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What is After the Delta Variant?

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There are around 100 million Americans still unvaccinated for a variety of basically stupid reasons, in most cases. As the Delta variant has shown, it has found easy victims by infecting those unvaccinated. It has been predicted that everyone not vaccinated will get the Delta variant that is far more contagious than the original Covid-19 from Wuhan, China. All ages are getting this variant and in many cases needing to be hospitalized. Yes, even those fully vaccinated can be carriers of it still, even though, the Delta does little to them, as recently discovered.

Yes, a virus mutates and adapts like any living thing. The more a new strain is in the population, the more it adapts and mutates, just like in Sci-Fi movies. While the Delta variant has subsided in India now, it is still a problem, because as more people become vaccinated, the virus has less impact and mutates less.

While the Delta variant is surging across the USA, where 94% of new infections are Delta, the scientists are watching South America, much closer to the USA.

What's in South America?

This variant is scary. It's called Lambda, and has ripped through Peru with deadly wildfire among those FULLY vaccinated. This variant has mutated enabling it to neutralize or minimize the effectiveness of the vaccines among the fully vaccinated. It is of great concern because those fully vaccinated who get it are still dying. The virus has already spread to Argentina, Chile, Ecuador. It has arrived in the US in small amounts in Texas and South Carolina.

The Covid-19 virus has one mutation for every 10 replications. It has been found that one person with the virus may carry 10 billion copies of the virus, which is enough to produce billions of mutated viruses daily. In most cases, these just do nothing. However, every so often, a mutation creates a new characteristic in its spike proteins that protrude from the virus and penetrates human cells. A virus will do anything to survive and mutation is how it does it.

The common flu virus kills around 60,000 every season to those in a compromised state, so, like the flu shots yearly, many think getting a Covid-19 booster shot will become the norm due to changes in the variants.

The Lambda variant in Peru accounts for 83% of the virus infections and accounts for 600 deaths for every 100,000 people, the highest in the world. The primary vaccine used there has been the CoronaVac from China. Studies show it has been less effective against this variant. When a Houston, Texas, hospital discovered the Lambda was in the hospital, policy was that all health workers must be fully vaccinated. As a result of those refusing to do so, 153 staff were fired or let voluntarily.

In all of the USA, only 700 cases of this variant have been found. Just remember, back in December, 2020, there were even less Delta variant.

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