an abnormally large consumption of alcohol at a particular time. This kind of drinking often cause high blood pressure rates and death. Many teens die because of this terrible issue within a generalized society.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

There are a host of signs and symptoms of Alcoholism. The range in extreme. Many alcoholics fail to admit that they have a problem with drinking. They often deny the problem until it is out of control. A person who consumes more than five drinks a day is considered a alcoholic. Individuals who drink large sums of alcohol at one particular time due to stress or peer pressure are also considered a alcoholic.

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Studies have shown that alcoholics have poor relationships with those around them. Teenagers often struggle in school and get poor grades because of the condition in which they suffer from.

Here are the withdrawal symptoms from alcoholism. People who try to quit are faced with these setbacks below.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Anxiety NauseaLoss of Appetite

Shaking or trembling









Treatment Options for Alcoholics

The treatment options for alcoholics very. It is quite simple for treatment to happen: one must admit that he or she has a problem with drinking. It is the first step. The person must be willing to seek help from alcoholism.

Doctors can best help the patient with prescription drugs, counseling and therapy. The way to combat the condition is by utilizing all three options to the patient so the best outcome can be achieved.

Therapy usually last a couple of months depending on the severity of the person's addiction.

These are the ways a patient can fully recover from alcoholism. It is vital that all three options a followed and agree to by the individual and their family.


Alcoholism doesn't have to destroy lives. It is something health professionals can address and treat. If, you have an addiction to alcohol, please seek help. It will enable you to live a more productive and meaningful life. Alcohol addiction serves no good purpose. Why let it take over and destroy your life?

Remember, the ball is in your court. You must take charge and find help for the condition. It won't treat itself. The way forward is to stop hiding the problem from those who care about your well being. We all have something that can be addictive at times. It is important to realize when the addition is bad for our health.

Alcoholism can give you a host of physical health problems such as cancer, liver disease, stroke and a heart attack. Do you want to live your life with such illnesses? These problems can be deadly. Alcohol addiction is no different. Don't take that chance. Do what is hard. You will thank yourself as you grow older. If, you are not a alcoholic but know someone who is: try to get that person help. The best you can do is ask them to seek help or talk to them kindly as a friend or family member. They may value your advice and wisdom. We all tend to listen to and value the opinions of those who we love. It is a true and tried method.

Do you know someone that is an alcoholic? How have their addiction affected your life? Please, let me know in the comments section below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

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